maggots any one?

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i have try maggots many times and i love them inside of my uretrha i want to know if any of you have any experiences with maggots
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  • Ohhhhhh f*****ing YES!

    Found some big, plump maggots one day when arrived home. Had a few wines. Very horny. Ohhh yessssss - why not?

    Had been needing more and more hard-stuff to get a hard-on, but at the thought of this the hard-on was soooooo bad that it was difficult to spread my split glans enough to push in a maggot. Oh god. Oh god . Oh god ..... nnnnnnhhhhhhh ....

    Thought my cock would grow so long that I might suck it. No. Bugger ... :-(

    Anyway - got 5 inside. Just can't describe the mental high, the rush of realising the ultimate urethral stuffing - living things into the UNKNOWN and FORBIDDEN. If you have to ask, then go away will ya!

    One by one they all turned around and wriggled and excired their way ALL THE WAY UP my urethra to my bladder neck, where I felt them wriggle through into my bladder. Took about 10 minutes.

    Couldn't fine any more to put inside. Arrrgggghhhh!

    Then, betwween a jerk-off and a good pee I could only find 4. Ohhhhh .. OK ...

    The "Other One" had taken a detour up one of those other tubes towards the prostate and within about 3 hours produced a huge infection that was fixed with a plie of antiobiotics.

    Obviously they weren't sterile maggots (you can buy sterile maggots). Once I know where I'll buy a few hundred or so. Wheeeeeeee...



  • I placed a glass jar with a bit of ground meat in the bottom and let that sit outside in the hot Florida sun for a few days. Today it was full of maggots, nice plump ones. I had taken and cut the top portion off of a plastic liter soda bottle so it was like a giant funnel with my able to insert my cockhead through the pour spout opening and then be able to pour as many or as few of the maggots from the glass jar as I wanted. The pressure from the pour spout kept the peehole open enough for the maggots to find their way inside. What an incredible feeling when they are inside you, wonderful. I saved the jar of maggots for many more days of play. just wanted to share with you. Being a Floridian I usually spend evenings outside letting the mosquitos sting the hell out of my cock but the maggots are great fun also. Have done crickets,great also
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    lets meet i want to know how to get them down my urethra
    • Really wonderful your life stories. I also wish for a long let in the fucking worms with worms but I tried and did not want to go ... Can you recommend the most suitable and large? Those entering the urethra of the flesh to eat meat? I would love entirli up in the prostate and beyond ... If you say, pissing out, I trust ... My masochistic nature want to remain inside but it is better not eh?! :-)

      My dream evil, is to make a small incision in the scrotum, then get us into the worms, and close the quick cuts with glue. Tell them eat my testicles? It would be great to hear them move into the scrotum, knowing that eat my balls.
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    yes I found an old vid of myself poor vid but you get the idea
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      dude!!! omg!! that is damn awsome!! plzplzplz!! make a better version >.< i so wanna use it as my jack off vid xD

      and curious tough how long do u let them stay in ? have u tried to just leave them inthere and put on ur pants and walk around?
    • i cant see the video or even download it.. do i need to create an account to view your vid?
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        rapid share is a strange site you have to go for the free download it is kind of tricky just keep trying
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          when I decided to play with maggots I first had to grow them after a few days I had a good supply of maggots then I seperated them from the container I was growing them in and washed them in water which worked good and did not hurt them. Next I got a small vid cam and tripod to mount it to. Now I was ready to have some fun with the maggots in my pee hole.Since I have a forskin I have a natural house for to play in.
          Since I had at least 75 maggots and started to put them into my forskin and let them find my pee hole, they had no problem finding the hole because my hole is cut to act like a funnel and stays open for them to find there way in. I video taped as much as I could but it was a cheap cam. I played with the maggots for hours it was so much fun they started out white but when I was done they had found areas in my cock that were tender enough to draw blood so they drank it and they started turnning red. I have not had any infections from the maggots so far which makes me want them more and more. After a few hours I just peed them out with no problems.
  • I'm kinda interested in this that I might try, I'm in my late teens, I'm not gay, just a virgin who loves to masterbate, but I have questions: how do you clean the maggots and do they bite or something because I don't want any blood to come out at all!!!, any advice?

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