Cock / Ball Insect Torture

public - created 09/24/10
Having Insects bite or sting your genitals
Worms, Maggots slithering up your pee hole is great as well.

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more crickets soon  photo flag
crickets working  photo flag
crirkets feed again  photo flag
Cricket damage  photo flag
Mosquitoes 7  photo flag
Mosquitoes 6  photo flag
Mosquitoes 5  photo flag
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out and ready for the feasting  photo flag
mosquitos on my cock  photo flag
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what insects from UK will enter cock without ha...  topic
kleine frage^^  topic
Members from Germany  topic
wasp-2  photo flag
where and when it all started?  topic
hi  topic
tarantula wasp..??..  topic
how has anyone not tried a tarantula wasp..?  topic
First time worm play...a bust  topic
Vaginal Maggot Injection  topic
new thing to try is camel spider  topic
photo of flies on my cock  topic
I want maggots again...  topic

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