Breeding Parties aka Group Insemination

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Breeding Parties aka Group Insemination

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Talk to an attorney first, get all of the legal paperwork in place before you even remote consider having sex in order to create life. At least two people will have to be involved in this child's life for at least the next 25 years, and it is never just as simple at two people fucking. Get your legal house in order.

In some areas be prepared to get married to the person who you will be declaring are the other parent, but this does not actually need to be the person who fucks you, just the person declared as the other party, and who will help you raise the child.

Everybody sees a physician, and disclosed to their doctor that you seek to reproduce, and ask advice of if you should or should not.

the secret of getting knocked if is to wait until the cervix is ripe, and partially opened, and the vaginal mucus is and a little chunky. If you do not know why, then you are too young to have sex, and you have no business reproducing.

Chart the basal temperature of the female for six month in advance and chart out her monthly cycle.

All parties involved get two different STD tests one week out from the planned fucking, then all involved fully abstain from any kind of sexual activities (no kissing, no fucking, no sucking, no masturbating) from the time the lab tests are drawn until the dates of the bareback fucking.

Be sure that all are blood type and RH compatible, and screen both genders for ANY kind of inherited diseases.

The mother, and all semen donors will provide sufficient DNA in order to map out their genetics, and to perform a DNA match at some future date, and copies of all DNA records will be given to the mother.

Use no lubricants of any kind during the bare back fucking, not even a single drop of lube, and certainly no spit, or anything else. The mouth nor fingers touch the vagina, clit, or labia at any time.

Everybody showers early in the day, and rinses off really well in clear water several hours in advance of the fucking, and be sure to get all of the soap off several hours before sex.

No not douche, no not enema, no deodorants, to cologne, nothing buy raw and natural human scents.

Everybody who is involved is to be fully named for not less then two hours in advance, preferably four hours of more.

Massage the female for several hours in advance, do not use oil or any kind. Instead use the natural perspiration that you creates, and run gently.

Massage the fatty area just above the crack of her ass, which is just below the dimple in her butt, massage her mons pubis (below the navel, above the clit), and massage the outer lips of her labia.

Gently massage her breast starting from the armpit, with long stroke going towards the nipple, then underneath toward the nipple, but not form the top, or from the center of the chest.

Do not pinch the nipple of the breast, but rather gently push in the side of each breast in time with her breathing before fuckign her.

If possible the female should not bathe for two or three days in advance beyond rinsing off with warm water only, or soaking in a warm tub of water, but use no soap.

Video tape the impregnation, and require all parties to address the camera and to read a prepared statement that the female and all of the males are mutually responsible for the care of the child for the next 18 years, and that that will pay an equal part into a fund that will be used to put the child though college.

One male will volunteer to be listed as the biological father on the birth certificate, and all involved will promise not to engage in any DNA testing of either the child, of the mother, or of any of the donors until he child is old enough to have graduated college.

The cleanest way to handle this is for the mother to pick one male who will be listed on the birth certificate and this male fucks her first, and then everybody else waits for four hour beyond the first ejaculation before touching her. She will need to be ripe, and her cervix open, and the sperm fed a little fructose and pH balanced as needed (I use litmus paper).

Each donor needs to see a fertility specialist to get a sperm mobility test, then check the sperm count, and size of the head, and the chemistry of the semen a week or two in advance, and then just before the fucking check the pH of the pre-cum to check for any kind of infection.

The mother to be should have several orgasms before she is fucked by the fist male, then be fucked fast, hard, and deep, and the penis being all the way in for the ejaculation, a left in place until flaccid, and then five minutes beyond that. If possible she needs to have (a real) orgasm just as the male is ejaculating, or right afterwards, but he should not withdraw the penis until she does.

Once the semen is in, the lips of her labia should be gently pinched shut to help keep the air away as much as you can, and she should be place in the ass-up, head down "diaper" position, and her clit played with the whole time with her hips and lower back fully off the bed, and if possible only her shoulders being left touching the bed.

It is OK is she is almost upside down, do long as she is comfortable, but usually it will work fine if she is merely in her knees and the head and shoulders at the same level.

After each ejaculation, and while the lips of the labia are held shut two lubricated fingers go all the way up her anus and they massage the wall of her vagina though the rectal wall and massage the cervix if possible. Then the lower abdomen is massaged at the same time to help keep the vagina and cervix stimulated.

Six male donors are usually sufficient, but some females are happier with twelve or more.

For a stronger impregnation, as soon as each male starts to cum another female sticks her finger up the males ass and massages the prostate AFTER the first couple of squirts, and massages hard, and then massages the base of the penis while still erect to help drive the extra semen, then as the male withdrawals the penis if gently milked for the last extra drops.

If after three different attempts to get pregnant fail over a 90 period, a sound may be used to dilate the cervix enough to get a fertility cap into place, vaginal mucus drawn up along with semen and injected though the cap and into the uterus, but this is not usually needed.

If a group of women wish to have a group conception, this is done by getting all of the women involved on the same monthly cycle as everybody else in the group (trust me, this is easier to do then you might think). Then each female and male has their pre-cum (if male) and vaginal mucus (if female) checked for pH and only those within 0.25 of each other allowed to progress, or you can adjust the balance with a little solution.

Then each male fucks a female at the same time, and everybody waits for four hours while the females keep their pelvis up, then someone (usually a sterile speculum and no lube) open the vagina slightly and draws up a very small amount of semen and vaginal mucus from each female into a communal container used for such things, and then each male ejaculates into a container and this drawn up as well along with a little fructose solution to feed the sperm.

This is then mixed gently into the sterile device, and a drop as mixed placed on a slide and check to make sure there is lots of activity, then each female has an equal amount of the mixed materials shirted past the cervix and directly into the uterus, and then each male take a turn as bare back fucking each of the females.

All of the fancy mumbo-jumbo with all the mixing and squirting it to make sure they they get pregnant, and fucking is actually afterwards if merely to get a good "mix"

Usually a good bare back fucking is all you really need, provided that you get her at the right time of the day, at the right time of the month, and there has been no ejaculation for several days previously, and no soap, etc.
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