Editor of Columbia alternative paper resigns after arson fire at home

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The Associated Press
January 3, 2006, Tuesday

Editor of Columbia alternative paper resigns after arson fire at home

The editor of the Columbia City Paper has resigned after he says an angry
reader or source tried to burn his home down.

Corey Hutchins said he discovered someone had tried to set his place
ablaze when he came home Saturday from a holiday trip.

A Columbia police report said there was mostly smoke damage, but also
noted $320 in damage to bedding and books.

Police have no suspects.

Hutchins said he has received anonymous calls and e-mails about some of
his stories in the alternative weekly - some complaining about the paper
and others threatening to sue.

"I never thought that someone would be personally offended and want to
burn my house down or harm me individually," Hutchins said.

There are plenty of people upset with Hutchins and the paper, which
started in August, publisher Paul Blake said.

Hutchins wrote about a sexual discrimination lawsuit at the University of
South Carolina and published Gov. Mark Sanford's personal telephone
numbers as part of an editorial about a pending execution, Blake said.

Blake said the paper also has been banned from several bars and
restaurants in Columbia.

"I do think it's a larger censorship problem," Blake said. "Here we have
to battle just to be in locations. We've been banned from several of the
businesses in town."
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