Zangri Kangmar: Machig's Main seat

Looking up from the "field of 100,000 Lotuses" where her students used to gather & camp. According to the resident lama, Machig gave her final teaching just below the hill here. (See Jerome Edou's book, p165)

I just edited & uploaded more pilgrimage pictures to our Flickr page. There are some great pictures of Zangri Kangmar, which was at the heart of our journey. They're at

I just uploaded the sets titled A&B: Samye and A&B:Zangri
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Fri, June 13, 2008 - 7:03 AM
It was an amazing place.

I'm so fortunate to have been able to stay there.

Not a day goes by without my returning there in my heart. May the connection benefit beings in whatever way it can!

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