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topic posted Tue, July 11, 2006 - 2:48 PM by  Rick
Greetings in the Names of the Most High, Najis devleske!
Akharimata sa Chovihanos thaj Chovihani! (Calling all Holymen and Holywomen!)

My name is Ricardo a.k.a DJ Rom, I am a painter & Musician and generally a lover of life, I live in Miami Florida USA and I do a radio show on Gypsy music.
My show airs on the FM in miami and also via the internet on worldwide, we have a large listening audience from all around the world and I would like to encourage anyone to take the opportunity of Radio time.
To make mention of any topics that relate to the Romani people (the beauty and the struggle).
I think that It is a very rare opportunity to have a voice for the Roma on the Radio, in a time where there still exists a bad attitude towards the Roma and also that there is now surfacing a little acceptance to this beautifull culture. Please help me to bring awareness to the people, so as to encourage equal rights, Justice and a generally favorable attitude to this beautiful culture.
My goal is to bring awareness to the general population about the romani people's stuggle and also to create a greater repect for the roma people by exposing to others and to the Roma this beautiful music and message.

Najis tuke!
Kushti Bok!

Tune in on 105.5 FM in Miami or Worldwide wed. from 8-10PM USA (EST) Kushti Drom!

What do you think is of Importance in these times?
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