Cock Banding

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HERE ARE THE RULES!!! A place where you can post pictures and discuss everything that had to do with cock banding only. Banding of the balls is for the castration tribe not here. RSS Feed what is XML?

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...  photo flag
I am not able to pull back my foreskin...  photo flag
Working and banding  photo flag
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Using both banders  photo flag
Wide open  photo flag
Tri-Bander  photo flag
Got my Tri-Bander!  photo flag
Numbing cream, anyone tried this?  topic
Found it  topic
^^Some Fun with banding^^  photo flag
head released form bondage  photo flag
3 Bands for 90 minutes - how long until able to...  topic
How long should I band to have a numb penis for...  topic
Assistance required  topic
I think it my be time to say goodbye  topic
Cow of my dead penis  topic
Permanent damage  topic
Numb cock  topic
How many bands have you used.  topic
cam now! band your dick for me!  topic
glans banding to make in permanently numb  topic
Triple Banding  topic