Cock Banding

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HERE ARE THE RULES!!! A place where you can post pictures and discuss everything that had to do with cock banding only. Banding of the balls is for the castration tribe not here. RSS Feed what is XML?

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a Movie  topic
2 hours II  photo flag
2 hours  photo flag
extreme banding 2  photo flag
extreme banding  photo flag
a new banding of my cock, laying on my stumach  photo flag
a new banding of my cock, standing up  photo flag
a new banding of my cock 1, with buttplug  photo flag
banding  photo flag
Excited  photo flag
Now I know it's called "banding"  topic
A game of chance with a few frills.  topic
If you haven't seen this yet... wow.  topic
Cold and numb  photo flag
my swollen cockhead  photo flag
much rope on my cock  photo flag
Banding time  topic
Numb afterwards  topic
Lidocain (Uk)  topic
Creditors put iron ring on debtor's penis as pu...  topic
How long does it take to get completely numb  topic
Numbing cream, anyone tried this?  topic
3 Bands for 90 minutes - how long until able to...  topic
How long should I band to have a numb penis for...  topic
Assistance required  topic