Cock Banding

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HERE ARE THE RULES!!! A place where you can post pictures and discuss everything that had to do with cock banding only. Banding of the balls is for the castration tribe not here. RSS Feed what is XML?

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numb  photo flag
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The aftermath  photo flag
Trying to maintain.  photo flag
Banding together  topic
Two hours and change.  photo flag
One hour into lido-assist  photo flag
Insulated Electric needle for finding a nerve.....  topic
Better banding method.  topic
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penectomy with elastrator  topic
No more...4 inches gone...only 2 inches left...  photo flag
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image.jpeg  photo flag
image.jpeg  photo flag
Cock Banding movie.  topic
Cock Banding on Skype or Y! Messenger  topic
Piercing in a numb dick  topic
New Tribe - Penectomy fantasy  topic
Mobile, AL?  topic
Banding and Estim  topic
Removing Bands  topic
Cock Banding movie for a friend  topic

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