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This is taken from the Eunuch Archive and I must credit the Author here — who may well be a member of this or a related tribe. Is it fact or fiction? Most guys who've been cock banded can get hard, if numb. They just can't cum.

Virtual Penectomy

I was castrated in 2001, and I posted the full report on here. Although it's located in the Fiction Archive it's a factual report, and it's entitled “EZE castration - my true story”

Since 2001 I've lived very happily as a castrated man, but I wanted to gain the true eunuch experience so I've several times tried living without Testosterone replacement. I really liked the feeling of calm, and I didn't miss sex. In fact I totally lost interest and ability for sex while I wasn't having Testosterone, and I rather liked my penis being permanently limp. Unfortunately there is a downside to a lack of hormones - apart from the risk of depression (which didn't bother me at all), and occasional tiredness that I learned to live with, there is a real danger of experiencing gynocomastia and osteoporosis. I don't want to develop breasts or a humped back so I went back onto Testosterone replacement and had to find another way of rendering my penis limp.

I got myself an Elastrator and a bag of rubber rings, and banded my penis a few times. I soon got the hang of loading a band on the device, slipping my penis through the band and then releasing the band from the prongs of the Elastrator. Each time the band pinched a bit - not immediately unbearable but after twenty minutes I'd had enough and wanted the band off. By this time my penis had become cold, darker in colour, and felt numb. Removing the band each time was not pleasant. I used nail-clippers and carefully nipped through it, trying not to cut my skin, until the band would suddenly come apart with a short burst of intense stinging pain. Afterwards my penis would quickly regain its normal colour and temperature, but would remain numb until the next day. I really liked having my penis numbed, but the discomfort of applying the rubber band, and the pain of removing it, was discouraging me from further banding.

Fast-forward a few weeks to March 2010, and one evening I was killing time looking through a gay encounter site that I hadn't used for a while. I noticed that there was a guy in my area whose list of interests included banding, so I messaged him to explain my situation and asked if he had any tips for making the procedure less painful. I'd explained that I wasn't looking for a BDSM scene, I just wanted to numb my penis. After a few messages had passed back and forth we exchanged mobile phone numbers and arranged to meet in a coffee shop the next Saturday morning. I was to take along my Elastrator and bag of rings, and some loose-fitting boxer shorts.

So I met Steve, we rapidly established that neither of us were madmen or serial killers, and walked to his apartment. Steve checked my Elastrator and rings and said there was nothing the matter with them, and he offered to educate me in the technique of painless banding.

While I slipped off my shoes, jeans and underpants he went out of the room to fetch some gear. He returned with a small steel tray with various items neatly arranged on it. There was a tube of EMLA cream, some small wooden spatulas, a white plastic stiffener for a formal shirt collar, a scalpel, a small jar of Vaseline jelly, a box of latex medical gloves and a kitchen-timer. He added my Elastrator and the bag of rubber bands. As instructed, I'd already made sure the previous evening that my pubic area was scrupulously free of hair.

Steve squeezed some of the EMLA cream around the base of my penis and used a wooden spatula to spread it evenly. He said this would ease the pinching and stinging from the band. After about fifteen minutes he said I was ready for banding. I had to stand up straight, legs slightly apart, and I watched him put on some latex gloves. In a nanosecond he had a rubber ring on the prongs of the Elastrator, which he held in his right hand, and had the prongs fully open. With his left hand he took the head of my penis, pulled it quickly through the stretched rubber ring, had the prongs and ring snugly at the root of my penis then released the ring. I didn't feel it pinch at all.

Steve asked me to put on the boxer shorts I had taken along, he switched on the timer, and we sat down to talk. The boxer shorts were to prevent the EMLA cream from spoiling the chair seat. He was very interested in my castration and I was intrigued by his interest in BDSM so we chatted very amicably. After twenty minutes Steve told me stand up and remove my boxer shorts. As anticipated, my penis was cool, darker in colour and felt numb. He took the shirt-collar stiffener, smeared some Vaseline jelly on its tip, and pushed it under the ring so it was between the ring and my skin. He then used the scalpel to cut through the ring, with the collar stiffener protecting my penis from the scalpel blade. I didn't feel anything at all as the ring split apart. Steve explained that the Vaseline was to ensure the stiffener slipped in easily, despite the pressure of the ring.

I told Steve he was very generous to share this experience with me, and how pleased I was to have the knowledge to numb my penis and avoid the pain I had previously encountered. He asked if I wanted my penis numbed long-term, very likely permanently, in which case he would be happy to carry out the procedure. It would be a virtual penectomy. Well, it seemed like a dream come true so I agreed immediately. He said I had to be really sure, because the result would almost certainly be permanent with no recovery of sensitivity or any possibility of erections. He said it was a big decision and we should go for a walk for an hour, get some fresh air and I should really think about it.

When we got back to the apartment I was still certain that I wanted the procedure. Steve told me to strip, and he picked up the EMLA cream and a spatula. I said “I can do that”. Steve said “No, I'm doing it - this is a major procedure I don't often get to do, so I'm doing the lot myself and I want to enjoy every moment. All you need to do is stand there and take the treatment”. The fifteen minutes waiting for the EMLA cream to take effect seemed a long time. Steve had a ring off the Elastrator and onto my penis in what seemed one deft movement. Then a second ring, next to the first, and then a third ring, so my penis was banded with three rings next to each other with no spaces between. “Put your shorts on and let's talk”, Steve said as he switched on the timer. I noticed that he was becoming more dominant. “Three rings?”, I asked. “Sure”, he replied, “three rings are more effective in five minutes than one ring is in a whole hour”.

After twenty minutes Steve told me to stand up and remove my shorts for inspection. My penis seemed darker and colder than when it had been banded with one ring. Steve used the collar-stiffener and scalpel and removed the bands. “OK” he said “thirty minutes recovery time to let the blood circulate through your dick again then you'll be ready for another banding”.

For the next four banding sessions Steve used five rubber rings each time. The day became a pattern of banding sessions alternating with recovery periods, endless conversation and a growing pile of cut bands on the steel tray. Steve certainly seemed happy carrying out my treatment. He was becoming more and more dominant and I noticed a bulge in the front of his jeans each time he fitted the rings on my penis.

At last Steve decided I'd received enough treatment. “You're done now. I've given you a virtual penectomy. There's no way you'll ever get any feeling in your dick again, or ever have an erection.

Now it's payment time; working on your dick all day has got my balls aching to explode. Get on your knees”. He picked up the Elastrator, held it towards me and told me to kiss it. Then he dropped his jeans and underpants and stood in front of me, and I took his bulging penis-head in my mouth. He soon climaxed.

It's been eleven months now since my treatment, and my penis remains limp and lifeless. Just as I wanted it to be. A virtual penectomy.
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    Wed, February 20, 2013 - 2:03 AM
    Don't know. Some of this rings true but I enjoy this as a story, too. The guy is castrated, he says at the beginning, which would have an impact the ability to get hard. Still, there are things I'm not sure about here. In my own experience and from what I hear of others, when limp cocks are crippled with a band, at their root, say, they go cold pretty quickly - and a banded cock is always a dying cock - and turn a yellowish-white; they don't darken, as described in the account.
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    Sun, March 10, 2013 - 9:48 AM
    I've certainly achieved three months of "permanent" numbness from elastrator applied at the base of my penis. The feeling eventually came back, but I do think a more dedicated or repeated banding could achieve some pretty long term effect.

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