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would anyone like to share there first cock sucking experience with me. I have never done it but i'm thinking of takeing the plunge.
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    Mon, December 27, 2010 - 6:58 PM
    which would you like to hear?

    when i was little an Uncle of mine whom i loved very much and slept with as often as possible taught me to suck his cock. He explained that it was just like sucking on a ice pop. i love my Uncle, i loved him a lot and wanted to marry him when i grew up, but that's enough about me.

    When i first started sucking his cock and it started to swell i got scared. i thought it didn't like what i was doing. But Uncle explained that was it's way of showing it liked it. And he told me not to stop any more He would explain everything to me later. So i sucked and sucked and he pushed my head down and said to get all the drips like i would if the ice pop was melting. i did and this went on for some time i'm not sure how long. And then it started to jerk and spit and i really thought i had made it sick and it was throwing up. i jumped back sure my Uncle was going to give me a royal spanking! But all Uncle did was sigh and lay back and call me to him. He told me that was what was suppose to happen and that i would need to keep on doing it until i could swallow all of the sugar it was giving me.

    Once though i did nip the head of his penis by accident and he did spank me really hard and told me he wouldn't let me suck him ever again! i cried for a week and no one knew why except for Uncle. He finally let me suck him again after about a month. He said he thought that had been enough punishment.

    After he died i didn't suck another cock until i was 18. Talk about having to learn something all over again!
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      Re: sucking a cock

      Fri, September 7, 2012 - 6:50 PM
      yea but it's just like riding a bike huh! it cums back to ya real easy. happy cocksucking!
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    Wed, December 29, 2010 - 11:17 AM
    Not a story.

    And, YES, i do love to suck cock now!

    safe journeys to you
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      Sat, January 1, 2011 - 2:13 AM
      It was not long ago ... I was straight and testing my limits ... I am now bisexual .... I loved the first cock and it was exciting for both of us....and I
      was surprised how easy it was to swallow the cum ... now I am a regular ...mostly with my mouth and not my rear..... I provide others the pleasure.
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        Mon, January 3, 2011 - 8:29 PM
        My first time was when I was 15( I am male). I was pushed into it by school friend however as I was hopelessl;y over sexed I was over awared and totally shocked. It was not long before it became a regular thing. Later he was into me totally. I dont think that I looked gay or bisexual however it was not long before another another two approached me and then I swallowed and loved it. Still love the taste. When I couldnt get it i started to drink my own mmmmm I would to suck you pity so far away
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          Sun, March 13, 2011 - 7:53 AM
          Funny, my first time was when I was 15 also. I had a friend who had the coolest situation...

          He was 17, was an only child, and had a single mom who would leave Friday after work and spend the weekend at her boyfriends, leave from there to work on Monday and not be home till Monday night. As can be imagined, we spent alot of weekends having "sleepovers" at his place since there was no adult there. We watched movies and played Dungeons & Dragons and stayed up till all hours. Occasionally we got into her liquor cabinet and drank, and my friend smoked, so we had everything we wanted/needed...

          One weekend, we were watching a porno, and we both got horny and curious. He told me he would suck my cock if I would suck his. He would even go first. I agreed, and he had me sit on the couch and got between my knees. He sucked me off, and I was so excited, I came in about 2 minutes. He spit my cum into a tissue and then told me it was my turn.

          He settled back on the couch as I settled into position on my knees between his legs. I could see how long (9") and hard he had become. He was quivering with anticipation, and as soon as I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock, he grabbed the back of my head and pushed down as he thrust up into my mouth! He continued fucking my face for what must have really been the next 10-15 minutes, but what seemed like hours, until finally, with one great thrust up into my mouth and an iron grip holding my face down on him, he came in my mouth. It was salty sweet, and as I swallowed, I determined that I liked this. I would certainly do it again...

          A few weeks laterr was the first time I let him fuck me, and I spent the entire rest of that summer being his sexual subservient bitch. He would make me suck his cock and/or flip over for him to fuck whenever he chose that summer. I spent alot of time on my knees with his cock in my mouth, not as much time doggy-style getting fucked, but enough that I still crave it and am a bi switch to this day... I am just glad I have a VERY understanding wife who accepts me as I am...
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    Fri, January 7, 2011 - 5:50 PM
    I was ten years old. I was skinny dipping with one of the boys next door, after swimming he was drying off and got hard, he ask if he could put it in my mouth, to be excepted by him I said yes. He moved it in and out until he came. I was very supprised.
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    Sat, October 15, 2011 - 12:46 PM
    I was camping out with a friend around age 15 as we had done on other occasions but this time I guess we were both a little more horny and while we had "talked" about all things sexual (as much as a couple of horny teens know) this time was different. We found ourselves eventually reclined on a sleeping bag by the fire. I don't remember how we got to the place of total nudity but there we were, talking about various things but being warmed by the fire my cock began growing as I looked over and wondered if I should make any advances. He wasn't hard so I wasn't sure he was turned on like me. I asked if he had ever thought what that would be like. He said he had not really considered "boy sex" but if I wanted to try I could.
    I didn't know what I was doing, for sure. I just thought about what I would like so as I opened my mouth and took all of his semi soft cock in my mouth, he sprang to life. That reaction along with the warmth and glow of the fire made me an animal. He's laying down with his hands clasped behind his head and I'm on all fours, clumsily bobbing up and down on his shaft.
    With a heavy groan he blew his load. I had tasted my own cum but his was different. Whatever the case, I would have loved getting deeper in a relationship but that was not to be. Make sure the cock you take is a special one. Giving of yourself is not to be taken lightly.
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      Fri, August 3, 2012 - 10:57 AM
      MY first time to suck is another adventure with my wife & my kinky in laws! As in prior tribe posts, I'd been wed about 5 mos & already been put through several sexual events with the 3 of them & was a member of the family in every way esp sexually! So I was never surprised at what I was made to do> I got home from work as usual on a Fri. & the in laws car wes there so I knew it was going to be more than just dinner! Inside, wife, mom & step dad inlaw were there. They told me it was time for another sex drama! What could I do but agree? Mom took over & briefed us n the plot, she & wife would come home to find Dad in law & mewatching porn & get very angry! They decide tomake us pay for out lust for women by putting us through a homosexual act to humiliate us. The rest was secret & we were to act & follow whatever we felt as the scenario played out. Dad seemd ok with it. I'd been fucked by him before so I know he had a nice dick but mine ws bigger, 7 in. erect, he was about 6. So we sat down & began to watch porn & the women came in & started to yell & fuss at us & got very mad. We were told to get up & strip naked, we did, but while dad didn't hesitate, I played the shy one & did it slowly while begging for mercy. Dad stood naked withhis dick semi erect & i was getting hard as I took off my underwear & both of us stood naked & afraid. The angry women fondled our dick & balls then told us to go to the bedroom. As usual in our scenes, we were made to smoke, so erotic for all of us! We men were told to get in postiton, with Dad on the bed & legs open & me on the floor facing his dick. SUCK! I was told & swallow every drop or you'll get burned with lit cigarettes & Dad too!! I moaned & said I'd never sucked a cock & he said it was easy just do what my wife did to me. I finished my smoke & looking at the thick strap mom held forthe beating I didn't wait long before I took the hard dick into my mouth! It tasted of man & throbbed as I began to suck it, slow at first then as dad moaned I sucked harder as my wife did on me. I licked & sucked & soon I was tasting precum. I was a bit humiliated but knew the painful alternative if I stopped. Dad ketp telling me to go faster & deeper, I buried my face into his thick cunt hair & his sac bumped my chin as I sucked. I heard him yell don't stop you fucker! Then mom's hands grabbed my head on each side & she began to move my head back & forth on his dick. She was face fucking me!! All I could do was suck & gag now & then & Iknew by the tension of his cock that the cum was building for an eruption. Mom reminded me toswallow it all or face the strap & the fire. Suddenly dad gave a mighty groan & screamed OH GOD!!!! UUUUUGGGHHHHHHH!! IIIII"""MMMM CUUUMMMIN!! & shot his load into my mouth!! What a load for such an average dick & aman in his late 60's!! I gulped & swallowed & coughed as I felt it go down into by anxious belly!! I'd suckeda dick & swallowed the load of cum & was ok. I never even felt sick & kept it down & got pure protein in my belly! I fell back off his softening dick & mom & wife helped me up onto the bed next to dad. I was sobbing with joy & humiliation & emotions I had never had. We all were tired so had a cigarette, rested abit then got dressed & dad & mom took wife & me out to her favorite restaurant for celebratory dinner on them!! So, I sucked a cock, swallowed a load & got a free meal too! That was my first time but have done it several times since then. Dad & mom had wife & me suck a couple they were friends with, older & kinky too & we had to swallow as always. Great fun so I'm no cock sucking virgin now!
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    Sat, August 25, 2012 - 12:58 PM
    I am not sure which experience was my first as they happened so long ago and when they happened were relatively close together in time. I don't think I really understood it when I was in something like 7th or 8th grade, but I remember having a slight fascination of see other guys cocks when showering after P.E. This would have been in the early to mid 1950's (alot has changed since them with sexuality) Back to my rememberances. I thought it interesting all the different sizes, colors and cut and uncut. There were a couple that stood out in my mind (no pun intended) that were much bigger than the majority of us and those I found myself taking a look at every chance I got. Discreetly, of course. So the point is, looking back I can see that I had more than a passing interest in other males manhood, even though I never acted on it.

    What follows is what I think may have been my first experience with a man, but I could have the incidents mixed up.

    In high school I was dating girls and enjoying it very much, though sex was a rarity at that age back then other than heavy petting and fondling. Then one Saturday night after taking my date home before her curfew I stopped at the local drive in restaurant where a lot of kids hung out in those days. It was cold and had begun to rain. I had gone inside to the counter to drink my coffee and I was talking to the owner, who I knew from being one of the regulars at this hangout. When closing time arrived, I went out to get in my car and leave and of all things the battery is dead. I run back inside and ask to use the phone to call my dad ( not a happy thought) I told the owner what was wrong, so he told me to wait while he finished closing up and he would bring his pick up truck around so we could jump start my car. Well, when we got out there in the rain and cold my car still would not start. Bad generator. The owner said we could tow it with his truck to his home about a mile away. Dry ourselves off, warm up and he would take me home and I could come back the next day and fix my car and take it home.

    we got to his place, went in and he put on some water to make tea, saying it was to late for coffee. He tossed me a bath robe, told me to get out of my wet clothes and he would toss them in the dryer and I could take a shower to help warm me. I did as he suggested, took a hot shower, put on the robe and came into the breakfast area where he had the hot tea ready. He said he was going to take a quick shower also and he left for the bathroom. He wasn't gone long at all, but came back wearing another bathrobe, but it had no belt to tie. It was obviously an old robe. He apologized for the "open" look as he had to hold it closed with one hand as he moved around doing what he needed. At this point nothing even slightly sexual had been said at all. Not even a double entendre in a joke. He made his tea and brought another tea bag and hot water to refill my cup. Having to use both hands the robe fell open as he stood in front of me seate sideways at the table. He was nude, still a bit damp from the shower and had the biggest cock I had ever seen at that time! I must have stared for only long enough for him to notice, but I was a bit stunned, I guess, seeing one that big, only a matter of a foot to 18 inches from my face! He apologized and I think I said it was okay, but he obviously realized I was in a little bit of shock or something as I was still looking at the area, even with his robe now closed.

    I do not really remember what was said at that point, but he must have asked if I wanted to see it again because he stepped back up to me and stood there holding his robe open and his cock moved a little on it's own while still soft and hanging there. I do not remember saying anything, and I know he did, but what, I can not remember. Next thing I knw I was holding him in my hand and it was beginning to "grow" and become hard in my hand. I do remember the sensation of slowly stroking it and at some point it was in my mouth with his hands gently holding my head to him and telling me to suck it. I had no idea how to do it, but knew what the act was. He told me what to do and I followed his instructions. His moans and sounds he made sounded like he was enjoying what I was doing so I just kept on doing it. After a few minutes of sucking him and feeling it sliding in and out over my lips, he came! I was surprised, even knowing what had happened and he held my head and just told me to swallow it. I didn't know what else to do, so I did as he said.

    I remember having mixed and somewhat confused emotions. I was not afraid, but did have a touch of guilt, maybe some embarrassment, but I was also beginning to realize I enjoyed doing it. I had no idea what to do at the moment or would others know? All kinds of silly, I see now, things ran through my mind, but I felt that this was something I would probably like to try doing again if the opportunity arose. Of course it did.

    I am now 70 years old. I have enjoyed being with women but also enjoyed sucking cock ever since my first experience doing it. I like men as friends and many as friends with benefits, but I do not have the emotional connection with a man as I do with a woman. It is a much stronger connection emotionally with a woman for me, but the physical side is very close to the same amount of pleasure.

    I would say to you, comtemplating your first time, be sure you are safe and your partner agrees to safe sex and is healthy and can prove it. Try it. If you like i, great. If you don't, that is fine also. I think trying it at least twice though is necessary because of all the mixed emothions after the first time. This is just so you can understand if it is for you or not. Whatever you decide, you will have at least tried it and know from experience, if it is something you enjoy. Good luck.
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    Sat, September 1, 2012 - 6:08 AM
    My first time sucking a cock was a friend when I was in high school. He had been infatuated with me for a couple of years. Many Afternoons he would come over to my house and we would pet; mostly me reclining on the couch with him sitting on the floor in front of me rubbing my legs working up to cock and balls. eventually after i was hard and had stained my pants with precum he would pull down my pants and take me in his mouth letting me erupt in pleasure. I would pull up my pants and we would watch tv for awhile. It was a one way thing for a long time. One afternoon he excused himself to get a drink of water. He came back and I heard a cough beside me; I turned and his hard on was inches in front of my face. He was several inches longer than me and thicker with a big swollen mushroom tip. He put his hand on my head and pulled me on to him saying "it's your turn now." I didn't even pause my mouth opened and took him in. I was breathing heavily, heart pounding in my chest. He was moaning and groaning sliding his cock in and out of my mouth. After a few minutes he tensed up and his cock exploded filling my mouth suddenly with cum. I swallowed automatically gulpoing him down greedily some cum from his load spilling out of my mouth onto my chin. I kept him in my mouth sucking softly as he calmed down; i was suddenly very into sucking him and kept going sucking him eagerly. He didn't get soft and after a much longer 15 minutes he came again filling my mouth one more time. I was addicted and still love to suck a nice hard cock. He eventually took my anal virginity.. i loved sucking him so much and he loved fucking me so much I would let him fuck my ass if i could suck him off first.. it was a great arrangement...
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    Thu, September 6, 2012 - 10:43 AM
    When i was 13 and in lust with my best friend mike,he was sooo cute i wanted to look at his dick every time i could. when he pissed i would look over at his dick and i would get hard. we stole some beer and ended up in his barn drunker than a couple sailors. as he fell asleep i started rubbing on him and he reponded by taking out his cock. i was in 'heaven' and sucked him like i knew what i was doing and within 3 minutes he groaned and started fucking my face, thrusted his cute butt up&down and soon my whole mouth was filled with his sweet&salty cum. hell i just swallowed it all and then he shot more on my face and rubbed his cock all over my face. i just loved it and licked his little butt hole with cum all over my mouth. that was my 1st cock and i have loved doing the same ever since but with young guys who remind me of my 1st boy love. all this was 50 years ago and i'm still aroused by the thoughts i just shared dan love
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    Fri, September 21, 2012 - 4:49 PM
    my first time was when i was on jamboree in boy scouts. we were having a circle jerk as teen boys sometimes do;it was more of a show and tell event as i remember ,not alot of jerking just kinda waving our cocks around and comparing. well when this one fella pulled his cock out i couldnt keep my eyes off it. well everyone kinda gathered around him for a closer inspection.some boys would just look and turn away others would ask to heft it. when i got close enough to heft it i just opened my mouth and started sucking. i was as surprised at my action as everyone else. i guess i was born a cocksucker.that was forty years ago and theres been countless cocks since

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