Jerking Off In the Window

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True Story:
I used to have a basement apartment, at Calvert off Charles. Shitty little dump of a place, but it had windows and a "window seat".
From the place at the window I got to see the calves, ankles and feet of all the passersby, and they got to see me from the shoulders down, reading my book or whatever.
After 1 AM, when the bars in the area were closing, I would watch porn, strip and jerk off right at the window, knowing people could see me, waiting for a tap at the window, saying "Let me in".
Two months, every night, jerking off at street level.
Years later, walking down Calvert with a friend.
About to pass my old apartment, and was just about to remark on it when:
HE: "Ha! There was a hot guy who used to live there. He used to jerk off in the window."
Me: "You watched him?"
He: "Only for a minute. Got me real horny, tho."
Me: "Why didn't you tap on the window? You might could have joined him."
He: "Didn't want to impose. Might have not wanted to be disturbed"
Me, with a secret smile, "Oh, you might have been surprised."
TRUTH: To this day, he does not know it was me he spied thru my window.
I enjoy being anonymous.
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