The lack of compassion

topic posted Fri, May 16, 2008 - 6:10 AM by  cup
Where do you think lack of compassion comes from in people?

Is it primarily Fear?

But I have to wonder why this fear leads to evil and hatred?
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    Fri, May 16, 2008 - 6:51 AM
    There may be several reasons for lack of compassion. The following are just my opinion:

    Sometimes a person is brought up in a family environment where emotions are not shown much, or they are not taught to think of others.
    Then there are adults who used to be compassionate as children, but built a shell around themself after repeatedly having their feelings hurt, thus they don't venture out of the shell to experience compassion towards others (out of fear).

    Also, some people never learn compassion until tragedy strikes them (for these types it must hit close to home).
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      Fri, May 16, 2008 - 8:27 AM
      I think you're right about some of the causes. Also, society today actually encourages ego-centricity. So, feeling compassion for others is discouraged, unlike when i was a child.

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        Fri, May 16, 2008 - 5:39 PM
        very true, Kate!
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          Re: The lack of compassion

          Fri, May 16, 2008 - 8:34 PM
          Because they couldnt find the strength to push themselves to forgive themselves and the life given to them that was full of abondonment, emotional neglect, and mental stress. Plus when one parents fails at Being there... then the child grows up being more comfortable with the oposite "feelings" the oposite.. lets say Mom was always there and not dad.. then it is very likely that the child will grow to repect and love women and sensuality as a home base for protection, a link back to God. Mother is God in the eyes of a child.
          I would know.. for sure.. hahaha I was neglected a lot.. emotionally, mentally, and my home base was always shattered and shifted away from me when I needed it, and always in my face when I hated it most.
          I had to learn to forgive my mom, for she hasnt the strength or courage to set her mind free from those pains.. running was her option.
          I respect my dad, he hadnt been there, yet he has.. he doesnt talk much, so he wasnt there for any support, other than the house and my sisters, which were from his previous marriage, the mother abondon them to him,,,, yet tried visiting to gain control in his relationship with my mom.
          He took her in cause she was pregnant with me.. and I consider him a life hero.. kinda.. not a big hero.. just the settleing down kind.. he finally became the key for my mom to stop running... actually I was the key.. but she needed someone to help her take care of both of us, and my dad was interested.
          I never knew my blood father, and I feel I dont ever need to, he was someone who my mom considers an accident, she confessed I was an accident, she sees herself in me and has a hard time with me. But I forgive her and love her.. even though sometimes I want to break her neck.. but i love her!
          Its only my own frustrations, with learning from my own past.. a healer who says they are a healer, is truly one who needs healing..
          and then.. we wouldnt need to say anything.. we simple wave a hand.. and flowers would grow.
          I believe in that. I saw what I did happen to my arm, and I know healing is a real thing, we humans have the most beautiful gift..
          I think the earth being this way is just a sign that we can heal it all.
          With understanding.. with learning.. we empower ourselves to full blooming.
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            Re: The lack of compassion

            Fri, May 16, 2008 - 8:44 PM
            Thats why im sooo percistant with real truth. the real true true feelings.. the one true connection of god, with god, and all cosmos in us.
            I know I have a special purpose... a major changing one.. everytime I enter into someones life.. their lives transform constantly... if you are my friend then you better hang on cause it never stops.. its like im a big fire flame.. always tracing to transform, I love change.. I know my true spirit and I have been working on my innerself all my life to be how I feel I am truly ..inside. I want to bring the divine in me .. Out.
            Full frontal hahaha wuh? hahaha
            However I know that many still pose such fear... that even things that seem pretty will scare people..
            I once showed this site my friend was making.. and this christian girl said she got bad vibes.. I couldnt believe it.. it had cute animals pics, children holding hands and indians, trees, nature, space... and any video that spoke of spiritual connetion..and she freaked.
            I thought... " wow.. how can a world so complex, still have such simple people " I dont know, simple sounds like the right word..
            I wanted to type maybe.. feared.. but fear can change also... fears sometimes can get more complex in themselves... so truly... its the lack of knowledge that compells violence, and when people play the game of " I know something you dont know, but you have to pay a pretty penny" thats where we still have "something" toying.. with the human conscious, if not the earth herself doing it teach us to be strong..
            but I dont know... so far I got a Yes answer that there really are aliens. but few.. not many of them walking with us.. they have experiemented, as far as I know... but its not many, yet they are powerful with their Mind suggestions.

            I have to become who I know I am... because i feel its the only way that people can see the potential of their own gifts.
            Everyone needs to see that first person actually come through.
            I just feel Im that person, call it what you want...
            I just have this feeling... but who knows... if its anything like the hillary feelings.. lol
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    Sat, May 17, 2008 - 5:45 PM
    There is a saying: A drowning man is not selfish.

    I wonder how many of those you have observed practicing less than compassion, have been so drowning in their own pain that they could not see beyond that to others' pain.
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    Sat, May 17, 2008 - 5:55 PM
    i think too that people numb out, in various ways. this whole global awareness thing is relatively new, at least instant global awareness, and there are so many things that can tear at our hearts, it can be a bit overwhelming... so its not necessarily that people are cold or didnt learn, but perhaps that theyre exhausted...
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    Sun, May 18, 2008 - 3:18 AM
    Fear of that which they do not understand.
    The Unknown, the Unexplained.
    That which is not famillar, foregin and forbidden!
    What ever happened to acceptance and tolerance?
    Was it even really there to begin with?

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