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The 18 year old boy found dead in her bed. Murder or suicide? Lawyers for the Stones quickly called the death a suicide, but police investigators uncovered a trail of religious ritual and sacrificed animals. Anita Pallenburg went on to sponsor Lucifer Rising a film paid for with Rolling Stones money showing the actual ceremonies with making Lucifer appear from the depths of hell.

And they forgot to mention Mick Jagger bank rolling studies by The Process - Church of the Final Judgement. He even wrote an essay for one of their four now infamous publications.


This is not from Mick though. This is from Robert De Grimston. Click on the black swastika at the bottom to read all of it.
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    It wouldn't surprise me to know they are into black magic, etc. I thought it was interesting that Keith Richards refused to be knighted by the queen.

    I have a shirt once owned by Brian Jones. My sister got it many years ago. Don't ask me how. She also had a notebook written by Richards. She sold it at Christies some years ago & got $10 or 11,000 for it.

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