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Creators of Fine Belly Dance Apparel, Accessories & Crafts. We strive to make beautiful, unique costume pieces from pantaloons that you can lounge in to more elaborate pieces you might wear in a show.

We also have a large supply of flowers for hair gardens.

We occasionally will offer items that are vintage, gently used, and other special finds.

We also take custom orders!

Feel free to post here, or email us @ RSS Feed what is XML?

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Custom Costuming.  topic
CraftWise at Tribal:Pura Milwaukee!  topic
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Mini panels are here!!!  topic
gold&green w/ green bead detail SOLD  photo flag
Multi/w/shisha and superfun tassels!!  photo flag
Brown/Orange tapestry w/cowries and shisha SNAG...  photo flag
tapestry w/ turquoise bead detail and shisha  photo flag
Tapestry w/ fringe and shisha  photo flag
Violet w/ beads and shisha SOLD  photo flag
Tapestry w/semi precious stones  photo flag
turquoise w/shisha  photo flag
mini panel green/red/gold w/beaded medallion SOLD!  photo flag
Brown Pantaloons shown with Mini Panel skirt  photo flag
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Photos so far....  topic

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