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Credit Card companies are evil. There are no two ways about it. They will trap you into a lifetime of debt by making up the rules as they go along, and they must be stopped. In this new wave of internet activism, I think the time is now. First, go watch the PBS special on their site at The evil corporate giant is not Mac Donald's, Microsoft, or even Uncle Sam taxing everything you make, it is the credit card companies and their lobbying power.
This tribe is to be the start of a grass roots movement to raise awareness of the scams credit card companies are pulling. Through the new tools the net has brought us (blogs, message boards, podcasting, wikis, online applications, volunteer activist lawyers) we shall overcome this tyrant.
-The Universal Default: If you are late any any one payment by one credit card company, the another one can raise their rates on you.
-The Controller of Currency (a part of the US Treasury Dept.) who regulated the credit card industry, is trying to take away states rights to complain about unfair tricks the credit card companies are playing
-Senator Chris Dodd (CT), our hero, has had his bills to reform the credit card industry part of which would ban credit card companies form visiting college campuses.

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