crossdressing 'excitement'

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james was always the last person to leave the construction site in the Australian Outback, for the six weekly break. He lingered in his room, shaving his legs and applying his makeup, just so, and setting the blonde wig onto his head.
He had to allow all 300 other construction workers to leave the camp before 'Jamilla' could appear in all her glorious finery to hit the big city and 'convince' some stud to ease her itch. She was determined that she was going to lose her virginity this time. even 'though giving head thrilled her - she wanted to go all the way - she was ready to become a 'real' woman.
Jamilla loved the sensation of the stockings sliding up her smooth legs, attaching the suspenders, and slipping into her oh, so sexy lace g-string.
Hooking up her bra and inserting the silicon inserts gave her much pleasure and slipping into her gorgeous mid thigh, lace negligee nearly made her swoon with delight.
Then, the ceremony of slipping her feet into 5 inch stiletto's - God, that made her little clit throb!
A quick glance confirmed that the other workers had all taken off to the nearest town to get drunk for the weeklong break.
All was quiet as Jamilla appeared and strutted straight through the camp - living her dream of being outside, dressed as she desired and looking so hot!
As she neared her car, she was shocked to her someone swearing loudly.
Jamilla froze - who could it be and what were they doing.
Jamilla was trapped because if she turned to run, the person would surely hear.
With her heart banging in her chest, partly in fear and also in excitement that she might be seen - God, she wanted to be seen - she recognised the owner of the voice.
It was Mario, a fly-in Airconditioning Mechanic who was reputed to be hung like a stallion.
Jamilla was shaking with excitement and without thinking of the consequences boldly stepped past the room that Mario was in, making sure that her stiletto's were tapping loudly, feeling a shiver go down her spine as Mario let out a loud wolf whistle.
Jamilla was amazed at herself as she slowly turned and posed , thrusting out her pelvis in an unmistakeable manner and giving mario a force 10 smile. Mario was not slow on the uptake and soon had Jamilla in a clinch, thrusting his tongue into Jamilla's receptive wet mouth.
Jamilla sank to her knees, sliding the zipper of Mario's jeans down to free his 10 inch, throbbing cock and closing her lips over the mushroom head, humming in her throat, making Mario moan with delight.
After 5 minutes of bliss, Mario could not take much more and pulled Jamilla to her feet - picking her up in his arms and placing her on a table in the outside eating area.
Jamilla clung to his neck, raining kisses to his lips and neck - she had never been so excited before - mario had sat her on the boss' table and was proceeding to slide his hands up her stockinged legs.
Mario was flooded with sexual desire - this amazingly, sexy vision that had appeared out of nowhere was not going to disappear 'til he was able to release all his pent up desire that was coursing through his body and centred in his swollen cock.
Grabbing hold of Jamilla's sexy g-string and sliding it off, Mario was shocked to discover a smaller version of himself, nestling in the sexy underwear.
Jamilla tried to pull up her g-string as she was scared that Mario would be turned off by her male clit - but, she was amazed as Mario leant down and gently kissed her, saying 'it's alright, my little beauty, you are what I have sought for a long time'.
Jamilla gave a cry of utter joy, kissing Mario with increased passion and slid off her panties to allow her new lover access to her male pussy.
Mario rolled jamila onto her hands and knees, bent down and kissed her rosebud, making his tongue into a miniature penis and thrusting it into the depths of Jamilla's bottom.
Jamilla was beside herslf with carnal desire as her deepest dreams were realized.
Mario played jamilla like a expert virtuoso, with Jamilla groaning with sheer lust and crying out in passion, 'Fuck me, Fuck me.....'
Mario rose up and lodging his engorged organ at the open rosebud of jamilla's ass, thrust -ing forward into the buttery softness of the hottest, tightest and most glorious lovehole he had ever encountered.
Jamilla cried out in part pain and part lust as the biggest male weapon she had ever encountered, took her to heights she had never thought possible.
Mario could not get enough of this utterly desirable creature before him, that was giving him more pleasure than he had ever known.
Such was the level of lust and passion, that in only a few minutes, Mario was shooting what felt like his whole being into Jamilla' s wonderful ass.
Jamilla joined Mario in orgasm just as Mario grabbed her cock, coating his fingers with Jamilla's essence.
Jamilla looked over her shoulder to see Mario licking his fingers with a big smile on his face.
So began a romance that continues to this day, but, James does not exist anymore - Jamilla has moved in with her lover and dresses fulltime with breasts that measure 36 inches, tattooed eyebrows and lips, pierced earlobes, much to both their delight.
So, keep dreaming, all you CD's - dreams can come true!
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    Thu, October 13, 2011 - 1:35 AM
    Thank you genie girl.
    This story really left me smiling.
    No, it wasn't from lust. I just really, really liked living Jamilla's experience with 'her':-))))

    I hope I can find other stories that well written on this forum..


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