Cum in cuckold's mouth

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Would anyone (Bull, hotwife, cuckold) agree to a singular birth control method that when the Bull is fucking the wife's pussy, He would always pull out and cum directly into the cuckold's mouth.
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    Thu, July 7, 2011 - 6:07 AM
    I have a simple rule. Generally once I'm inside of her. I will want to unload inside of her. Whether I'm wearing a condom or not. Sometimes however I might feel like pulling out. But I never promise that I will pull out.

    Had wife last year that offered herself to me bareback, but wanted me to pull out. I mentioned that I most likely will not pull out. So I asked her about birth control. She said she was ok. I fucked her for a few more times not once pulling out. 6 months later I find out from her that she was never on any protection. Although she never did get pregnant.