What a Cuckold Needs from a Bull

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Sexual Prowess - Obviously the Bull must have the God given talent of satisfying the slut wife sexually. He must be able to bring her to orgasm as much or preferably more, than this wimp could. Tangents of this theme are cock size - the bigger the dick, the more both the wimp and wife will worship him: Repeat Ability and or Stamina - if this Bull can fuck my wife for an hour it makes my ten minute efforts even more pitiful: Heavy Cummer - both for the wifes enjoyment and the cuck's humiliation

Self confidence & an Air of Authority - The Dom bull must be able to control both the wife and the cuckold through his inner strength. This does not mean physical threatening. On the contrary the self confidence and inner strength is more of a quiet firmness. The wife will melt under this strength and the cuck will roll over at his command.

Willingness to Include the Cuck - at some level. All cucks share an extraordinary love for their wife - after all a large part of this scenario is seeing the wife in the throes of orgasm. This relationship is truly three way though -- the cuck is not and should not be in charge but he does need to get his needs fulfilled (the needs of making sure his wife is sexually cared for and humiliation). He (the cuck)willingly gives his wife to a Bull sexually, but he must be sure in his own mind that the relationship (marriage) will not end. He (the cuck) will be content to love his wife, and take care of her financially while giving up his marital rights to her, as long as the "relationship" can continue.

Open Minded Sexually - the Dom should not be bi-sexual but he must be willing (in order to exert his control and the cucks humiliation) to use the cuck sexually to at least some extent. this aspect differs with each relationship but -- a truly hetro wimp's humiliation is so much more complete when he finds that he is so controlled that not only will he suck the bulls cum out of his wife's well fucked pussy, he will even submit to sucking the cock of the man who fucks her. A tangent of this is control of the wimps own orgasms. The Dom bull should be willing to exert enough control to get the wimp to agree to giving him the power over the wimps orgasms. Most wimps need some sort of sexual release or the arrangement becomes untenable. The key for the Dom bull is to limit his sexual release so that the thought is ALWAYS on his mind but the Dom's control is ever present.

These are of course very individual items and will vary from person to person.

The physical taste and presence of the bull is wonderful. The visual imagery is also very much stimulating... but you question the dominate role of the bull... why? For me, the aspect that this other man is more capable of servicing my wife is part of the foundation to the lifestyle.

I agree that the humiliation is NOT a REQUIRED component to a cuckold relationship. However, the physical aspect of him taking what is yours IS.

Some men prefer that their cuckolding is done on a "permission based" system. The husband has to give constant approval to the bull in taking the wife. Not permission to have, but permission to the bull in the form of "authority acknowledgement". Your acknowledging that he is better endowed.. he is possibly a better lover.. that he has the right to have your wife... that you like the submissive role of having him take her in front of you or with your knowledge. This permission based system has NO humiliation part to it.

Cuckolding is not an all-or-nothing choice.

There are VAST degrees of cuckolding. The the playful end, we have the above referenced "permission based" system... and on the more serious side, we have total "feminization and subservience of the husband" to his wife and her bull.

The changing role that each cuckold will change over time. Those changes, if properly expressed to your wife, will allow for the greatest amount of enjoyment from the relationship. For me, I know that my individual tastes fluctuate with time, my personal attitude, and the specific bull. While these tastes change, I acknowledge that this type of relationship is important to me, exciting to me, desirous by me and wanted by me.

As many of you know, I have commented on this matter in a number of other discussion threads... but a cuckold needs a Bull that will provide him with a number of different things:

providing sexual satisfaction for his wife/gf

the willingness to treat the cuckolds wife as his own woman.

the willingness to take her forcefully and with disregard to the cuckold.

the willingness to humiliate the cuckold by asking for things... like get me a drink..

the willingness to encourage the woman to try sexual things she would not do with the cuckold.

possibly the willingness to have the cuckold service him, personally, with his mouth.

the possible willingness to have the cuckold prepare his wife for him, and then to leave the room for a more intimate time with his wife.

The Bull should have the qualities to provide satisfaction's to not only the woman but to also understand the cuckold's needs. Does the cuckold want physical humiliation? Forced sucking? Verbal humiliation? Denial of sexual satisfaction? The Bull needs to speak with the Cuckold also!

That way, each persons fulfillment is achieved.

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    Re: What a Cuckold Needs from a Bull

    Tue, May 8, 2007 - 5:06 PM
    WOW!! What an exciting post. This pretty much tells it all. A husband who can't perform adequately for his wife should happily step aside for a better man and expect to see her brought to rousing orgasims. My hubby needs to see me being handled (sometimes roughly) and worked up 'till I'm ready and then held very tight until he sees that I took a load from the bull.

    The word "forcefully" seems important because my husband gets extremely excited when he sees a bit of that. I guess it's because he can't manage that himself.
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    Re: What a Cuckold Needs from a Bull

    Tue, May 8, 2007 - 7:43 PM
    Oh my!! Now to be able to either find a Bull like that for Mistress, or have Her find one! Really great post, thanks for the insight. We still are on the outside looking in; but Mistress so deserves having a man like that!
  • Re: What a Cuckold Needs from a Bull

    Wed, May 9, 2007 - 10:59 PM
    Each different "bull" I have had throughout the years has had some of or all of the above qualities. Each man is different. Most of the men I have sex with take what they want. and often my husband isn't even around. When he is he is often unnoticed by me or the "bull" once everything gets started.

    I think what makes a good "bull" is his ability to take me. To do with and to me what he desires. That is important. my husband, like many , is a gentle man. I do not want that during sex. I want to be taken. For the man to take charge. Make things happen. I am there for his pleasure, and in being so receive pleasure. So, to me the most important thing a "bull" can do is to take me and do with me as he wishes, sexually.

    A real man doesn't hold back during sex. He does what he feels he wants to do, without regard of anything or anyone. He has to accept limitations, yet he must also push those limits. He doesn't have to be borderline violent, but in control, yes.

    My husband is a cuck. So, he is either there when everything happens or not. and often I forget he is there when he is. Men I have been with have reminded me that my husband was at the foot of the bed and made sure he got a good show, but that is not my responsibility. that is the "bulls" responsibility.

    A "bulls" job is to be the man, to take charge and control, and make me feel like a woman. His job is NOT to try to understand what I want, or what my husband wants. His job is to f**k me, and do it well and often. My husband is not my sexual partner. Other men are! It is up to them to make my sex life good, better. What I want from my sex partner is to have my legs go numb, for my head to be reeling. For my pussy to be full. That is the important stuff.

    And what my husband needs from a "bull" is for him to be a man and to take me as often as he likes, anytime he wants. I am married to my husband, but my body is not his. My body belongs to the man or men inside me. My bed is not for sleeping in. It is for having sex on. I do not have one "bull." I have many men that I have sex with regularly, and others I meet and have sex with. They take on the role of "bull."
    I do not feel any one man is enough for any woman. I need many men.

    I understand and agree with alot above, but my husband's needs are not as important as my sexual needs are. Nor are they as important as the men's sexual needs that I have sex with. If you are not f**king me, then I really do not care about your sexual needs. If you are f**king me, then you already know how important I feel your needs are.


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      Re: What a Cuckold Needs from a Bull

      Thu, May 10, 2007 - 5:32 AM
      From what you said, you want a Bull to be in charge and you are sexually submissive to his wishes, as long as he really wants to focus on you. Do you feel that all or most women feel the same? Does this apply to Dominate Women, I do not know if you are dominate or not, so please no offence. Does a Bull want to have the cuck there, so that the Bull gains added superiority by showing dominance of both the women and the cuck? Have you ever had a Bull that also wanted to use the cuck? Sorry for so many questions.
      • Re: What a Cuckold Needs from a Bull

        Fri, May 11, 2007 - 11:11 PM
        I think all women, even the dom ones want a man to be in charge sometimes, especially sexually. Most "Bulls" know they are superior, or feel they are because they are with a married woman. They also feel superior if they know the husband doesn't get sex. Just knowing they have sex with a married woman gives manhy men a great feeling of being someone. Most "bulls" do not need a cuck tobe around to feel superior. Most "bulls" have that air about them anyway. Like Mike, my youngest daughter's father. He is arrogant, and he has a right to be. I am somewhat dom around my husband, but very sub to Mike. He just commands it by being himself.

        Some men have that air about them for good reason. they know they get women, and many very easily. They know women enjoy having sex with them, and they want it from him and men like Mike often.

        I have not had "bulls" who wanted to use my husband sexually. Although some have allowed him to suck them to keep them hard if I had to take a break or had to go to the bathroom. I will not say there have been many who have cared if my husband was around or not. Most don't care. "Bulls" are a certain kind of men. They ar enot men who can be a bull one day and a cuck the next. They are dominant, they are take charge kind of guys. They have no doubt that they can get what they want, when they want it. Bulls are always dom by nature. But being Dom requires a "bull" to take responsibility and to be responsible. Being Dom is not just being in control or controlling. there is much more to it.

        The men I have sex with are "bulls" because they have sex with me and I am married and I do not have sex with my husband. Mike, on the other hand, is more than just a guy I have sex with. He is one that other men respect and women desire. Mike gets women easily and often. And when he is here at the house it is like I have no free will of my own. I am just submissive to him. I always have been. He gets his way. that is just the way it is. Mike is my "Bull."

        I do not ask Mike if I can be with other men, and Mike doesn't just have sex with me. He and my husband have been friends since junior high. Women just do what he asks, and men do so as well. Mike is not a violent man, but I have seen him take down some pretty big guys. He is a powerful man. And he is an incredible lover. Just by being himself he commands respect of all who meet him. He is a bull, there is no doubt about that.

        Mike does not use my husband for sexual reasons. That is why I am here. When Mike and I have sex I love it and cherrish it. Why? Because I know other women will have sex with him as well, and that me getting him in bed with me was not something he had to do. It is something I am lucky enough to experience. To me a Bull is someone you get to have sex with, not someone who has sex with you. A bull is someone who does something to you just by being there. And just because he is there you are willing to do anything he wants you to do.

        This is my experience. And no problem with questions. I don't mind answering.

        • Re: What a Cuckold Needs from a Bull

          Sat, May 12, 2007 - 7:09 PM
          Excellent observations! I totally agree.

          My experience as a bull totally matches with what Tina says. I use married women sexually for my pleasure and I don't care if the cuckold is around or not. However, I expect him to obey me if he's around.

          Being a bull, in my opinion, is a lifestyle. One does not have to be violent or aggressive in daily life. But one has to know how to get the message to the wife that he's willing to take responsibility to give pleasure to all. I believe it's all in the hormones and attitude as females somehow seem to feel it. You may guess the rest, or rather, read Tina's postings :)

          I'm not interested in using cuckolds for my sexual pleasures at all - their wives are there for it, as Tina pointed out. Though some women may get jealous of their bulls having sex with other women, that can easily be dealt with -- "my way or highway" approach.

          Thanks and kudos to Tina, for being so open and clear on such a topic.

          • Re: What a Cuckold Needs from a Bull

            Sun, May 13, 2007 - 1:01 AM
            It is my belief that even other men can tell a "bull" from other men. It is not just his lifestyle, but his presence. A "bull" commands respect without having to. And others give it to him.

            Most any woman is submissive to a man who is a "bull." And when a "bull" is in a woman's life, he is IN HER LIFE. And in the lives of those connected to her. No one has to wonder if the woman and the "bull" are having sex. It is obvious. And in his presense, the woman, and women connected to her, ARE HIS.

            Mike, the main "bull" in my life has had children with me and my sister and three other women we personally know. He is with a wife of a lover of mine as I write this. And she may also get pregnant by him. Our husbands, mine, my sisters and the three oother women's husbands raise mikes kids as their own, as they should. And our husbands respect Mike and what he has done and does without question.

            A "bull" answers to no one, sexually. And he gets what he wants, It is just that way. His is not to concern himself with others desires, but of his own. "Bulls" are masters at sex and pleasure, and are often built well for it. A "bull" doesn't have to ask for sex, he just gets it. A woman does not second guess a "bull" or ask questions. She just does what he wants and receives the pleasure he has to offer.

            When a woman is in the presense of a "bull" she wants him, sexually. Often not knowing why. And she is willing to do with and for him as he desires because this type of man is the kind of man who leaves you breathless and paralized with pleasure. He is a man you are proud to be seen with and to do as he desires.

            Especially with Mike, but with other "bulls" I have done things for them in public, which made them look very good. I dress wearing very little when I go out with a "bull" so that he has easy access to what he desires. When you are with a "bull" it doesn't matter where you are or who is around, you do as he tells you to or wants you to because you want to.

            To a man who is a "bull" , all women are easy. And they have found this to be true their entire lives. "Bulls" have sex at younger ages than most boys, and often with others girlfriends. As they grow older they have sex with other men's wives and girlfriends because they can. And a "bull" can tell a couple, just by looking at them, that the wife is available and the husband is inferior. I know this to be true.

            "Bulls" are men who have had to learn how to be "bulls" responsibly, though. Any man who is just violent or aggressive is not a bull. A man who just by his presense is a "bull." A "bull" knows what women like, need and desire. they have learned this well, and from an early age. They have learned frim women and from girls what other men lack, and where they, the "bulls" exceed.

            The "bull" is the man other men ask, " how does he always get the women?" or "what does he have that I don't?" Men ask these questions, and women know the answers. Women who hear men ask these questions see these other men as not being bulls, which was obvious before they asked their questions.

            A woman knows a man is a "bull" when she sees him and feels sub to him. She also knows when he speaks to her and she feels as though she is his already. When a woman sees or meets a "bull" she knows he is a "bull" because of how he stands and talks and presents himself. It is not something a man can try to be.

            A woman knows, when she meets a "bull", that she is going to do as he desires. She feels that it is the way it is supposed to be. My lover's wife, Karen told me she wasn't sure she wanted to do it, but she felt such a strong pull from Mike, that she couldn't resist him. There was something about him that she felt open to and wanted to be open to. That is the command and effect "bulls" have on women.

            So, if you have ever asked the questions I stated above, then you are not a "bull." If you are a "bull" you already know why you get so much sex so easily. It's because of who you are as a man, as a "bull." You know you were put on this earth to spread your seed and to get and give pleasure. It has always been available to you, very available. And you have taken responsibility and given to many women what you know they need.

            • Re: What a Cuckold Needs from a Bull

              Sun, May 13, 2007 - 3:33 PM
              Tina, you pointed to something that I omitted in my previous posting.

              Yes, I can confidently say that men feel the presence of bulls as well. My sexual awareness popped up somewhere around when I was 7 or 8 years old. Even then I masturbated furiously several times everyday. Had my hands up the neighborhood girls' panties or tees, no matter how old they are. This practice paid off well later on, as I had my first real sex when I was 14 with a girl who was 20-something then. I think that triggered something inside me, as I find getting sex from ANY woman is extremely easy for me.

              When I was 18, I moved away from my family for university study. I noticed for the first time that the girls I saw first time in my life were incredibly close and friendly around me, yet their boyfriends were equally restless and shrewd. They were always in a hurry to take their girlfriends somewhere else if I was talking to them; later on we all would learn that it was to no avail. I fucked each and every one of those girls. Some even came to me by themselves in the middle of a night. Some others took a date or two, but I never had to struggle or wait too long to fuck a woman. I never bothered to call or date any of them again - fresh meat was always available in the form of bachelors or 'friends' of ex-fucks.

              Then I attributed all such behavior to the youth fever, thinking that they will be over soon as I have a job. Boy, was I wrong!

              In my first job, I noticed the all-too-familiar friendliness of females around me as well. Then I noticed that this was reflected even on phone, too. I began to receive more phone calls every day from regional offices. Had they been somewhat slutty in nature, I would've attributed them to the whispers and e-mails of my recent fucks, but no! They were always of the subservient nature, apologizing profusely for taking my time, requesting me to explain this or that (which I did to 4-5 other women at the same location and then sent a memo in writing), in short, did everything to keep me on the line for a minute more, and did everything as I said.

              By then I had Internet access (anyone else remember altavista? :), and came across something called 'cuckold'. Looked interesting and saw that a related term, 'bull' somewhat applied to me. I decided to put my 'bullness' to test.

              On a (somewhat extended) visit to a remote office, I stretched at the end of the day and asked if anyone wanna join me for a drink after work. None of the males responded but all four of the females (one married) nearly jumped up in joy, saying they'd love to. Whoa! I acted myself that night and saw them all squirming in their chairs, listening eagerly. For some reason, I decided to pick the married woman and called a cab for the others. I never mentioned sex. I simply finished my drink, looked at her and said: "Let's go to the hotel." She came with me to the hotel, to my room, and to my bed, as if it was the most natural thing for her.

              Women are also proud of having fucked by a bull. This same woman looked and acted in such a way next day that everyone in the office clearly knew or felt that she was writhing around my cock last night and she was so happy about it. This was repeated in similar settings later on as well.

              On the last day of my visit to the regional office (whole visit took a total of five days), all the cunts were fucked thoroughly, all the cunt-owners were cheerfully happy and I was in a new dimension. In the afternoon I was talking to the wife I fucked the first night in the lobby while having a smoke. Her husband (working for a different company in another part of town) decided to drop in at that precise moment, saying he was around on business and wanted to see her. She introduced us and I shook hands with him. It was a brief moment but enough for me to feel the uneasiness around him. After he made a rather hasty departure, she said she never saw her husband this nervous before. I said that it was very interesting and told her to follow me to the carpark so I can show her something interesting. She followed me submissively to the carpark and received another cum load deep into her cunt as a parting gift.

              From then up until now, I managed to fuck any woman I wanted. There was never a question of whether we should do it, was it right, etc. I commanded and they obeyed. There may be other bulls around, but I'm yet to meet one who is more dominant than me. However, I haven't impregnated any of my woman, despite the fact that I never used any kind of protection nor am I sterile. Even if I did, no one ever told me. But one of my cunts recently told me that she is more than willing to be impregnated by me. I'll keep you posted about it.

              Yes, as Tina put it, it's my duty on this earth to spread my seed while giving pleasure as much as possible. I'm more than willing to take this responsibility for any woman who needs to be pleasured, to be impregnated, or simply wants to be taken, used and abused.

              • Re: What a Cuckold Needs from a Bull

                Sun, May 13, 2007 - 6:31 PM
                Alch. I have been around men like you for a long time. not many like Mike, but like him. And you know what I have said is true because you have lived it. My husband has asked Mike many times what it is like to be able to have any woman at any time, and Mike has just said, "it hyst happens." It is not special to Mike. It is just something he can get and have easily. My husband on the other hand has always wondered about men like Mike. Men who are not bulls always wonder, and they always will.

                My youngest daughter Amber has seen and experienced the effect Mike and men like him have on a woman. A bull affects women of all ages. It is not age specific. If a woman has interest in men, a bull will interest her most.

                As my lover Tim's wife Karen recently found out, you can't say no to a bull. You can, I guess, but you can't. You feel compelled to say yes. And a bull knows what he likes. Women hope it is them he likes and wants. And when an opportunity comes about that you can be with a bull you jump at it, give yourself to him, expect to give yourself to him, want to give yourself to him, and hope he takes you. It can not be explained other than how I explained it in the earlier post.

                What you have experienced is what bulls do experience without trying to. And it is how it should be. Few men are like you and MIke. and women want the opportunity and the chance to be with men like you. it is like winning a lottery for a woman to be with a bull, but she knows that she is not the first or the last he has or will have. So, she gives of herself completely so to have him completely while he has her.

                It is a good life to be a bull, but a better one to be with one.

                • Re: What a Cuckold Needs from a Bull

                  Mon, May 14, 2007 - 6:35 AM
                  Tina. I know it's true as I'm living a similar life. I agree with Mike that "it just happens". As I stated in a previous post, I do not know why women make themselves so available to me. Similar questions were asked to me as well by other men, and my reply was the same. As you pointed out, if one is asking "how does he do it?", one is not a bull for sure.

                  You're also right about the age groups. My experience ranges from pre-teens to 40+. Some were very open, some were very shy, but they all were interested for the same purpose. I think knowing that they're about to be taken by a bull somehow short-circuits a woman's negative-response mechanism. And once a woman experiences it, she carries the mark indefinitely, one way or the other. Once I fucked a wife in my office. She was in a war with herself; wanted to fuck me but tried to restrain herself; acted very slutty but always made an excuse at the very last moment to get away. I was sick of this routine and wanted to put an end to it. One day I called her into my office after hours, and locked the door when she entered. She knew what would happen but did not say anything. I sat next to her and whipped my hard cock out, without saying anything. She slowly stood up, peeled her panties off and straddled me. As soon as my head penetrated her sopping cunt, she let out a blood curdling scream of orgasm and collapsed on me. She later said she was having trouble reaching orgasm, but could not believe she had experienced a woman's version of "premature ecajulation". She still cannot cum with any other man, including her husband. But she calls me once or twice each month and swears that she cums then and there as soon as she hears my voice. A bizarre incident maybe, but I believe her.

                  Well, I think being a bull and being with a bull cannot be compared single-handedly, as there are gender specific differences between us. But I believe we can enjoy sex without a definitive comparison.

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                    Re: What a Cuckold Needs from a Bull

                    Mon, May 14, 2007 - 8:13 PM
                    We can not compare between what you experience and what a woman experiences, but you know how women react to you, and I am sure most in the same way. I know that Amber and I react the same way, as do me and my sister. One can not explain an orgasm as a woman other than life changing in some way. but for you , as a bull it is just sex. It is what you get easily. And many women can not orgasm with their husbands, but if you are like Mike, you have never had a woman NOT orgasm with you. That is what men like you are for.

                    • Re: What a Cuckold Needs from a Bull

                      Tue, May 15, 2007 - 3:49 AM
                      Tina, are you a mind reader?

                      All of your points are very true. Yes, women act mostly the same way around me. Yes, if I see a woman I like, that means sex, and I simply know she's mine for the asking. I can be subtle ("it's hot around here, isn't it?") or very direct and bold ("Hi there, let's go find a quiet and cozy place to fuck."), it simply does not change the result.

                      That is very true. To be honest, I taught many women to have orgasm for the first time, which they could not have with their husbands or spouses. Never in my life I failed to bring a woman to orgasm except in the few cases in which she explicitly stated that she wanted to stay horny but just needed to be used.

            • Re: What a Cuckold Needs from a Bull

              Sat, December 12, 2009 - 8:16 AM

              For the other husbands who are raising Mike's kids, are they infertile? Or did they (or their wives) want their children to be fathered by Mike? If the husbands are fertile, do they not have sex with their husbands, make the husbands wear condoms, etc? Do their friends and family know that their not the bio dads?

              Does Mike try to impregnate women or does he simply not care whether the women get pregnant?

              What do your husband's family think about your children not being his biologically? Do they know that he's able to have children but you're choosing other men as fathers?

        • Re: What a Cuckold Needs from a Bull

          Sat, December 12, 2009 - 8:24 AM

          For the wives that Mike is impregnating, are the husbands infertile or do they (or the wives) simply want Mike to be the bio dad? If the husbands are fertile, are the wives sleeping with their husbands, making them use condoms, etc?

          Does Mike wants to impregnate the wives or just not care either way?

          What does your husband's family think about your husband being fertile but choosing to raise other men's kids?

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      Re: What a Cuckold Needs from a Bull

      Sun, January 10, 2010 - 9:33 AM
      you know the hotwife and cuckold thing is great and a lot of fun.
      but it is sex. unless you are out to get pregnant specifically, it is just sex.
      and it is supposed to be a fetish oriented type of sex.

      it is not right to intentionally make a woman pregnant while persueing this indulgence.
      truly, what fun is it to be pregnant and cause a child to be born out of this type of FUN.

      it is fun. i know, we have done it.
      it is fun sex - that is all.

      impregnation is an extreme form of cuckold play.
      be responsible people, keep fun, fun.

      plan your children and your lives.

  • Re: What a Cuckold Needs from a Bull

    Mon, May 14, 2007 - 11:59 PM
    i'm new to the word 'cuckold', but think i ran into a "bull" last summer that totally mesmorized me and had me wanting him so badly. he could have had me in an instant but it never happened. i may see him again this summer -- do i resist or just go for it? i'm used to be the one in charge...
    • Re: What a Cuckold Needs from a Bull

      Tue, May 15, 2007 - 3:56 AM
      Hi Xena,

      Please read the posts under this topic starting from the top. It may take quite some time but it's well worth it. To summarize:

      1- A woman does not have options with a bull. She simply obeys him. As they say, "resistance is futile"
      2- A woman cannot be in charge with a bull. She may be superior hierarchically or financially, but she simply obeys, her choices being "yes", "yes, master", and "yes, please, master".
      3- If you can resist to him, he's not a bull.

    • Re: What a Cuckold Needs from a Bull

      Mon, July 2, 2007 - 10:39 AM
      It seems that a wife needs to show her husband lots of love while also keeping him jealous. She should also let her bull intimidate and humiliate him. Of course the humiliation that keeps him in line the best is when he observes the superior male making it with his wife. Her eager responses to the bull helps the humiliation immensely.

      Grab that bull when you get a chance, Xena.
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    Re: What a Cuckold Needs from a Bull

    Mon, December 7, 2009 - 4:31 AM
    This post was very eye opening, and this entire thread (the on-topic parts anyway) should be required reading for any couple contemplating thi as a lifestyle.
  • Re: What a Cuckold Needs from a Bull

    Tue, June 16, 2015 - 6:05 PM
    Sorry for the necro but I felt it needed to be said:

    Fuck what he wants or thinks he needs. A true bull does what the fuck he wants. I don't want him to enjoy a goddamn thing about it. I want him to be upset that his wife or gf is cheating on him, if he even knows. I want her to talk him on the phone while fucking me, making excuses for the stifled and unusual sounds she's making. I want her to tell her she loves him while her voice nearly cracks from ecstasy. I want her to be very disrespectful and even throw it in his face once he finds out. Maybe I could get her to have phone sex with him and then make it real. But I don't like the idea of him getting any pleasure out of it. So maybe I'll have to fuck her so hard, slap her so loudly, groan a little so that his poor little heart skips a beat as his suspicions run wild. Fucking her in the same area/room as her man, unbeknownst to him, would also be super hot. There's more, but you get the idea. I've done it before, I'm hoping to do it again. I'm actually a really nice person but I have a cruel fetish. Fuck it. You only live once

    Also, what the hell is so hot about some pathetic dude with a cock clamp on who gets his jollies out of being a little bitch? That's fucking gross. I'm not gay, it's a turn off to see another man like that if I'm with engaging a woman sexually. Just the fact that he would suck my cock if I told him to makes me fucking sick. If someone ever tried to rope me into that scenario I'd tell him to get the fuck out and lock all the doors after him and pull the shades. This isn't roleplay or some erotica, I meant every word I said.
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      Re: What a Cuckold Needs from a Bull

      Mon, June 22, 2015 - 9:29 PM
      Thanks Matt for reviving this thread - there are a lot of interesting comments on here, yours is one of them, and your take as a Bull is insightful. My wife would agree with most of what you said, particularly that it adds a tremendous amount of excitement to cheat! I would caution you on just one point - don't be surprised if your perspective changes over time, and you will find there is even more excitement for you to get by involving the cuck - on your terms of course, just think about it for a second - what if you could look into the tormented eyes of the cuckold as he watches you using his wife for your pleasures, and she is doing kinky things with you she would never do with her hubby..........?

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