Cumming inside fertile wives

topic posted Wed, November 30, 2011 - 6:55 AM by  Daddy
Nothing says dominance like forcing a cuckold to watch me try to knock up his hotwife. I've had the pleasure of doing this twice in the last 2 years. Any hotwives looking to be bred by the bull/stud?
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  • Yes,cumming inside a fertile wife is very good.I like being a Dominant Bull and have done this.With one couple that was both submissive and wanted another man to enjoy her as much as possible and also breed her,I would have him lay under the bed and have him listen to me and his wife fucking as much as possible.
    Or have him in leather wrist and ankle cuffs on his knees next to the bed and make him watch while he did nothing about it.Then I would tell him he was not a real man for allowing his wife to be enjoyed by me and also having the chance of getting pregnant.
    I also had a relationship with a very hot couple and had the wife work as a dancer and model and had her enjoyed by other men also but later was bred by me.
    Nothing is better then this!
    I also did a bridal cuckold and had the new bride give me a blowjob before her wedding and then took her away on her wedding trip and enjoyed her as her new husband stayed in his own room.
    That was super hot!
    If any females out there wish to be bred of have a Dominant Bull reply back to me!
    I can travel or host!
    I like married and single femlaes and new brides to be!
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      i couldnt agree with you more Mike, lovers like you (i dont like the word bull or dom for some reason) deserve to plant your seed within the wombs of beautiful wives and gf's. my wife was also seeded on our wedding night by her lover and my first beautiful son was born 9 months later in perfect health.
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    not sure I would call myself "hot" by any stretch .. . I recently found this topic. Last couple of months, I have asked my husband to masterbate me with a larger dildo, and when I am being penetrated by that lovely dildo, I certainly dream of being fertilized by another man, and lately, have been "day dreaming" of making my husband watch while a real man makes me cum.
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      Ask your Husband to buy a realistic looking BLACK Dildo and when you masturbate with it, he should masturbate along with you and shoot his sperm into a bottle. when it is full, empty it and flush it down the toilet making him realise his cum is unworthy to go into you. Jerk him off daily.
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      they are good dreams to have my dear madam, you certainly deserve to have a passionate lover plant his seed deep within your womb. you should talk with your husband and let him know of your desires, i hope he comes round to the idea and accepts his place. i wish you all the best
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    i am very glad that bulls like your good self continue to do the right thing and successfully pass your genes along into beautiful and deserving wives. should have known you earlier as my beautiful wife has already blessed me with two wonderful boys by her lover
  • I think there is no better place for a bull cum then inside a cuckold fertile wife. We done it several times
    • It is the best feeling in the world for all three. I had a gorgeous wife last thursday and she was filled with semen by the end of the night, we are all waiting now to see if she has been fertilised. I will fuck her again next thursday and thru to when she has the child for what ever time it takes.
      • That's very good to hear that you will keep fucking her through her pregnancy. With all the hormones, she will be very horny and need lots more cock once you have successfully spermed her! I made a woman pregnant once (by accident) and we kept fucking right through to labour! (But you will have to fill her up doggy style, or let her ride you once she gets too round!) All the best for a successful creampie!
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    My husband loves watching me be "bred" we are currently trying for baby number 7, our last baby was born in December by our very good bull.
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      Please let us know as soon as Baby No. 7 is on the way. :-)

      • There is nothing more frustrating or humiliating for a chaste cuckold than listening to the lucky guy who's fucking the woman you love when he's climaxing inside her. This gorgeous woman whom you've never been inside of is providing tremendous pleasure to her boyfriend.
        You can vicariously experience the exquisite sensations he's feeling along the length of his VIP (Very Important Penis) when he's emptying his balls inside her , but you'll never know the pleasure he's experiencing. You can imagine what it's like , but you must accept the fact that he's reaping the benefits of your attentiveness , hard work and sacrifice. Each time your mistress teases and frustrates you without letting you fuck her , it just brings her that much closer to another session of hot , passionate sex with the guy who's getting what you'll never have.
    • That's very lovely, Nikita - your fecund, round belly looks so beautiful when you are pregnant!
      May you enjoy your insemination sessions & bull's continuing "administrations" as you gradually swell!

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