why a wife cucks her husband?

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why a wife cucks her husband?
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  • Because her husband wants her to. I have had several married girlfriends and the only relationships that I was involved with that turned into cuckold relationships were instigated by the husband. They want to see their cute, eager wives get fucked by the stud of their choice. They want to see their excited wives going down on a guy while they watch.

    I'll tell you, from the bull's point of view....IT"S GREAT! I love it. I started looking for married g/f's with cuck hubbies who liked to watch. My favorite was when cucky would clean out his wife's vulva with his tongue....LOL It's truely incredible to see that.
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      There are so many wives that would love to have a bull and so many husbands that would stand still for it that it's a shame everyone isn't clicking. All of the wives need the "different" handling that a bull can provide and the husbands deserve to be cuckolded. If the hubby watches closely all the foreplay and all the way down to the final thrusts when the the bull is trying to hold her for his load, perhaps the cucky can learn something.

      James K
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        As was said earlier, the reason is largely b/c the husband desires it. In fact, from a performance standpoint, my wife has no issues with sex with me and is very content. I am very adequately endowed - not some 4 inch wimp.

        But, it is the thrill and the product of being a submissive slave to her - the ultimate enslavement is to be forced to watch her with another.
        • Although I don't have direct experience with being cuckolded, I have been interested in the topic for a long time and I spoke with several people in this lifestyle. My impression is that it is difficult to generalize as to the reason why a wife cuckolds. I am sure there are cases when the husband is the main reason for her to do so, but there are other dynamics as well, and I know of several examples of people where the woman either expressed the first interest, or she took the lead shortly after the husband introduced her to it. And when she took the lead, cuckolding became largely about her pleasure, physical and psychological. As for being adequately endowed and not a wimp, I suspect that what is adequate is in the eye of the beholder. I believe there are women into cuckolding who enjoy routinely men of very large size. The vast appetites and the stretched sexes of these lovely goddesses may not differentiate much between an average man and a 4-inch wimp.
        • <<Nonsense.

          As was said earlier, the reason is largely b/c the husband desires it. In fact, from a performance standpoint, my wife has no issues with sex with me and is very content. I am very adequately endowed - not some 4 inch wimp.

          But, it is the thrill and the product of being a submissive slave to her - the ultimate enslavement is to be forced to watch her with another. >>

          This answer is only half-way correct... one should NEVER assume that their way is the only way...
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      "Because her husband wants her to" is exactly right. As a "sub" husband - i beg her for it.

      "My favorite was when cucky would clean out his wife's vulva with his tongue....LOL It's truely incredible to see that."

      From a "cuck" viewpoint, it's equally incredible to taste it. Feeling those love juices flow from her freshly fucked pussy - her wet clear juices mixed with the milky cum.

      I'm rock hard and weak just thinking about it. I crave it so much I'll sometimes jack off, cum, let it sit there until I get hard again and then wipe it up with my fingers - licking them clean imagining I'm getting it from inside or off of my wife's flesh (either her pussy or her toes is the hottest thought for me). Makes me cum immediately.
    • yes your right. its because the husband wants her to. i used to encourage my wife to suck other mens cocks. i realy enjoyed the site of her with another mans fat cock in in her mouth. and knowing he would shoot his spunk in her mouth. hearing her moaning softly while she sucked .seeing the satisfied look on her face as she contentedly sucked the cock. hearing her give a little whimper as his hot spunk started to fill her mouth. her free hand going up in a pushing away helpless attempt to try to stop the spunk cumming in her mouth. the look of surprise on her face even though she new she was going to get a mouthfull. and helplessly swallowing the spunk. then i take her home with another mans sperms swimming around in her tummy. so exciting for me and her. we both enjoyed it and both wanted more. but when they finaly pulled got to pull her panties down on my urging. and fucked her pussy full of hot spunk. was the ultimate pleasure for me. and i knew i wanted it to happen all the time so i could hear her moaning with pleasure. and i would get to smell and taste their spunk in her pussy after when i licked and sucked it to more orgasms. and that realy sattisfied her to end the fuck session. and me to. so thats why i do it
  • I'm not a bull. I'm a wife. But the reason I do it is because with otehr men I can do what ever I want and hubby lets me. I have had lovers since pretty much the beginning. My husband is more a voyeuor than a doer, and that's a good thing becaause every guy I have ever been with has been bigger soft then my husband is when he is hard.

    My husband is very obedient when I want other men and have other men. It thrills him to see me with others or know I have been with them. I don't do it for him, though. I like sex. I always have. I like most all men and have been with all types, races. colors. ethnicities. I like that all men do things differently. I like that I can be with whomever I choose, and that my husband sometimes brings guys hime to me.

    My husband and I have a lot of baggage, with others i don't have to worry about anything because it is just sex. Often it is really really good sex, too. I have had three children by other men and my husband considers them his becaause I gave birth to our children. He knows they aren't his because he and I don't have sex and the few times I have let him try he came on my thigh before he entered me.

    When my husband has been there when I have been with other men they have all said it is very cool to see my husband go down on me after they have been in me, and ejaculated in me a few times. My husband gets off on it and so do my lovers. The only time I let myt husband go down on me is after I have been woth another a few times in a night, or several lovers in a night. He loves it becaause he gets to be with me sexually, and often after a few lovers it feels nice to have my husband be gentle in between lovers who are not gentle in their love making.

    There are numerous reasons why a woman cucks her husband. My reasons are that I have been very fortunate to meet many many men who are very very well endowed, knew how to please and did please me very very well many times over. I also have a high sex drive, and my husband likes to watch. I also love the feeling of having a man in me, anywhere. So with so many men available why not cuck my husband, he likes it, and I get to know alot of men and the pleasure they can provide. And I have three beautiful children from lovers. What could be better?
    • I agree with Tina that there are many reasons for cuckolding and unlimited ways for it to manifest. I had one girlfriend who had always thrilled to cheating. When we got together and she discoverd it was a turn-on for me, it was a match made in Heaven. I had long-term cuckolding relationships with three other women over the years and each had her own reasons and approach to it.
    • It's great to see a reply from a woman, not some man trying to answer for her. I love your response. I am a great beleiver in a woman's right to pleasure—as much pleasure as she wants, whenever and wherever she wants it. A husband is for nuturing, putting food on the table, changing the kids diapers, providing love (and tongue service). The other men in her life a for pleasure.
  • It s a lust deep out of my soul to cuck my husband.
    I need more sex, then he can give me and he has fully accepted that i love to have lovers and more than one man around me.
    Its a great pleasure for me, to do that.

    And I mean, more other women and men would love this lifestyle too.

    We feel, that our parts naturally defined. There s nothing to discuss, just to do and to live.
    It s fantastic

    • I quite agree to you, my wife nowadays everday comes back after getting fucked in her office by someone (there are many, atleast 30 colleagues I know fuck her). But I don't enjoy cuckolding anymore as I had enough. I have developed a very gross and taboo facination lately. I want to watch my wife excreete (shit) every morning and wash her myself and secondly I like to make her eat stuff that makes her fart. I like it when she farts. Am I normal and the last but the most strange is that I want someone with a massive cock to do anal sex with my wife which should really really hurt her (pain) and then fuck and impregnate her in our neighbourhood market so that every person in my locality laugh at my back and make fun of me as I raise 4-5 kids (all black preferably) who would evidently not be mine
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        I've read of cuckold triangles, where the wife & the cuckold get turned on smelling farts let off by her lover! As the lover pumps the wife, hubby gets behind the stud's heaving arse, & places his nose up against the studs's arse-hole--farting then takes place. The smell acts as an aphrodisiac for ALL 3!
        Crude? Dirty?
  • Why does a wife cuck her husband? Because she can. I have only recently cuckolded my present husband and it is a very empowering experience. But does he like it? Yes and no. The point is that he is not in control and the experience teaches him his position. Whether or not he likes or wants it is of little concern.
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      Excuse my ignorance but how can it not be of concern? I would have thought that if your significant other doesn't like or want something that is occuring in your relationship then that has to be of concern because you are directly attributing to that person unhappiness???
      • Gab,
        What I mean to say is that having accepted that this occurs in our lifestyle then my husband must accept this in full. In other words it cannot me a concern to me if he is happy or unhappy with every event. I decide when, where and with whom this occurs. It is frequently painful for my husband but it is this very pain that he craved in the first place - therefore overall he is satisfied (perhaps the wrong word) with what happens. Does this make sense?
        • Makes perfect sense.

          Gab, cuckolding is a lifestyle in which, basically, female is poly and male is mono with full consent. The reason may be that the male may be craving for humiliation created by allowing his female to be taken by a sexually superior male (called a 'bull') in his presence, or he may like to see his female being taken by the bull(s) instead of taking her himself. There may be other reasons as well.

          Genetically, sexual attraction occurs by the release of hormones. It's always the female that chooses which male is worthwhile. Some people are brave enough (to whom I tip off my hat) to live their lives as nature intended as opposed to what our social creations are intended. I believe it's much more respectable than cheating on your spouse.

          Most creatures in the nature are poly. It helps to create genetic diversity. Though the reason for sex today is not just breeding, the gene is still in us, especially stronger in some people than the others.

          Hope this helps.

          • Probably the best explained and most informed explanation I've heard in a long time. I couldn't have explained in better myself.
            • Most men are not endowed enough for a female! some can't get her pregnant and breed her like a real man can! Husbands just should be kept for domestic duties and support,nothing else! NO sex ever with the husband,just with her lover/bull/master/+
              • That is the primaqry reason I've been cucked for the last 18 years of our 39 year marriage.
                I did breed her twice and she was bred once before she began cucking me.
                I am denied any penetrative sex and only recieve prostate milking from her.
                Size does matter guys and it is v ery possible for a large man to ruin your wife so she'll never feel you again. Word to the wise
                • A standard of slightly smaller package does not necessarily have to deny an attentive male from pleasing his female partner... We have fingers, a tongue (back slick side is best) and our penis to please her, and in that order... Knowing the techniques, we will understand that sex is not just about sticking our dick in and stirring... I often went 30 minutes of foreplay and oral sex before even getting in the first time... Then I liked to go in slowly that first time and hold at the balls deep position and just pulse my dick to keep it hard, while continuing to kiss her neck, nipples and earlobes... then carefully stroke with a riding-up at the deep position to put pressure upward on her clit.... Also knowing that you don't touch her clit directly with your fingers, but rather push her labia skin against it, or use the back side of your tongue, and then carefully suck it between your lips.... I liked reverse cowgirl with a pillow under my butt for my standard 6-inch package to get best penetration, and I could still reach around with my long monkey arms to massage her pussy, and she could squeeze my nuts.,..
                  Don't let the guys with the bigger packages intimidate you... After my divorce in my early 30s, I had learned plenty from my first wife, and was passed around among several women because I knew how to please them.... It is rude to ask about other lovers, but even with my standard package and good technique, I usually gave them a very good time... it does require that they are not bringing their daily stresses to bed with them, but being an attentive male partner will help them forget the troubles of the day. Many times I didn't even get off that night, even after an hour or more of great sex, so usually begged for a morning quickie for relief for my long drive back home....
        • hello I am new to this tribe I am never married, single, african american male, 46 years old, and I also live in the southeastern united states. I am also US navy vet. I currently live in Birmingham Alabama. Upon joining I dicovered the tribe Black into white. viewed most of the posts and found that that are a number of intellegent people in that tribe, and this tribe is also included. why did I choice this tribe to post ? In order to first thank Alison for this honest and very sincere reply.I have played the role of the Bull but never consibered as an acceptable mate for my playmates. after sometime this erodes at any mans self esteem as well as his self image.

          I have found in this WORLD background is everything. My parents marriage has lasted more than 40 yrs. and they took christian vows. I believe that if a person is married under the laws of this group then the terms and conditions apply to that person. one member stated that she was pagen now that's great the rules don't apply. she i believe has her options to set here own rules. My parents didn't have the resources to catch me when I fell. They have worked hard and I as well to just make ends meet. see if something happens to me that leads to instability I have only the traditions that my parents taught me to live by. Attempting to try anything different is hopless. As a bull i was very selfish and self- centered. I feared not having shelter, food, clothing, or security.

          later it was serial momoagmy, and I was much like your husband. I didn't plan for this to happen to me but it did. I watched as the women that I had so passionatly lust for left me for others. I seeked to set things right by attempting to understand but couldn't. because of background. as far as relationships go I have lived a very painful lfe. I today Know that I will never have the proper equipment to please my delusionial ideas of what life should be. but I have what it takes to live honest my parents gave me this, and I thank them for this one simple principle.

          I am today in a satisfing relationship. and this is the thing that has opened the world of happiness to me.
    • It's always been that way. The woman always determines with who and when. I guess a cuck situation doesn't change anything. So right beautiful Alison. I've been invited several times, but never did. It's a BIG compliment so to speak.
  • I was a cuck because my ex-wives both had to get extra sex. I could have been jealous, etc. etc. but i went with the flow and had a wonderful times sometimes getting to see her getting really fucked or sitting downstairs listening to her moan and scream. The look on her face when she came downstairs or when they would have me bring them drinks was always glorious.
  • Different women have different reasons. Likewise there are many levels of cuckolding.

    I have had a few cucks under my control - some like humiliation, some do not for example.

    Personally I find it hard to enjoy creampies with my cucks, although the act is sexy especially forcing a cuck to clean up aftgerwards, but with STDs etc. I am very careful about who I have unprotected sex with. A creative mistress can get around that ;)

    For me cuckolding is not about cheating, as all my cucks have full disclosure on what I'm up to (hell its part of the fun ) more about getting what I need elsewhere and if it applies - humiliating my cuckboy for it.

    For my bulls, cucks and I, we all share in the excitment, it just adds to the experience.

    Just my .02 cents
    - Mistress Red
  • For each person/couple it's different and very personal. I get majorly aroused watching her with another guy having what amounts to animal sex. The sight of her being completely taken, dominated. The sounds of their, especially her lust. The scent of thier combined sex. If it weren't for STD's I would really prefer bareback sex and him filling her with his cum and watching as it oozes out. But still safety should and does come before sexually gratification. That is for her only that i am a cuck. being a black man with better than average equipment myself I have enjoyed being other couples bull. So again it all depends on the situation and the people involved.
  • Cuckolding is just another form of domination. A dominant wife needs constant reassurance. Some go to extreme lengths to domonstrate their power and authority; feminization is one well-known route, as is regular over-the-knee spankings. If her husband accepts this degree of submission she will only want more. Forcing him to share their marital bed is probably extreme, but actually quite popular..see Her Perfect Cuckold, on for a few examples of real life situations.
  • I am a cuckold, my wife knows that I am turned on by knowing that she is getting fucked by other men so she goes at it whenever she can, sometimes she sets it up, sometimes I do. On occasions we have slipped up by her being fucked by someone who I work with and he hasn't kept his mouth shut or she has been shagged by someone who dislikes me(or vice versa). The result of those situations are humiliating in the extreme for me but I always go along with continuing our arrangement and ultimatately get great pleasure wanking to even the most humiliating situations.
  • I guess because they love each other. She fucks other men because he is turned on by it and he wants her to fuck other men because he wants her to be satisfied and pleased.
    • In all other animals the Biggest Baddest Bull gets to fuck all the females he wants while the other smaller weaker animals have to stand aside and watch him do it. The females get the most reward from being fucked by the Biggest Baddest Bull. This is the first rule of nature. When a wife looks at a bigger stronger better looking guy who may have a bigger cock, it is nature that make them do it. All wives want his cock and sperm in them. Some resist, but a cuck knows she is supposed to fuck the bigger stronger more male guy and lets her. She usually responds by taking all the big horny cocks and cumloads she can.
  • Jay
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    Probably because she wants a BETTER fuck! Why not have her white husband (you know, the one that society deems appropriate for her to marry) look on and get lessons on how it's supposed to be done. Hubby may learn a few tricks but she enjoys the dominance over him so she will never leave the more dominant black cock.
  • My wife cucked me because I wanted her too and the wonderful lady I married was a whore and escort when I met her and I would not have changed her in any way and it was my idea that she keep working on our wedding night so that she could bring me her pussy full of other mens cum and then we could make the marriage official. 12 other guys were in her before I was on our wedding night and I don't have a clue how many have been in her since we got married 15 years ago and I don;t care as long as she keeps cuckolding me.
  • My wife cucked me because i wanted her to, She has since gotten very into the lifestyle and we couldnt imagine our lives any other way.
    I do have a very tiny penis but this didnt play into it initally but i do suspect it may have helped her agree to do this initially.
  • Looking back about 35 years into my first marriage... I "might" have accepted my wife's request for a 3-some, but she didn't ask, she went ahead and took other men in our bed, and when I came home from work unexpectedly it resulted in a fight that got my left arm torn out of the socket, requiring surgery to repair..... All that made me divorce her. We had screwed like bunnies, so I though I was keeping her happy, but apparently not. And I do know how, with fingers, tongue and penis to please her, and in that order.... It was my boss that was screwing her first, but then the guy I caught was just retired as a police officer and had some time on his hands and knew my wife from community work.... nobody notices a slice off an already cut loaf, right ??? I wondered why we had clean sheet so often.... Kirk2160
  • Why? Because She CAN, that is why. When a Woman realizes Her husband is not up to the task of fulfilling Her and that She has access to other and better lovers. ..AND if hubby is OK with it then She will take other lovers even WITHOUT hubby's consent. It is because She CAN. Don'tneed to seek for any oother reason.