Creating a Cuckold questionnaire

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Creating a Cuckold questionnaire

I am looking for help in creating a questionnaire that can be given to a cuckold couple (or just the cuckold) that would assist in the role that a bull would take with the cuckold and the couple. The impetus to this is that I have been approached by a couple to be their bull. The wife is protective of the husband, but both are clear on what is to be expected (her sexual availability and his complicit nature in allowing it). What is not clear, because the cuckold is having difficulty in expressing his true desires, is determining how to treat the cuckold in the situation.

Here is the problem in a nutshell: He understands that he is to do all that he can to insure that every time i am with them that it is a successful sexual experience. He has offered to assist, serve, service and allow me to have her as i want.

Here is where it is confusing: He is willing to greet me in a submissive manner, to fluff me as I want and desire, but has made it clear that he does not want the 'standard' elements of being a cuck... mainly the implicit or implied humiliation. When I pointed out that there is submissive and humiliation aspects to having him suck me in front of his wife, he said that it was not (not sure if I believe him) and that I should treat it as a boss would direct an employee.

What I want to create is a list of 25 to 50 questions, that he would need to respond to, to create a road map for my treating of him in his role. I hope this questionnaire will be useful in discovering what submissive aspects he wants as well as where his needs could be most met.

I will be posting this on multiple cuckold tribes... please be sure to contribute where appropriate.
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    The biggest item that strikes me in here is 'topping from the bottom' by the cuck. He's dictating not only his limits (which is ok in general), but he is dictating how you shall interact with him. If he's going to submit and be cuckolded, he's going to have to get 'clean' with the idea that submission is a granting of control to another. And as such he'd best get with the program.

    That cold truth could gently come from his wife -- or you could play the bull-card here and basically placate him initially and once you and wifey are hooked up and he's involved, that you kinda turn the tables on him and say ... by the way... this is MY way... not yours. Here's some panties boi. :-p

    (as an example for illustrative purposes only - I would never give hard suggestions to a bull seeing as i'm a true true cuck)

  • Greetings!

    I agree with Donna's posture... something is amiss with the couple you want to get involved with.

    (I noted that over a year has passed since your post, so hopefully some new discussion will be generated here.)

    The cuck does whatever the wife tells him to do. You shouldn't need a checklist or a bunch of questions. If she tells him to leave, he goes. If she tells him to suck your cock, he does it. If she wants him to be submissive to you, that's what he does.

    Bobbi's comments are valuable too. BUT, I just cannot fathom a cuckold relationship where the cuck dictates what happens. I'm sure that is between the hotwife and the cuck... but from other posts contributed here and elsewhere on Tribe it seems the happiest couples are ones where the wife does what she wants and sets her cuck straight. That may not be the case in other areas of their relationship / marriage, but as far as sex goes she sets the rules.

    I am a male who likes being told what to do and who needs to be controlled by a woman, so this is where I am coming from.

    Also, I thought it was the Bull's job to ensure a successful sexual experience for the woman. That is what a man does, isn't it?

    - Jim
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      You have missed the point of the questionnaire. In a perfect situation, the hot-wife DOES tell the cuck what to do and not to do. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a 'perfect situation'. Most couples, wife and cuck, enter into the lifestyle with the purpose of enhancing their relationship and it is something that they agree to. Not every cuck wants to be humiliated, or submissive, or anything else. To me, the key to successfully cucking a couple is to get the cucks buy-in. Knowing what he wants is paramount to exploiting their relationship to the benefit of the bull. So, if he wants to stand in the closet blindfolded, would it not be prudent to provide that for him? If he wants to have public humiliation in front of his wife and friends, would that not be important to know? Does he want to have his wife and or bull vocalize what is going on while he is allowing the bull to take his wife? Does he want to be tied up? Does he want to fluff the bull? Does he want to pay for the bulls attentions with his wife? Does he and/or she want the bull to take her bareback? Are they as a couple comfortable with the bull coming over whenever it suits his desire? Or do they want to plan and schedule this play? Does the husband want to greet the bull when he picks up his wife OR does he want his wife to leave and meet-up with the bull away from the house.? What about sex in the home, does the couple what the bull to be able to take the martial bed for his sexual play with the wife? or does the couple want the bull to take the wife to the guest room? What about sleepovers?

      Often times, the wife is just happy to have a new lover and is open to much of what he (the bull) wants. But the cuck is putting his relationship at risk, and so understanding his needs, desires, wants, and fears it paramount to the success of the cuckolding. This also requires the bull to be more than just a dick... he needs to take are of both of their needs... to exploit them as much as possible, to push them into new realms and to make sure that each time is successful, so that his return to using the wife is assured.

      To me, to assume that the wife just dictates the relationship is just folly. These are complicated situations and require attention, patience and understanding.

      • Well, I do think you are well on your way to creating a questionnaire as you brought up many fine questions here. Some of these I have not thought of, but then, I am not a Bull.

        So, do you think ONLY Bulls can contribute the questions? I guess current cucks and potential cucks could come up with options and scenarios that they like.

        I would like to know what Tina thinks of this, and some of the other women, too.

        At least the thread has come alive again and that is excellent.

        I wouldn't know where to start with coming up with questions, but I definitely would like to contribute or give opinions as the questionnaire starts taking shape! Wait – I do have one idea: I believe there needs to be a couple questions about the cuck sucking the Bull’s penis. I am definitely interested in that. I would do it in front of [my wife], or even alone with the Bull. The cuck should also be asked whether or not he is interested in watching his wife suck the Bull’s penis, if the Bull demands it.

        - Jim
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          Well Jim, I would agree, the purpose of my original post was to have the tribe assist me in creating a comprehensive list of questions.

          The couple that I was seeing did not benefit from a large set of questions. I just spoke with both of them and slowly the cuck and his wife reveled what they wanted. She just wanted sex... but he had a list of routines that he wanted to experience with each meeting. For him, he wanted to be ordered to not have sex with her for four days prior, he wanted to be ordered to wear frilly panties, he wanted to bath and dress his wife prior to meeting with me. He wanted (and this is more extreme) to not just suck my cock, but wanted me to take a wooden spoon and spank him before I took her out. So, each couple is different, the ability to help them help them think through what they want is of great value.

          As to your fixation on sucking the bulls cock, for you it would be very straight forward, when you were to give up your wife, you would be always in a situation where you would be sucking his cock. or being taunted about your oral fixation... maybe just having you rim the bull and licking his balls, but being denied the ability to have his cock push past your lips into your throat. You are an example of why it is important for a bull to know more about the cuck as well as about the wife.
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            You know everyone has their 'thing'. And thats fine. But in threads like this, people sometimes use gross generalized statements like the 'cuck must submit' etc. Many cuckolds are not aware they are a cuckold. Some passively accept their role and have no interaction and want little to no knowledge. Just saying. :)
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              • Ms. Vanessa Chaland's comment that "many cuckolds are not aware they are a cuckold" is truly fascinating and I am wondering if this could be discussed elsewhere.

                What would happen in such a situation? The Female makes all the decisions? Doesn't a cuck have to know in order to be a cuckold?


                - Jim
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                  Traditionaly speaking, a cuckold is a cuckold whether or not he is aware of the situation, however, in modern times and definitions, he MUST be aware to be considered a cuckold. If he is not aware, then he is just another man whose wife is cheating on him.
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                    Yes, K & V, you are quite right.The 'traditional' definition of cuckold was where the husband was unaware of his wife's adultery; but now, the word covers both----the traditional cuckold, AND the modern version where the husband knows, even watches his wife in sexual performance. Also cases where the husband maybe disapproves, but because his wife (AND her lover) is strong, the husband can't do anything about it--- he has to accept it.
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                      I introduced my wife into cuckoldry, she agreed on one condition and that was thats she's the boss.
                      In her opinion cuckholdry has everything to do with her sex and not mine.
                      I have to be passive and not allowed to ask question.
                      She is right, i made a discission to allow her to have sex with anyone she wants and now she is in charge of her sex.
                      This is going on for at least 5 years, now i'm used and fine with it