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A place where girls who want to cuck their men, Men who wanna be cucked, and those men who want to be Bulls can meet, chhat, share experiences, advice and encourage one another RSS Feed what is XML?

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Heather and Jim
New Seattle Area Bull looking for cuck couple  topic
What You Don't Enjoy about the Cuckold Lifestyle  topic
White Bull in Raleigh  topic
Living the Cockold Lifestyle.  topic
Older Men Dating Younger Women  topic
I am a cuckold.  topic
Ready to be cuckolded now ... !!! Who's int...  photo flag
Ready to be cuckolded now ... !!! Who's into ...  photo flag
Ready to be cuckolded now ... ! Who's into it...  photo flag
Ready to be cuckolded now ... ! Who's up into...  photo flag
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Fuck her  topic
New to tribe  topic
sexy cougar dating  topic
seeking love  topic
How many of you ladies would like to have your ...  topic
Ready to fuck  photo flag
Going on a month locked up  photo flag
Showing the neighbours  photo flag
Wife horny for another cock  topic
Younger Women Looking for Older Men  topic

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