Impregnating my hotwife

topic posted Mon, August 24, 2009 - 2:40 AM by  Mitch

I have been here only a few times before. I read a lot and post rarely. But I have to get this off my chest and was hoping for some female point of view feedback.

I'm impotent male who masturbates at leat 5 times per day. My wife is trying to get pregnant. Due to nothing more than a dribble, she has been convinced that I cannot impregnate her and has agreed to let another man do the job at my request. We tried last December and it didnt work. I did get a DVD of the act and that was a beautiful gift. It was her first cuckolding experience and this Thursday will be her second.

It is her ovulation zone and whilst i am so excited that she has found a 26 YO athlete to inseminate her, I'm also a little jealous that i cant do the job myself. It's really mixes emotions that you love the person you share a home with yet willingly want her shared out to other men to breed with..

I dont need any smartar$e feedback, just people that understand what i'm going through. Those that have or would like to experience this.

On side of me tells me to get my act together and the other side lusts obcessivley for her to get a good seeing to from another man.

Just a thought but real life dilemma this week for me!

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    Mon, August 24, 2009 - 10:19 AM
    My hero
    You are very get all the benefits of artificial insemination....which I think costs money, sometimes big money and you have the ultimate cuckold experience that all of us would give our right nut for.......having your wife bred by another man. It is sexy, practical, and with any luck you will get a baby out of it. They are cute, cuddly and wonderful.
    I have the same sperm dribble problem, but I too masturbate like a teen age boy with his first porn movie, go figure.
    I understand how you feel.....the sense of insecurity and jealousy of having your wife pumped full of sperm by another man and having that moment of impregantion with his cock in her....yum....come on you are going to love it.
    Just enjoy every moment....take pictures if you can....I wish I had more pictures of other guys fucking my wife, particularly if she got pregnant from it.....those are the hottest moments you will ever have. It would be great if you could share some of the first try if you can, that sounds really hot.
    Please keep us up to date on this unltimate hot experience......hopefully you will have good news on Friday.......women have told me that they feel a little electric shock in their womb when they are impregnated.....we will give you love and reassurance if you need it....but I don't think you will.
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    Re: Impregnating my hotwife

    Tue, November 17, 2009 - 4:09 PM
    My wife has been pregmant twice accidentally due to having sex at parties while drunk. She was not on the pill but thought she was safe because both times were just a day or so after her period. Both times they were black guys with large cocks, one being nearly 12 inches.
    She said she felt him almost pressing his cock into the entrance to her womb. I am only around 7 inches so he had already been further inside my wife than I had ever been, the feeling of her having another guys cock bare inside her was very exciting, the fact he spurted his full load right up inside her made me feel hot for months, She had both pregnancies terminated as we simply don't want kids for a host of reasons. But the feeling of her being pregnant for a month or so with another mans sperm was very exciting.

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