The bride was 'cuckold bred' on her wedding day!

topic posted Sat, April 18, 2009 - 1:57 AM by  dev
Has this ever happened? Is there any bridegroom cuckold who watched his young & lovely ovulating bride being bred by her lover in the honeymoon suite, with the groom sat there watching?
Ofcourse the wedding was arranged at the time the bride was expected to ovulate, as both sets of parents wanted a grandchild as soon as possible. Little did they know that when the marriage vows were exchanged, & the bride said "I do", the Vicar saying, "I pronounce you man & wife. You may kiss the bride", that when they kissed, the husband tasted semen on his wife's tongue--her lover's semen!
And when the groom carries her to the honeymoon suite, there he is, her lover, tall & strong, the blond stud, lying naked on the marital bed, gently rubbing his MASSIVE erection, saying, "Come my beautiful bride; come, let me fuck you to pregnancy in front of your bridegroom". The lovely bride joins her stud friend on the bed, as the groom, humiliated is forced to sit by the bed & watch as the stud services his bride! Yes, just half hour previously, the bride had knelt in front of her lover, & sucked him off; but NOW, it was time to be bred by this blond giant!
SO SO many hot orgasms has the bride on her lover's cock, & then the young handsome stud announces his orgasm, 2Come you hot bitch, take my virile sperm into your fertile womb---have my baby!".
Has such a scenario ever happened? Anyone know? I'm sure it's not THAT far-fetched!
Let us know!
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    I am getting married on May 8th. We are looking for this exact scenario. So, yes, I believe that it can happen. At least, I hope it happens for me.:}
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      This is so beautiful! Hope it happens for you. Unfortunately, when Carol & I got wed, Stuart was away---otherwise---
      Just a few, maybe 'intrusive' questions:

      1 Will you openly masturbate in front of your bride & her lover, as he breeds her?
      2 Will guests at your wedding be allowed to enter the marital suite to witness the cuckold bridal pregnancy? And if so, will your parents-in-law be watching heir daughter being bred by her over? Would you like to watch your bride being ravished in the public gardens, so that ALL can witness your suskold status?
      3 Will you take photographs etc, so that in time your bride's children can admire their natural father?
      4 IF your bride's lover allows it, will you lick & kiss their love-union, thereby giving the cuckold pregnancy your blessing?

      Please respond1 Thanks1
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      Im sorry, my reply to your post had suggested that you were male, whereas obviously you are a cuckoldress! I should have checked it out. But that makes your post even more interesting--- to want to be bred on th happiest day of you life---bred not by your bridegroom, but by your lover, with your groom present, watching, & maybe even 'enjoying' himself?
      You could be on your side, one leg up in the air, with your lover behind you, with his virile cock pleasuring your fertile vagina, & so that your love union was clearly visible. Visible for your bridegroom to place his cuckold face there, kissing & licking your wonderful love union, thus giving your act of impregnation his approval & blessing. Maybe there ought to be someone else there too, maybe the sister of the groom, with video camera, for posterity, so that when your child is an adult, the video could be shown, so that your son or daughter could see their natural father, & could see the man they always called 'dad' licking & kissing their mother's pussy & her lover's penis! You'd like that wouldn't you? Is your husband looking forward to his wedding in May? I do hope you succeed being bred by your lover on your wedding day! Does your cuckold husband contribute to this forum?
      Once again my apologies for getting it wrong regarding your sex! But PLEASE DO tell us what happened on the 8th May! And all the best for that day! Thanks!
      Incidentally I think I'm unique on these pages---an Indian cuckold with a white wife who will almost certainly be impregnated by 'one of her own'---except my wife is brunette, her lover is blond n blue eyed! A blond stud!
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      Hi Khoryn. It's 8 weeks since your wedding. You were to be 'cuckold ravished' on your wedding day, in the hope that your lover would impregnate you on your wedding day. What happened? Are you now carrying a baby by your lover? Did your bridegroom watch you being bred? What was his reaction? Did anyone else witness you cuckolding your bridegroom? Was a video made---not just of your wedding ceremony, but of you receiving your lover's cock? Did you suck him off BEFORE the ceremony, so that when the Vicar said 'You may kiss the bride', your bridegroom could taste your lover's semen on your hot tongue? LOVELY!
      Pse don't keep us in suspense any longer---tell us ALL! Thanks!
  • Wish I could be the happy husband in this scenario. A black baby would be even better.
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      I suppose there is a natural'attraction' for the opposite; so you being white would like to be cuckolded by a black guy. Me being Indian would like the opposite---a BLOND stud! I know for sure there are many Indian cuckolds out there, but in all cases I know, they are an Indian couple (ie Indian wife also). My case is different in that my wife Carol is white, a brunette, & her lover is also white--- blond though!
      Do you think that you will fulfill your wish in seeing your bride being bred by her lover on your wedding day? It sure would be lovely!
      • I mentioned on another post that my fiancee at age 16 who was a virgin but was a beautiful redhead went out after I had failed to keep it up in my first attempt to enter her with my soft cock and fucked a strong young guy who was glad to cum in her twice when she wanted more. After popping her cherry for me and loading her with cum twice we found she was pregnant and I married her. I may have raised his baby, which is how it should be. Females of every type on earth instinctively do that kind of behavior. In an Elk herd the biggest strongest bull frightens all the other Elk off so they can watch him fuck and impregnate the female they wanted. That is the first law of nature. Men should let the biggest strongest smartest most aggressive man fuck their wives and impregnate them. That why you want to, because nature is telling you to. The only thing different is he dosn't have to do is rough you up and humiliate you in front of everyone before he puts his load in your wife. Do it and enjoy it if you can.

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