my wife excited about black breeding

topic posted Tue, June 14, 2011 - 10:54 AM by  FP
My wife has gotten very excited about being impregnated by a hung black man. She loves babies and children and is highly charged for experiencing sexual pleasure. She doesn't get it from me and would be happy to saddle me with the humiliation of raising a black man's offspring. Respond and we can exchange yahoo ID's to communicate further.

By the way... ANY man with the chance with her would not regret it... this lady is incredible

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    Re: my wife excited about black breeding

    Mon, June 20, 2011 - 11:51 AM
    i would also like to see my wife Kate raising a black bull's baby.
    • Re: my wife excited about black breeding

      Wed, June 29, 2011 - 1:48 AM
      RE: KATE-
      KATE is too pretty and hot to be bred by a black bull.She should be bred by a white bull who she loves and desires to be with.I wanted to breed Kate and your daughters and have one for a wife.I bet your daughters would want to be shared as Kate.
      You know how I feel about them!
      I adore Kate and the girls!
      This is Mike from the U.S.
      Please write me back when possible.
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    Wed, June 29, 2011 - 1:56 AM
    I am NOT racist or prejudice as some of my best friends in this world are black.
    I do believe black men should only breed black females to keep there race strong and pure.The number of black people in the U.S. has dropped because of interacial breeding and marriages.I find nothing wrong with it but do believe the black person will be stronger in the future with producing more pure black children.
    I am 100% Italian and have bred married females and did a Bridal cuckold and wish to breed again.I only breed white females.I have been asking by black females to breed them and don't agree with that concept.I hope all understands what I am saying.I am trying to promote each race in a stronger form.
    If any females wish to be bred I am more then willing to do this for them and would produce a beautiful baby.
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      Re: my wife excited about black breeding

      Wed, June 29, 2011 - 10:57 PM
      Not racist? But, you believe one "race" (whatever that means) or the other, should be kept "pure" (whatever that means). If that's not "racism" then what is? You are trying to promote each "race" in "stronger" form.

      And you are "100% Italian?" What does that mean? You're an Etruscan? If you are of Italian ancestry you're a mixture of Greek, Roman, Central European and Arab gene pools. That's what "100% Italian" means. The contributions these groups make to your personal gene pool is also heavily dependent on what part of Italy your ancestors are from. If your a Siciliani then you're more Arab than European. If you're from Trentino you're more Austrian than "Italian" and if you are from Friuli, you are likely more Southern Slav than "Italian."

      Your argument about strengthening races by keeping them "pure" has historical antecedents. It's called Nazism.

      As for strengthening "races" by keeping them, "pure" you'd be well advised to study some genetics before making a claim so contradictory to science. Just for a crude example, consider Dalmatian Dogs which were "strengthened" by keeping them pure. About a third of Dalmations are now mentally retarded and about one in twenty is now born blind because of the desire to keep them "pure." Similar experience is had with Chocolate Labrador Retrievers which are about one-third mentally impaired by inbreeding. Mennonites in America suffer a couple of inherited blood disorders as a result of the closed society within which they tend to marry and have children and they too, unfortunately, have an elevated rate of mental retardation. So, in fact, what you are advocating weakens the "races" you purport to promote.

      What is a "Black" person? Anybody darker than you? Are East and West Africans members of the same "race"? They don't look the same to any practiced eye. Are Ethopians and Nigerians members of the same "race?" Are Somalias and Zulu members of the same race? Is there a "pure" African whose family has lived in America since, say, 1863? Answer: No.

      Just a note: there were times and places in this country when Southern Italians were not considered white. So, how would contributing Arab genetic markers to the "white race" "strengthen" it.

      Perhaps you do not promote your racism in a -- directly -- harmful way, but it is nevertheless racism in an unadulterated form. It is also empty, because any competent geneticist will tell you that "race" is a scientifically and biologically obsolete term with little basis in science. Just like "100% Italian."
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        Sun, July 17, 2011 - 9:42 PM
        I didn't mean to come across as a racist which I am NOT! some of my best friends are black! I get along great with the black person and respect them very much.
        I just believe in today's society each race is stronger witin it's own.
        A pure black child or white child is stronger for his or her race.Simple! That is NOT being a racist.
        I believe the black person should have more children within it's own race as the white person should have more children with their own race also.
        I hope I make this clear! I am NOT a racist and do list myself as 100% Italian,I am not just seeking to get Italian girls pregnant!
        I do believe each race is stronger within it's own!
        Good Luck to all who wish to be bred by who ever they wish!
  • Re: my wife excited about black breeding

    Wed, August 3, 2011 - 4:14 PM
    When a wimpy cuckold husband is involved, they should have only 2 daughters, no sons. Who wants a son with the risk of perpetuating a wimpy line?

    After the 2 daughters are born, the wife should be gang banged by blacks while she watches her husband get castrated. How exciting would that be!
    • Re: my wife excited about black breeding

      Sun, September 4, 2011 - 10:22 AM
      I would love to be castrated by my wifes bull, we have three daughters who are 17,19, and 20 yrs of age. they all know about our lifestyle, and the eldest two have been bred by my wifes black bull. We are hoping to get our youngest kelly to let him take her cherry this weekend, and hopefully breed her aswell.
  • Re: my wife excited about black breeding

    Wed, July 4, 2012 - 12:24 PM
    So wonderful, to meet another married, white, cuckold couple, who live so close to us, and strongly believe in, interracial, cuckold pregnancies. We wish you both the best of luck, in having your white wife impregnated, by a Strong, Handsome, Muscular, Hung, Black Bull!!!

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