Cuckolded and now wife is pregnant

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Never did I ever think that I would find myself in this situation. I had discovered the term cucolding several years ago and was fascinated by the concept. I loved reading on the internet about people willing to share their wives while they stayed faitful. And when I stumbled apon someones wife getting pregnant from another man I was really interested. OMG, How could someone deal with that. I loved googleing that situation and reading about how some people actually wanted that to happen. How could that be, And how many of these stories are real? Surely the internet is FULL of trolls and Bullshiters. But were there really people out there that not only wanted this, But really had it happened?

Ok, So this is my current situation I have been married for just over 2 years, But with my wife on and off for over 10 years. Im 29 and she is 28. We own a house together but dont have any kids.

It starts like this. Over the past year my wife and I have been fighting an aweful lot. Over anything and everything, And it had been driving us apart. We had just bought a house in 2009 so I have been trying to hold on to our relationship and deal with the ever incresing fighting. My wife is Bi polar and sees a theripist bi-weekly and takes certin meds to stablize her mood swings. But what ever she was on kept her in a depresed state with no sex drive. And over the course of a year things went from bad to worse. She would come home from work and not have any energy to help with chores around the house or to spend time with me. Which would cause fights and more stress on our relationship. And over the summer she had develpoed a relationship with an older divorce man up at our camp. Which she would swear was just as friends, But In reallity she was seeking attention from another man as I wasnt giving her any due to all the fighting that we had be going through.

I had a terrabile childhood, Full of drama that I wont go into in this thread, But take my word for it. And as such never really wanted kids. We had discused this in the past but my wife always figured I would just change my mind. And over the summer she got some advise from several friends that if she wanted children that she should just stop taking the pill without telling me and suprise me when she got pregnant. And that I would change my mind once that baby was here. So In June she goes off of her birth control without telling me, And starts tracking her ovulation making sure to have sex with me when she was fertile. Well, One July night, She wakes me for sex, Which I find awesome as this NEVER happenes, But the next day I grow suspicious as to her motives and start trakcing her birthcontrol.

So, After 2 weeks of watching her birthcontrol, I get so upset that I confront her on it while up at our camp one Saturday afternoon. And ofcourse she is SHOCKED that I found out. And at first she tries to lie her way out of it, But im not buying that for a mimute and finally I get her to admit that she really wantes to get pregnant. I am so upset by this admission from her as our marraige had been extremly rocky and she knew I wanted a divorce, But was tryin to hold out because of the house we own together, Among other things. I freak out and tell her that she has betrayed me and that now im really filling for a divorce. I head home completly bullshit as I cant even look at her. She ends up staying at the camp for the next week.

As the week goes by we dont really talk, And as she is staying up the camp we dont really see eachother untill Thuresday night when we both play horseshoes in a leauge inwhich we are partners. The night goes by and we dont say much to eachother, And at the end of the night I head home thinking she has already left to head back to camp. Saturday night we had a wedding to goto and both went home that night. Sunday morning we finally have a nice long talk about how I felt betrayed about her lieing to me and she agress. We talk about everthing and I seem to be getting through to her. I ask her if she has has sex with the divoced guy from camp which she says no. I ask again and she again says no. Later on in the day she puts on lingerie and tries to get me to have sex with her. At first I try to resist and explaine that Im nervous about her getting pregnant. She trys to reasure me that she should have already ovulated and we should be fine. Again im hesitant, But I can not look at my wife all dressed up for me and not want to have sex with her. Plus Im excited that she might actually get pregnant, So we end up having sex.

As two weeks go by and she becomes late I start to get real nervous. And by the end of week 3 she takes a couple home pregnancy test which come up positive. I start to freak out again as I cant beleaive that we have sex one time with me knowing that there is a chance of her getting pregnant and sure enough she does. I am not handeling the news well when my wife blurts out " Well if it makes you feel any better theres a chance its not yours" . Ok, Now im really freaking out. I confront her on it and she tells me that thuresday night she went home with a guy from out leauge and they had sex. Now im really upset and crushed, I cant bealive that she not only would do this but that she could do this. I NEVER expected my wife to be the type to go out and do something like this. Trying to gauge the situation I ask her how many times they ended up doing it? To which she replies 3 times over the course of the night. All unprotected with him cumming inside her, And she never got up to goto the bathroom after as she was drunk and tired. WTF!!!!! How could you I ask? DIdnt you think that you could get pregnant? She replies that she wanset really thinking abou that at the moment, And just wanted sex. As a few days go by I find out that she also had sex with the guy from up camp on the night that I confronted her about not being on birth control and went home upset threating divorce. The entire time she is telling me this she is so emotionaly cold.

Now that shes pregnant she has to stop taking her meds, And with in a few days of stopping them, She comes out of her little manic eppisode and starts feeling EXTREMLY bad and sorry for what she has done. She starts acting like the woman that i fell in love with.We decided its best that she goe live with her parents while we figure things out. I go with her to go see a new therapist and she agress that my wife was a text book case of someone Bi Polar going Manic. Probaly triggered by me threating her with divorce about goin off birth control. And that when people go Manic they are not in control and often engage in self destructive behavour. She then asks us both if we want to work on the relationship. My wife wants to try to fix things, But im not so sure that I want to. I also went with her to the obgyn who put conception on about the 27th. She had sex on the night of the 25 with horseshoe guy and me on the 28. So it could be either of us, But odds are in his favor.

As the weeks have passed we started having sex again. In fact becuase she is pregnant she is EXTREMELY HORNEY. We have been having more sex in the past 2 months that the past 2 years. Its crazy. And some how Im turned on by that fact that my wife might be having another mans baby. The more I think about it the more it turns me on. As I had read about this in the past, I cant bealive that I actually find myself in this situation. We had discused in a fantasy manor in the past while having sex the idea of her having an extra lover. And she is really truned on by it. But it was always just fantasy. And never the fact of her getting pregnant. The idea is really hot, But im having a hard time dealing with this all in reality.

Im not really sure what I want at the moment. As it is now, She is 11 weeks pregnant and still staying at her parents who know the whole deal, But she spends the weekends here. This past monday we had blood taken to be sent away for DNA testing to determine who is the father. The results should be here in the next few days. If its mine I had planed on taking her back and doing whats right by our child. But if it was not I HAD planed on getting a divorce and moving on. She has said that she would get an abortion regardless if that was what I wanted, And that she really just wants me to take her back. But the option that I had refused to even consider is to accept her baby even if its not mine and raise it as my own. The later choice makes me shake with nervousness. Could I really live my life as a true cuckold husband and have my wife give bith to another mans baby. As I think about it now I get really excited by the idea, But in reality could I really do this. Should I just run with the idea and use it as a fetish, That im lucky to find myself in this situation. Do I even WANT to know if its not mine? What if I tell my wife that she is the only one who should know the truth and that I will take her back regardless, And that we just tell everyone that the test came back as mine. I guess I faild to mention that this whole manor has become a very public incident inwhich both sets of parents know along with pretty much all of our friends. People would figure it out as the child grows im sure, although the other man does somewhat look like me.

Please feel free to chime in, Im sure I can guess what I will get for responses on a page dedicated to this topic, But I had figured I had better share my story with you all.
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    Wed, November 9, 2011 - 3:25 AM
    Hi John,
    I was searching the net and just happened upon your story and then felt compelled to send you a note. I am a mother of 3 children, yes, all my husbands. I get it, meaning the fantasy attraction to the cuckhold thing. My husband & I talk about it in fantasy, but would never really follow through. I get the attraction. But please, I am telling you, the worst thing you could possibly do is stay w/ this woman. I don't care what her medical problems are, you will never have a remotely normal life w/ her. You absolutely cannot trust her. And the worst thing isn't worrying about her getting pregnant ( which you venhemantly were against anyway), she could be bringing horrible diseases home to you and ultimately kill you. W/o trust there is nothing. She knows how to lure you in w/ sex. I use sex to keep my husband close, no, not as a weapon, but to keep him satisfyed, keeps him close. Even if this baby is yours, you HAVE TO LEAVE!! You need to protect that baby and give it a normal life. I pray this child is not yours, so you can make a clean break. If not, you will understand the bond and need to protect this child from its evil mother. You had problems to begin w/ now these are horrible issues you cannot ignore. Trust me you deserve so much more, don't continue being shit on and being her doormat, Stop the sleep overs and stop all unnecessary contact. Get your life back and move on. Good luck and best wishes!! Please update us all on your situation. ( you even have strangers backing you up and routing for you)

    ps. I guess this story is especially close to my heart cause my dear cousin is going through the same thing, I wish I could help him and things are just getting continually worse. They are waiting for testing and the baby was born last month. His GF has cheated many, many times and been pregnant 2x by someone else... yeah, very Springer like, I know. But its as if he is a domestic case and been brain washed and no one can talk sense to him. Again, I wish you the best and strength and wisdom to get through. ;-)
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      Sun, November 20, 2011 - 5:36 PM
      I agree with you Amy 100%, you need to leave this woman now - find a woman who will love and respect you. If you continue down this road you will eventually become miserable beyond any extreme you can imagine at this point. You will be nothing to her and she will get off on degrading you, your children and worse. My wife and I have had fantasy of a threesome with a black man, but it has really gone sour now - it seems there is a darkness with this fantasy. it will devour who you are and you will suffer internally.

      Since my wife and I have researched this we have lost any attraction to the idea of a threesome with a black man, but my wife thinks I am "Special" she's always calling me her "Special" and I love her so deeply, she elevates me upon a cloud and makes me feel lik I am floating. I treat her like my Princess, because she is "My Special" too and there is nothing more precious in this world than a kiss from a woman who sees everything in you - I would never throw this away.

      Suppose now I am trying to help others, for awhile there I had become a little obsessed with the idea and do you know why - I felt like I wasn't enough and that she deserved more and you know what, one day her and I talked about this and I told her how I felt and do you know what she told me. She looked deeply into my eyes and told me "you are my Special and make me feel Special too"! I relaized then why I was obsessed and all of a sudden I didn't need it anymore, I felt like a burden had been lifted off my shoulders and was blessed to have such a wonderful, passionate, intelligent woman who says that I am "Special" When you feel that, you won't do anything to poison it.
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    Sat, November 12, 2011 - 3:02 AM
    Well the dna test results are back and she is in fact pregnant with another mans baby. Not really sure where things will go from here but just figured I would post the results.

    Thank you amy for your concern, I am looking at all options, Including leaving her. I know how my story makes her come off, But she isnt normaly the cheating type. This whole situation is crazy.
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      Sun, November 20, 2011 - 7:28 AM
      That was really interesting to read. I am also a mother of three children but all of my children are not my husband but unlike your situation it's a choice we made together to move forward with. Can a cuckold relationship/pregnancy work? The answer is yes but you both have to be decided to go down that path. I firmly people it's a lifestyle with choice that have to be made and though out beforehand, not something that you just fall into. There has to be trust, could you make your marriage work with your wife? the answer is you probably could but you really have to willing to accept that she cheated, that she is having another man's baby ,and accept her. I don't really think that your wife intend to have a cuckold pregnancy and although it's a turns you on you have to really think whether you will accept this as a one time thing or whether you see this as the beginning on a new cuckold lifestyle for the both of you. You really just have to sit down and think about yourself first and determine what you can live with and live without and then make a decision and follow thru.

      best of luck
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        Sun, November 20, 2011 - 5:47 PM
        No offense Carl, but not every white man can be a cuck. From what I can tell by the tone of your letter is that you are miserable, I doubt you could sit in the corner for the rest of your life jerking off while your wife is bred over and over again by black men, I mean what will she do to you next? Make you wear a chasity cuck belt thingy - whatever they are. Ask yourself this, are you ready to never have sex again? Are you ready to be humiliated by black men for the rest of your life? You ready to hear, "hey sissy boy gonna breed your wife whom you haven't had sex with since the day I owned her"!! You ready for that?

        I can't imagine never having sex again myself and any woman / wife who would do that to her husband doesn't love him and all she wants is to humiliate him and force him to raise her black mens babies. I have done a bit of research and it seems it gets darker, worse as time goes on - you gonna wear panties and stand in the corner if her black men tell you to? or maybe be an evening and a friend or family member is visiting and her black bull shows up, walks into the living room and says to your wife "bithc bedroom now I am gonna fuck my propety now"!!! You ready for that? Cause personally if a man walked into my home and treated my family like that, he'd better be able to run faster than a 45 magnum!!!
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          Sun, November 20, 2011 - 6:13 PM
          John my advice to you is this get the best damn lawyer, divorce her and move on. Your not a cuck I can tell, it's one thing to have a fantasy but to make it a reality? I don't think your the cuck type and if you allow this it will get worse, you will become filled with bitterness. Don't you want to have your own children? My first wife cheated on me and at first I was tunred on, but then she became addicted and one night I wanted to have wild passionate sex and do you know what she told me - she said, "you had sex last night, this isn't gonna be an every day thing you know" ! Wow the reality of it hit me like a ton of bricks, I realized right then and there that it was over between her and I. I went that week and got the best damn lawyer in town, she had been so open about being a slut that it was so easy for me to take everything. I took the house and our children and yes they are my boys and I got sole custody with supervised visitations for her - mainly because i will not allow her to teach them they are nothing but cucks, if she eve did that I would revoke her rights to ever see our boys again!!!! Trust me there's nothingg but heartache and suffering for guys liek you and me in the cuck world, because we arent truly cucks - we are MEN!!!!
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    Wed, November 23, 2011 - 4:50 AM
    Thanks again everyone for all the advise, Its really welcomed. So heres a quick update. She is still at her mothers and plans on getting an abortion the end of next week. She said she doesnt want to have another mans baby, As it will always be a reminder of what she did and lost. I told her Im still leaning tward getting a divorce regardless of what she does.

    I havent told her this but, I do kind of feel bad that she is getting an abortion. I have always been a pro choice person, But somehow this feels kinda aweful. Maybe because she is this far along, Or that like a moron I still care for her I dont know. Also I was kinda looking forward to knowing that if she keeps the baby and we get a divorce she would be POUNDING the real father for child suport for the next 18 years. Thats one expensive one night stand.
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      Wed, November 23, 2011 - 6:36 AM
      I agree with you about the abortion. I would feel the same way. But look at it this way. If she has it make sure you get a paternity test. If you don't you could end being the one paying child support. It is her fault for doing this behind your back. This lifestyle is only for those couples going in with both eyes wide open and on the same page. A lot of the time some couples back out after the first time because they can't handle it.

      One of the couples I was with wanted me to give her a baby because her husband was sterile. Since he agreed, we had documents drawn up to say I was a surrogate father and he was listed as the father on the birth certificate.
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    Wed, January 29, 2014 - 10:29 PM
    Does anyone find it unusual that many of the responders to this story are wives who have babies only by their husbands. Do you wonder why they are so interested in reading stories about wives who cuckold their husbands and then have babies with their bulls? My wife has three sons by three different bulls. The boys are all very handsome and smart and she still has several bulls servicing her on a regular basis. She fucks these bulls in front of me and makes me fluff them to hardness and very frequently makes me suck them off until they feed me their creamy meal. I couldn't be happier with this situation. I have a little boy's pee pee and she deserves a real large man's pee pee to shoot baby scum into her belly. These bulls make her so happy that I am beside myself while they are fucking her. She groans and moans so loudky while being humped that is one of the most beautiful acts that I have ever witnessed. I am so proud to be able to please her even though I don't have the right equipment to do so. Keeping her happy and with a swollen belly is more important to me than anything else. Now that's what makes a great marriage work so well!!!!.