Birth Control Methods for us wives cuckolding a Husband

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Remember-Sperm stay alive up to 7 days inside the vagina and uterus.
  • I recall my wife Ann preparing for her first date! The prospective Bull had a high heel, nylon stocking and suspender fetish, and had me accompany Ann when she shopped for the apparel she would be wearing on that chastity threatening date! Imagine how I felt watching my wife select the intimate garments that would cause the Bull to gain the throbbing cuckolding erection!!! We did decided on contraception for the first date, and I had the embarrassing task of making the appointment at a family planning doctor who knew I had too low a sperm count to make Ann pregnant! The Bull wanted a diaphragm using, as the chances of a pregnancy are higher, owing to the seal on the cervicx not remaining intact during intercourse etc.
    • Yes, this is quite true. I was enjoying bareback sex with a woman who was using a diaphragm for bc. One time, we must have been a little too vigorous, pushing it out of position, as she became pregnant. No matter, I continued to enjoy fucking her swelling belly until four hours before she gave birth, six days early! (oops, we must have been a little too vigorous!) The fucking must have loosened her up nicely as it was an easy, uncomplicated birth. So, yes, if you wish to bareback fuck & hope for little surprises, definitely use a diaphragm! :-)
  • My wife and I have one son. Soon after his birth, she insisted that we both be sterilized. She wanted it for herself so there were no issues from having sex with other men and having them cum in her without protection and she felt that I should be sterilized as well simply to show our compatibility. She didn't allow me to have sex with her anyway but a vasectomy seemed pretty harmless to make her happy. A number of years later, she wanted me neutered by having testicles removed
  • I'm a gay man but would gladly marry a lady and look after her. I'd fully expect her to take a lover and allow them to become pregnant, I'd happily work and pay for all and any children they wanted. I'd like to be sleeping in another room and hear them making another child... in fact I'd be doing all I could do encourage them!
  • This may be an unpopular opinion in this group, but if the lady wants all the pleasures of sex but no responsibilities of a pregnancy then i would fully support that decision. Cuck her hubby all she wants but if she doesn't want be it. She is the boss of her own body after all.