How do you feel after releasing your sperm inside a woman?

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For you men out there who have gotten women pregnant, how does it feel after you have released your sperm inside of the woman, knowing that she is probably going to get pregnant? Is there any regrets or apprehensions about it, especially if the woman is the wife of another person?
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  • it is a major rush!
    Knowing she is another mans wife yet he submissively allows her to open her most sacred treasures and let me into her, and i do it often, several times a week.knowing her love and body are mine as i wish... it is a most empowering feeling. and when she submits to my requests for unusual sexual activities, it is magnifying every part of my enjoyment in the relationship we have. she also doesn't want me to be covered, but requires i go bareback. i like her demanding that, but also, there have been a few times she begged me not to cum inside so i stood and shot it into her face... she was so surprised and laughed cause it was all in her hair and i had taken her from her office at the time so she had to hurry back...smelling like my cum... of course i went to work with her pussy smell on my face too..fair play i guess. but other times i let it fly right inside without asking, but always i think about it when it is approaching the moment of orgasm, how the millions of sperms will be fighting to impregnate her.... i imagine it nearly every time, the awesome power of the act of sexual procreation, and i am also honored that my lover has a husband who finds pleasure in the fact that she and I are purely in love and mate more often than he does with her... it is coming onto 4 years now.... and it never gets boring or monotonous.

    and bye the way, thanks for the contibutions to this group. ROCK ON!!!
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      Have you gotten her pregnant, or anyone else as the bull?
      • when she had a tubal ligation almost 3 years ago, it was about 7 months later she bacame pregnant.. there was panic at first but we 3 sat and talked he said he will accept and raise the child as his own. whoever was the father... well what he didnt know is nearly 4 days a week for the 3 weeks prior i was pumping my sperm into her, he had her 1 time during the same period which was a day when he watched us make love... i was relieved he accepted it, she and i agreed it was mine, we did the pregnancy test together and i watched it turn positive.... but the depressing part was it was a tubal pregnancy....that was so sad....we could have had a baby together that was the worst thing we could have experienced. but since then she has never had a pregnancy again i am more careful though after the first 2 weeks after her menstruation, cause i dont want her to experience that kind of pain again. it is all about her! and as for any other, it hasn't happened, i am her exclusive extra man, her husband seems happy with the arrangement cause he knows i wont try and steal her away, if i was single i would try like hell to get her for keeps, but we are both married. it is strange being married yet feeling like i have a soul mate that is also in my life but isn't my wife. yet in our hearts.... if a person felt this they know it how powerful these feelings are...
  • I wanted every married woman I put my sperm into to become pregnant. Most were on some kind of birth control when I was fucking them but I still was hoping they would somehow make the most of my semen.
    I have had two women contact me in the last two months who I used to fuck but have not seen for some time. As a cuckold myself, I thrill at cuckolding other men. If I find that either or both of them are married, I will gladly fuck them both and send home some hot loads of cum for their unsuspecting hubby's little cocks to slide around in. If they get pregnant, better yet.
    • each time ive made a woman pregnant ive known /// intuition dont know !!! possibly its a reaction sub contious the female gives /// even maybe a sense of smell we have now lost /// 3 kids i have concieved i still remember the exact moment //// how many have i made pregnant dont know exactly but more than 20 the three ive mentioned the first was a holiday romance and the other two within marraige so i sired 3 kids all MALE from those 3 !!! some i had holiday romances others on my learning curve from teenager to adulthood would i do it again yes all over again //////// but i would like to point out there is a phycological price to pay !!! to have created fellow human beings and haveing no contact with them in your life does leave a scar which never leaves you !!!! of the 17 how many concieved no idea but a figure of 5 is in my mind GORDON !!!!
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    pumping my cum inside another man's wife/girfriend has to be the greatest feeling. I have been fortunate to have been able to breed 25 women, 1 being my girlfriend, and 3 being her daughters. The other's have been wives, girlfriends, and daughters of neighbors, and friends of those that I have knocked up. I have a steady flow of women at my home that my girlfriend preps for me to breed on a daily basis. I feel that my being able to breed these women is my duty to the human race since I have enough sperm and my dick is large enough to get my cum through the opening in their cervix to enable the swimmers to do their job. To be able to see bellies swell and know that I planted the seed to swell them up is absolutely great, and I hope that I can continue breeding these women for more children, and that other men bring their wives and daughters to be bred. My girlfriend had her first baby at 15, and I have had the pleasure of knocking her up again after she had 3 daughters, all 3 which she had me breed, and is considering being bred again, but has been busy with her milk. So for any man to feel shame for pumping sperm inside a woman, think how a woman feels to not be knocked up and wanting to be, keep them HAPPY!!
    • my wife says she loves it when her bull releases his sperm in her knowing theres a good chance shes going
      to fall preg to him, and her bull says he loves releasing his sperm in her knowing hes making me a father soon,
      and i accept the outcome soon
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        I take good care of my girl and let her have anything she wants. Not to long ago, I sort of indiscreetly mediated between my girl and a black friend. I paid for all his drinks and invited him over to sleep on the couch. After I left for work, my girl promised to tape the scene. My friend the black bull was very hesitent to screw my girl and I left a confession just incase that I agreed to it, but I prefer for him not to know yet. But finaly she got into his pants and she loved it. They made it last long and he thought it would be the only and last time so he really wanted to enjoy this one. She later told me that his penus really filled her and it was an indescribable feeling of extacy. By the footage, I must agree, He is a stud and I am not. The next step will be to invite him again and for her to go to him while he is sleeping on the couch.
    • POWERFUL!!! is the best word I can think of to describe making a strange/married woman is the way life is intended.I have been breeding women at will for over 8 yrs now.I lost count.I have no paternal attachment to my seed so I don't care to be a daddy.once I plant my seed into a woman knowing full well she can become pregnant that on her/and her man.most of the women/couple in my area I remain friends with and I see the babies I planted.some of the women I have bred more than once.its is a very powerful feeling to release my seed deep inside their fertile a true bull I need to breed them as much as they want me to breed them.OMG sitting in a restaurant with her and her husband/boyfriend and see her belly all swollen and we all knowing that is my seed is fucking WONDERFUL.he happy knowing I knock up his girl.she happy being black pregnant.I am happy cause I made her pregnant.
    • I been breeding since 2008.I have DNA on 13 kids by 9 different women(all white,some married).if you count the one night stands and the swingers clubs I am certain that number far exceeds 13.I have no shame or guilt.I have no paternal attachment to my seed.I know that my seed is potent and a lot women want it.I feel it is a privilege to be allowed inside a womans fertile unprotected pussy.her pussy is precious and valuable to me cause it is the portal thru which my seed to lives.not many things on this earth feel better than releasing my seed into a woman knowing she aint on birth control and she is fertile.I will NEVER stop.nature intended for me to pump seed into women.nature intended for women to receive a mans be it.breeding is the natural thing to do.
      • Kurt, I wish we could chat! I love your attitude and purpose in life to go and spread your potent seed into the women of the world. I wou.ld like vet to hear your stories and encourage you. I think all women should carry as much of your seed as you can breed, successfully.
  • its one of the best things in life to feel my seed pumping into a fertile unprotected pussy.I been breeding for over eight years.I have impregnated many married/dating women.bareback fucking without birth control is the natural way,the way fucking was meant to be.true bulls have no paternal attachment to their seed.there is no judgment.I am still fucking some of the married/single women in my area that I made pregnant.I even see the kids.I love knowing that child came from my seed but I have no attachment to the child.that being understood and accepted I love breeding women repeatedly with no strings attached.
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      Do any of the kids know that you are the father, my wife had our first child by a friend of ours, (at the time I did not know they were having sex but found out much later). He is still a friend and we see him every few weeks he knows the child is his and I am wanting to tell the child that he is the father too but my wife is worried it might cause problems. Our 2nd child is mine and for the 3rd child she was doing so many different men that she picked up to have sex with and get pregnant we do not know the father is.
      do you want your children to know you are the breeder or not ??
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    I love it when guy is jackin in my wife fast and furious, and then he gets his nut and releases deep in my wife knowing he is enjoying it and that he loves the feeling of anothers wife getting his semen and that it hubbys problem if he knocks her up, I love it.
    • see my husband is a breeding bull.I have helped him impregnate lots of women.too many to count.and you is their problem when he makes her pregnant.they know its all good.
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        after all fuckin is for breeding as well as having fun, you are good wife to help your husband knock up other women .
        • I am just doing what I should be doing.I love my husband with all my heart.I realize he needs to cum inside a pussy as much as I need a dick to cum inside me.fucking is a life pleasure and the ultimate end is getting pregnant.thats the way it is.thats what fucking is.any woman that will let a man go inside her bareback knowing she is not on any form of bc should anticipate getting pregnant.that is not the mans fault.he suppose to cum inside a pussy.
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            It is so hot, as we talk the first time I meet a gal and we go out to eat or a movie. We get back to her place to drop her off and she ask if I want to come in for a second. She told me earlier in the night that she hasn't dated for a long time. She flips on the TV as we walk in and she puts her coat away and I come up behind her and brush her hair to the side and kiss her on the neck. We end up sitting on the couch with just the glow of the TV. I undo her blouse and kiss her breast, she slides down on the couch more. We snuggle and kiss and play some more. She kicks her shoes off, I lay beside her on the couch. We smooch more. I reach under band on her shorts and panties to slide them off. It seemed like eternity, but she raises up so I can slide her shorts and panties and drop them on the floor. We kiss and lick some more. I reach down and unzip my pants. It sounds like a bomb going off. Was that going to stop everything. After what seemed forever, I slide my pants down. I can feel her wanting to move her leg. She is allowing me between her legs. By now, I have a baseball bat that is hard and throbbing. Do you have a condom, I am probably fertile. No I tell her. She spreads her legs and I slide up on her and stop as I am about to enter her. She takes her legs and slowly pulls me in her and I slide in. As I start sliding in and out, she is panting. Almost as a forgotten thought, she ask if I will pull out and not cum in her. As I slide up, I whisper in her ear, no. I waited for a couple of strokes, and I whispered, I want to cum in you and you orgasm and suck all my cum up inside you. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me tight. About that time, I stopped, holding her hips tight and starting flooding her with my seed. We rested a while and repeated 3 more times that night. For the next 3 days, I flooded her 7 more times, hoping I could knock her up. Her being fertile and telling me so and trying to knock her up was the best.!
  • Most of the offspring I have produced do not know I am their father. I had a friend whose balls were damaged beyond repair when playing football. They discovered after he was married that the damage to his balls meant that he was sterile. I fathered 2 kids for them but then distanced myself so they could bring up the kids as their own and did not have a reminder about all this every time they saw me. Fortunately the husband and I have similar physical features so the kids should never suspect that they were not related to him.

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