I've been offered the chance to impregnate another's wife

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Greetings all. I'm new to the tribe and happy to have discovered it.

A little background: I've been a bull off and on for the last 10 years or so and I really enjoy it. I've been in just about every scenario a bull can be in with a couple. I'm 32, never been married, 6'2", athletic, well-hung, college-educated. Of course I enjoy relationships with single women too, but there's something extra-hot about fucking another man's wife. Not that I have to tell any of you that!

But this latest situation is a new one for me. Her husband is now sterile and on his second marriage, but she very much wants two children of her own. After much encouragement from her husband, she's played with a few other guys, but she's finally ready to get pregnant AND have a steady relationship with a bull. Enter me. I've never gotten a woman pregnant before (that I know of) and of course until now I'd always been avoiding it. It's definitely a turn-on, the idea of her raising my baby with him, and I'm eager to continue fucking her during her pregnancy. It's not a matter of me humiliating him directly, but I'm younger, more virile and more endowed than him, so there is definitely a pecking order in her mind.

I'm interested in hearing some thoughts on the pros and cons of doing this. Although I trust their sincerity, a small part of me wonders about the legal ramifications if they split up later or something like that. If anyone knows of cuckold pregnancies gone wrong, I'm interested in hearing those too. Thanks to everyone in advance!

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  • I am no lawyer so don't take this as legal advise, but it is my understanding that generally when a child is born to a married couple the child is legally automatically considered the child of the two married people regardless of the biological father.

    The husband and wife have a right to challenge the paternity of a child for a certain length of time through a DNA paternity test. This test can be court ordered on anyone the court thinks might be the biological father. The husband only has something like two years to challenge this, then the child is permanantly consider his legal child.

    A legal contract could be written up to protect the bull in this type of situation. Consult a lawyer.

    My understanding of the law is based on the laws in Oregon and it may be different in other states in some ways.

    Also, in Oregon, one can call the State Bar of Oregon and ask for a "referal." They will give a name of a lawyer for whatever topic requested and then you can get a half hour visit with a lawyer for $35. This type of service might be available in other states and would be one way to get some cheap legal advise.
    • In California, it's assumed that the husband of a married woman is the father unless and until she says otherwise. At least in this state, it's not a matter of time running out on someone's right to challenge, but there is a matter of who the child believes his/her father is. At some point, if he's raised a child long enough, he's for all intents and purposes the kid's father.

      What would worry me (and it seems unlikely) is that in the event that they divorced or he died, she could name me as the child's father. And legally, a paternity test would prove I was. Like I said, that seems unlikely, but 18 years is a long time to be liable and for things to change.

      As for sperm donors, my understanding is that here it has to be anonymous and through a doctor for the donor to be totally free and clear. Maybe there are ways around it, and I wondered if anyone had heard of that. I imagine that most of the cucks here have their names on the birth certificate, which is what would happen here too.

      It's a small concern for me, but the turn-on greatly outweighs it! Honestly, I can't wait to get her pregnant. I'd love to hear from wives, bulls, and cucks about their experiences with it.

  • Luckily for us, the fathers of my children have not wanted to have any legal responsibility. It was agreed that they would have no legal responsibilities in the beginning. And my husband has been a great dad. So, esssentially, it can and does work. My husband's name is on my children's birth certificates. Therefore, he is the legal father with all the responsibilities.

    • Unfortunately, the couple seems to have chickened out, as I haven't heard from them again. Pretty disappointing. :(
      • So you are disappointed, huh? In the grand scale of things...was it that important for you to have the opportunity to impregnate another mans wife ...and to bring a child of yours into this world...knowing that you will never be its father?

        Is it because you feel that this unique arrangement....really absolves you from the guilt of taking any responsibility for the raising of a child of yours?

        Or maybe it is because you anticipate the sex to be such a powerful experience in this particular instance....that everything else is secondary? After all....even if it is your is likely going to be raised in a good home. Much like being a sperm donor.....except you get to pick the mother....and can even pre-negotiate visitation rights.

        I can see why this is very disappointing to you.
        • Overreact much?

          I'm disappointed that they broke off contact with no explanation, after giving every indication that they wanted to. A few months ago I hadn't expected such a scenario to fall in my lap. Now it isn't again. I'll survive. I'm disappointed that someone who seemed interested in sharing one of the most amazing things that could be shared now doesn't trust me to explain what's changed. Life goes on.
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            It's probably best then. Fathering a child is not something to be taken lightly. As it's been stated, things change and crap happens. Worse case scenario: Wife gets impregnated and dies giving birth. Cuckold husband does not want anything to do with the child and names you as the father. I gather you are not ready to raise a child and the last thing anybody wants is another unwanted child in this world. Fantasy is great, but pregnancy should not be included in the fantasy unless you are ready take responsibility for it yourself. In some cases it might work out as you expect and for some fantasies that do not work out you might be left with hurt feelings or even divorce. An unwanted child should not be the price for unfulfilled sexual fantasy, at least in my opinion.
  • You sound like what we need. I want to get pregnant by another man who is not my husband. My husband wants this too. More info if you like. Cherie
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      I have impregnanted and had a child with a wife of a married couple. The wife wanted a child because her husband had a vasectomy.
      It was the greatest sexual experience of my life to this day. Terry, still emails pictures of her and her family. We communicate on the phone and IM. I only wish I could have given her more children. She was 41 at the time in 2005 when she gave birth.

      I am sorry the couple that offered backed out but if they were not 100% sure its for the best. If you do get another chance JUMP AT IT.
  • BRO!~ i have done this 4 times so far for a few couples in CALI and it has been a wonderful and fun and my brother both have fucked a wife and were not sure who is the dad but it was FUN for both her the husband and for us.....the baby is healthy and they love the kid...! if given the chance again go for it...hopefully the couple dosnt flake...
    • we did this.

      Mon, August 8, 2011 - 7:33 AM
      I’m the one on the other side of that coin. I am the one who had the vasectomy. It was the best decision as the wife couldn’t carry to term, we like bareback sex, and it was the least invasive…that and I wouldn’t have to worry about knocking up some other women.
      Anyway, since then the docs found out what was wrong and cleared her to be able to carry to term now. We both wanted a 2nd child so after a few months of both of us coming up with questions and the two of us working the answers out together we finally came up with a plan that we both were ok with.
      We decided that one of her two friends she was fucking every once in a while would be the one that would get her preg. Seeing as he moved 7 hours away, she spend a weekend at a time with him giving him the excuse that she told me she was staying with her other female friend and I believed her.
      She is now 3 months along and we couldn’t be happier. NOT because we live the cuck lifestyle, though that helps, but because we both wanted another child and this worked. She doesn’t want him part of the child’s life and we won’t go after him for child support.
      As for a bull planning and knowingly planning on knocking up some wife, put a contract on paper. It can be something simple as that you are providing a free donation service and that they, both the wife AND husband are releasing you of all responsibilities and obligations associated to any and all child support. Likewise have included that you will not make any attempts to be part of the child’s life in any part way or form. (kind of like your offering your sperm up for adoption.)
      That won’t work in every state if compared to the law as written in black an white, but explaining it to a judge and having the document in hand possibly with photos showing both of them and you signing the document will sway and judge into agreeing with you and releasing you of any obligation should they have changed their mind in the future. It is a contract.
  • I just noted, elsewhere on this page, that I was recently engaged to do just this by a lesbian in a coupled relationship who wanted a baby but not a husband. It took place in Illinois, and she had arranged papers which her lawyer had prepared (and mine checked, you may be sure), absolving me of any rights OR obligations following confirmnation of pregnancy. I won't say it was the most thrilling sex I've ever had, but we mated repeatedly over a weekend (while her partner watched, BTW - it was/is to be "their baby", and both wanted to be part of it). Don't yet know if "the rabbit died"...Might have to try again!
  • while it can offer great sexual satisfaction it has slight risks eg later if dna or health issues arise? would you want an offspring ringing doorbell? if not unduly worried.. then many happy couples already enjoy rasing another mans child . teh main difference would be in knowingly doing so. if we look at western part of world for example it is common knowledge that almost one in ten ( blood types not possible etc) married couple have a child by another man..mainly it si thought without a husband being aware.
    surely then ligically it must be better to have a knowing couple raise a child so no risk of divorce ..unhappy home etc.
    so in effect we can argue by impregnating a willing couples wife we are in fact allowing best interests of that child to be catered for long term. we also get satisfaction as does the wife of delight in pregnacy teh hubby really does not matter.
  • Gray and All,

    INTERESTING SUBJECT, 30 percent of American, British and Italian babies are secretly illegitimate. American Association of Blood Banks found that 29 percent of 340,798 men tested were not the fathers, as claimed by the mothers.”

    My wife and I have found that it is sometimes a love-hate relationship when one wants to get pregnant. My wife has a daughter from her 1st husband, so we know she can conceive. I got one girlfriend pregnant, but it was a long time ago, now I am probably not able. My wife and I have discussed having a baby on several occasions...with the help of another man if needed. She has had numerous boyfriends. Her feeling (or BF) on the matter were conveyed to me in emails to me while away. As you can see, there can be some confusion in the matter of having another mans baby from time to time:

    MARK - (from wife) Every time he in and out made me jump up and happy to cry. He couldn’t stop himself, his milk shoot in me. I’m very nervous because at first I don’t want have baby that’s his, but he said he wants I would have his baby, oh, my god, he's suddenly hard again. Wol, he's very pink with some milk, I can’t stop even if I'm scared he give me a baby. Then I thought about how you can’t make a baby with me and how much we want a baby...I decide that I really want to give you a baby. I lay down on your desk to f*ck and he can do me very good.
    ANTHONY - (from wife) He said good.......and can’t stop in and out, raise his speed but soon his milk into me, men, I’m so nervous his milk in me, if I have my boyfriend Anthony’s baby how I do? I have to marry him, or I stay with you?
    I don’t like milk in. I told him, he say sorry and he said if I have baby he will help feed the baby …men! Then I lay against him to watch TV and relax together. Soon, we made love again and he give me milk again. I decide if I have a baby I will still stay with you my husband. He does not want to marry me.
    WAYNE - (from wife) Wayne is so cute when he first put inside me…he say like you and Mark that I am so tight…that I am the tightest he ever got. After his milk come out he is happy but he has to go home very fast to take care of his children as his wife is at work now. I like Wayne and I think he is a nice guy. Good to be a father.
    BUT NO MAKIN BABIES!! She is always the best! Only girl i know that could get me to fill her with a TON of Cream... OW! Yeah, I love her, can u tell. Till this very day, have never met anyone like her, that’s for sure!! Your wife is definitely ALL WOMAN!
    PAUL - (from wife) I am very excited to meet Paul on my adventure tomorrow. I hope he is a nice guy and likes to enjoy
    our shared love. He is very strong and would make a good father for our child. I recognize I am very lucky to be your wife and we can share our love with others. I should relax to catch fun I tell myself, I love the big c*ck for Paul also, lol, I know you encourage me to enjoy time with him :-)
    BILL - (from husband) When Bill showed us the photos of his cute children, I knew he was the one to help us have a cute child also. Later, after dinner, As our guest, I gave Bill the honors of entering you first honey. It was a real pleasure for me to watch him sink into your tight Asian p*ssy. I knew you were a little nervous at this first adventure, so I held your hand and looked lovingly into you glassy eyes as our new friend Bill slid in and out of you. Unfortunately, after he did you only once for about 5 minutes and came out his milk to you, he wanted to go to sleep. I gave him a look and a little side talk about how I was nice to let him to be with my wife, so at least he could do was to f*ck her real, real, good. After I finished my turn (to push his sperm deeper into you), he entered you again to deposit his sperm into you again.

    So as you can see, it is tricky. In the end, I wish that my dear wife had gotten pregnant from one of her boyfriends. I like a bigger family. We would always pick a man who was intelligent, healthy, likable, etc. We could live with a man who was not involved, or who was involved as sort of an "Uncle" to our child.

    Think carefully and do what is best for your family. Don't be shy about having another man's baby. As the statistics on the top show, you are one of about 30% of people. If you have a baby of a compatible race, no one will ever know. As for Gray, you are providing a good service to some struggling families out there. Of course, as you said, "there's something extra-hot about fucking another man's wife. Not that I have to tell any of you that!"

    Good luck to you all.
    Lucky & Lily
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    If they're in complete agreement and if you have a healthy family background - and particularly if you're smart - I see nothing wrong with passing on that gene.

    However, I think having any contact with them after the wife is impregnated is a terrible idea for all concerned. Just my opinion, and I'm no expert. I have never understood why some people are against designer babies if the couple want a gifted, good looking child. But, on the other hand, I have never understood those parents who look down on their children as if they believe their children may not match up to others either.
  • My husband and I have used bulls to become pregnant, we have many children that we are happily raising together. If you want to seriously consider this type of situation I would definitely consult an attorney. The law varies state to state, in the state we live in the husband is the only man considered to the father regardless of biology but that isn't the case in all states.

    Cuckold pregnancy was the best thing we have ever done but we did our research to safe guard ourselves, to ensure that our children, were ours and that the bull had no legal stand.