Another Breeding Daughter

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Forgive me, my English is not perfect.

I have been a bull on and off for a family for about ten years. The husband and the wife (white) are heavily into the cuckold lifestyle (they told me about this website) and I just like the sex, the humiliation, and the control I often have of the family. It's almost a game me for. The cuckolding husband is very humiliated and submissive when I am around. They have three keds, all by black fathers. (I don't know them, they seem are gone.)

The cuckold father has drafted a contract that he will immediately adopt the child and assume all responsibility and relieve me of it alt.

There oldest daughter who will turn 19 in a few weeks. She is a beautiful, brown, athlete young lady who has above average marks in school. Unlike the other breeding daughter thread, in this case the mother WANTS me to breed her daughter. The daughter sauys she wants a now but doesn't like the other keds her age, doesn't want to get married, and is ready to be bred by me. (she certainly knows all about the lifestyle) We have talked and she says she is ready to go with me, but I convinced not sure. I want to breed this girl much. The more tries it takes, the better I like! She says she will raise the kid wathever her parents decide to do.

Advice? Ideas? Suggestions?
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    Next week my 16 year daughter will have sex with her mother's bull as a present for her birthday. They will use a condom as it is early to discuss about breeding. But in the future who knows?
    So I'm also interested about any ideas or suggestions.
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      What's been said, seems like a 16 year old daughter will most likely be using some birth control types.
      So a school chum does not accidentally get her pregnant, maybe? Your wife's bull whose already a trusted sexual partner health-wise
      ( ie: STDs). He'd not need using a condom when he's fucking, making love with your daughter, right?

  • Oliver, i guess congratulations are in order. As long as you have discussed it with the daughter and she is old enough to understand what she is getting into and her responsibilities and she is doing it of her own free will, go for it. Hope you have a long and fulfilling relationship.

    Now, having sex with a 16 yo is another matter. I dont care if her parents give consent, she is too young, in my opinion, to fully understand what she is getting into. At 16 she should be experiencing life as a teenager and not being given as a prize to her mothers bull.

    Just my two cents.
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      Well, I decided not to do it. VERY hard decision because, as you Americains say, I want to "really let her have it" but I just think it smart not.

      I have not tell either daughter or mother about yet this decision, but I will in the next days.
  • I love the idea of a Mom and Daughter or Daughters being bred by the same man as I would LOVE to Breed a Mother and Daughter Couple or a Mom and more then one daughter.
    They should be 18+ first! I think a girl that young is not good to breed.
    Is she a virgin? Was her father black bred?
    I think she should wait until she is 18 to have a baby.
    I would love again to breed a Mom and Daughter Couple but the Daughter MUST be 18+!
    • why tell just go over one day pic that daughter up bring her to her parents bed and let it flow,give it to her as rough or as soft as you want.
      • My wife's Bull pics up our daughter from school and brings her home from school, fills her full then leaves before we get home from work. MY wife loves sharing her Bull with our daughter. THe daughter seems to be thrilled with her Daddy Bull.
    • I have been in a couple of mother/daughter relationships. Years back I was fortunate to date a woman with four young daughters. This led to a wonderful mother/daughters sexual pleasure.

      It was a great feeling of satisfaction as I bred them, especially going bareback when fucking the young girls. It was tremendous when I too shot my hot load into them. It was great being the first of their long line of lovers. I really liked looking into their eyes as I entered them and seeing their look of pleasure when my dick filled their pussies. Sometimes it was like they were starving for the meat. Their mother did a good job teaching them.

      There was such a great feeling when my cock filled them so much and they had to really stretch. I could feel their pussy skin stretching to take my cock. It was awesome, so tender and responsive to have their pussy clamped around my cock as I pulled out of them.

      Depending on the situation I would take one of the girls in the missionary position or have her on top facing me. I loved to watch their faces and budding nipples as they hunched away on my dick. I really liked taking them from the rear, especially when I was ass fucking them. I think that the mother liked this best because it allowed her to see me mount the girl from the rear as a stallion would breed a mare. She would get real excited. It also allowed her to be an active partner in the love making, often switching out with the girls.
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    In most states the age of consent is 16. With parents approval, there isnt a problem as long as it isnt a rape scenario. So if its acceptable with ALL parties then I'd say go for it.
  • Would someone be willing to come on my talk radio podcast program and discuss this phenomenon (under an anonymous pseudonym)?

    Let me know...
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      My situatiion started almost eleven years ago, I started seeing these two black men and after a month an a half or so, I found I was pregnant. My daughter Shalean had also gotten pregnant also. We were both having babie's by the same father, Desmond. Its a very very long story but we are one big happy family. There are a few more kids, and a few more guys living here, but its home.
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    If there are any attractive moms and daughters that would like to come to Tulsa I would love to breed you. I'm a little older, but that also gives me the maturity to handle this situation and I'm still very capable. If you choose me I would agree to be availible if you want to have a second child. I did well in school and think I have excelent genetics to offer. I'm a swm in in Tulsa, d/d free, 52yo, 6'-2", 245# with brown eyes and light brown hair. I've attached my pics, may I see yours? Please feel free to ask anything you would like to know about me. Sincerely, Ray
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    I have three ladies I have to take care of my wife and our two daughters one 17 the other 19. I have a tiny dick but I gave us two beautiful daughters. My wife wanted more in the cock department, so she just told me she wants to find a black guy who is larger than I and knows how to make love to a woman.I can't tell you how I felt but she made me understand, first she kicked me in the balls and while I was down she continued with the kicking. I was doubled over for hours and puked on the floor. She told me she wanted a strong black guy and if I didn't like it move out, she promised that she would take me to the cleaners. She did find her man and she continued to torture my balls! After about almost a year while tormenting my balls she told me she was pregnant. Also that she was going to tell our daughters about her black lover and being pregnant. Our daughters thought there Mom was a terrible for having a black lover , pregnant and abusing there dads balls. Wife told the girls that her black lover was the master of the house and our daughters were fair game to his big black cock and they had no choice but to submit or move out . Girls moved out and I became sick and moved in with my girls for awhile, I ended up in the hospital my balls were so badly damaged that I was castrated. I did go home again after I was better and became the new baby sitter and nanny. Girls couldn't make it on there own and submitted to the black master, both my girls are pregnant and there not sure who the fathers are.