Have you considered a cuckold pregnancy for your marriage?

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I have been with couples who openly desired to have a cuckold pregnancy as the ultimate expression of their lifestyle. Is this something you have considered, fantasized about or actually made into a reality?
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  • I was raised as a 'good Catholic girl' and was a virgin when I married. Some years into our marriage, I was shocked to hear my husband suggesting something called cuckolding that he'd discovered on the Intenet. Without going through the entire evolution of our getting involved, I'll say that the proscription against using birth control was not something that I was going to ignore. If this lifestyle was important enough to us as a couple, it would have to fit into our lives. This meant that getting involved raised the possibility of a pregnany by another man. It also meant that we would both be committed to raising any children born of our marriage regardless of who impregnated me. With that agreement firmly in place, we entered into the lifestyle.
    • Hi Carole. I just accidentally stubbled onto this site, so please excuse me on matters of protocol as I work out what the rules are.

      It was so sweet of you dear to share with us all your personal sex details. It would be so nice for other couples to do likewise. Lovely to hear of your ever loving husband encouraging you to enjoy sharing your naked body with other naked men. For them to mount you for bareback sex and to allow you to have them fuck their life giving sperm up inside of you without you using any contraception. That three different men (so far) have planted their babies up into you and you most certainly did the right and honourable thing and carried their babies to term and gave birth and life to their babies. Your husband must have been very proud of you watching your belly swell and to feel another man's baby kicking & squirming inside of your body as another man's sperm delivered naturally out of another man's cock rearranged your gorgeous body in the most delightful way. The swollen belly and the firm milky tits—WOW. I ought to know as I too know the awesome turn-on to feel my own wife's swelling belly and to feel an exciting new life growing inside of her body caused by another man's sperm that came out of another man's cock that bareback fucked her and delivered his sperm so deep up inside of her knocking her up. Conversely I also know how exciting it also is to feel my own baby growing in another man's wife's belly while her husband looked on with excitement!!

      I think that the wife or the engaged to be married and even girlfriends for that matter of fact being impregnated by another man has been around since the year dot, just that today it's talked about much much more. I can assure you it is VERY common. Further there wouldn't be a city of any size in the world today that doesn't have a fertility clinic and most of their work is done artificially impregnating females with another man's sperm. A degrading exercise for any female to go through and it can be VERY expensive and usually has a long wait, sometimes for years. Much better, quicker and cheaper to have another man or a group of men if one doesn't want to know who the father is to plant a kid up into her. While talking of fertility clinics, it was interesting to read in a recent local newspaper that when fertility clinics call in a wife to impregnate her 25% of them say, "Thanks but we don't need you now as I am already pregnant." These were of wives who could NEVER get pregnant to their own infertile husbands!! Now I wonder how in the world that happened? LOL. One medical report stated that 5% of all females conceive while having at LEAST sperm from two different men up inside of her vagina. I assume that was true in your case too Carole with at least with one of your pregnancy as you stated that you and your husband aren’t sure just who it was that knocked you up preggers—other than that you are very sure your own husband is not the father of any of your kids. Cool. It’s such a shame that when a female with a significant partner who finds herself pregnant to another man can’t or wont share this exciting time with her partner—or even worse still, aborts the wonderful new life, a brand new human-being growing inside of her body. Carole you have a wonderful husband—and husband you have a wonderful wife.

      Personally I know a heap of couples where the wife has given birth to another man's baby whether it was planned that way or it just happened by accident. Whether she got drunk at a party, had a bit on the side, pay back for her husband getting a bit on the side, wife swapping/swinging, a dare, rape, medically reasons, or just for the share fun and excitement of it all. Basically paternity is just a male thing, but then only with some men. Most women couldn't care a hoot who the father of any baby she gives birth to providing her partner loves and cares for her during this exciting time and will be the baby’s daddy regardless whose cock delivered the sperm up her cunt impregnating her.

      I could write heaps more as I have seen heaps of these things. Does anyone know of a net address where 'the wife, the engaged to be married and even girlfriends are deliberately /accidentally impregnated by another man but her significant partner stands by her and supports her and brings up her lovechild? Some years ago we use to belong to a club that catered just for such, in fact you had to be a couple where the female had already given birth to another mans kid or she was already knocked up carrying another mans baby that she was going to give birth & life to, or she was at least sharing bareback cock without contraception and just like you Carole, knew it would be just a matter of time before sperm out of another man's cock knocked her up preggers.

      Finally Carole dear, is your loving husband still encouraging you to share cock with different men? If so I trust it is still bareback and that the guys are cream-pieing you? Still no contraception? Can we expect that you probably will be again knocked up preggers to another man--a man who isn't your own loving husband? Oh Carole you just lye back and enjoy to the very max every cock that enters you and every wriggling little sperm they leave behind inside of you!! LOL.
    • I have done this my wife wanted to wait until we got married to have sex. Her ex bf got her sister pregnant before the engagment So he got to go to the wedding to see there baby> Even though her sister is married. After the wedding her sister asked if she could bring the baby to her ex since he was staying at the same hotel. When she got there the desk said he was waiting in our room. I had to go to py for the honeymoon. When my wife droppped off the baby she noticed there was a baby crib in our suite> She asked him about it ans he said it was for there baby the one he was going to give her. He fucked her making her look at the crib and her sister baby sleeping in it. The whole time he told he to beg for a baby and he took her virginty and then made her suck him to thank him for giving her a baby to nurse. That was a few years ago and since then it been even more fucking
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        OMG I love this! I wish my wife (her name is Jacki) would fuck her ex bf (his name is Darin)because since they dated 29 years ago when they were both in high school (before I met her) he has been married and is now divorced, and has gotten a couple other women in town pregnant in the past 6 years and they both were married. She claimed they never fucked and was a virgin when I met her, but Darin is assertive and cocky, and was the football stud in HS, so I know he did not just date her for three years and never try to fuck her or make her suck his cock. Anyway, Darin sounds just like your wife's ex BF, and I would do anything to have have him fuck Jacki and make her beg for his baby and give her a baby to nurse, knwoing she is married to me and I would know it was his!!! I hope we can chat or email more about this! My name is Don, and my Ya hoo e mail is mwm2k2 and that is my messenger as well. Please let me know who you are when you contact me so I will remember you are the husband whose wife got fucked by her ex bf while looking at her sisters baby!
  • I have three children father ed by three different men, not my husband. He has seen them as his because I am his wife and I gave borth to them. He and I both know they are not his, and our oldest two know he is not their biological father. It does happen in this lifestyle. I knew it would happen, and I also knew my husband would raise the children no matter who fathered them.

    Being impregnanted by others was bound to happen considering I do not like rubbers, and I have played often for our entire marriage. It is not that out of the ordinary to have children by other men, but in our case we knew who the fahters were of the oldest two and are pretty sure who the father is of our youngest.

    When you see others and do not use birth control it happens, when it does you live your life as you always have and raise those children with the love they deserve
  • I've said it before and I'll say it here. Nothing says 'cuckold' quite like your wife holding or suckling her bulls baby. This especially true if the wife is white and the bull is black. I think for many, many cuckolds this is the ultimate fantasy. I'm not sure if the reality is as good as the fantasy but I'm sure it represents the pinnacle of cuckoldry for many. I know for me the fantasy has lead to many moments of pleasure.
    • the question that comes to my mind is what happens if the relationship ends. Would the cuckold be expected to pay for someone else's child? Although the idea sounds erotic and yes, the ultimate in cuckolding, i have always believed in the biological father being responsible for any child he creates.

      • The three fathers of my children I have not seen in years. my husband has always been their dad. The guys who got me pregnant weren't going to support the children. They felt that was what my husband was for. I have to admit the fathers of my children were not the best people to raise children with, and so I didn't have them bre much in my childrens lives.

        The only one who had anything to do with any of my kids was the father of my second child. He was my husband's best friend and a good lover to me. Yet he was violnet and drank and did some drugs. There is no way I would have had the fathers of my children be their dads. They were not the type of men who would make good dads, but were good enough lovers to be fathers.

        I do not feel a man should be held responsible for a child conceived during just really really good sex, especially if there is a husband willing to raise the children. What made the sex really really good is they knew they didn't have to worry if I got pregnant or not. And they kind of felt good that I did get pregnant. It was kind of an ego boost for them, and a reliefe that my husband was going to take financial, emotional, mental responsibility for the child.

        And I have to admit having sex with a man who has impregnanted you, till the the last day, is an awesome feeling. my husband has never had sex with me when I was pregnant, and my lovers loved knowing they got to and my husband didn't. It made them want to even more.

        If a woman is single I do feel a lover who has impregnanted you should take responsibility for his actions, unless an agreement was made beforehand. If you are married and your husband is a cuck, then all is good and the lovers can have all the fun without ever having to worry about a thing, just the pleasure and getting what the husband can't.
        • i am curious as to You and others posting here, have there been any cases of "race incompatible" children (to the couple) and how have people dealt with the issues that might arise in everyday life. i am not a racist, i am just looking for practical advice and real life examples.

          Sure cuckoldry is fun but many have to deal with public life issues.

          Thank You A/all in advance.
          • What races do you consider to be 'incompatible'? Multi-racial families are becoming visible and accepted in a way they wouldn't have been ten or twenty years ago. The highly visible celebrity adoptions covered in the press have created a precedence of validation, I think.

            As to 'our' pregnancy, we had no idea who one of the men was and had no interest in becoming more involved with the other possible father. It was our pregnancy in any event.
            • It sounds like the question was what is for example the child turne out to be predominantly african american appearing yet both members of the couple are caucasian as can be.....i am only guessing here. That would be odd to explain.
              • I think Michael's post addressed that quite nicely.
                • Not sure that I agree it has been fully addressed by Michael.

                  I think this whole discussion so far has been very one sided - biased toward the perspective of the cuckold couple and the power this fantasy represents to them. Let talk about this subject from the perspective of the bull (impregnator) and, even more importantly, the child that might be born within this context. For the record, I am a black bull (for lack of a better descriptor) - I enjoy fucking other peoples wives.

                  The core of my concern lies in whether all parties involved in such a relatinship are acting responsibly (in possibly bringing a new child into this world) for the sake of pursuing a fantasy. I am not disputing that they have the right to pursue this fantasy - assuming they are all adults, they are not doing anything illegal. But is pursuing this fantasy, worth the risk of bringing a child into this world? This questions is relevant, regardless of how well prepared the eventual parents think they are, or of whether all parties are fully informed of the risks.

                  Cuckold pregnancy , in my opinion, presents many of the issues that are common to pregnancy in every day life - especially one that occurs between two single people (male and female). A single womans (she being equivalent to the cuckold couple) can decide to engage in unprotected sex and risk pregnancy. She might want to do this because she really wants to have a child, or because she enjoys the thrill of unprotected sexing (much like the cuckold couple), or for a variety of other reasons. The single male (he being equivalent to the bull) might participate in this process under a variety of circumstances - he could be fully informed (i.e. he knows his lover is risking pregnancy with him), he could be uninformed (i.e. he thinks she is on the pill, and that they are just having a good time).

                  In terms of cuckold pregnancies - do I believe that all the parties have a right to engage in such behaviour? Of course they do. But if the member of either party is not fully prepared to raise a child then this is not a fantasy worth pursuing - at least not for me. Primarily because if a pregancy will be the child that will be at most risk.

                  My feeling is that unlike Tina and her husband (who I feel represent the exception), most couples are absolutely not prepared to bring a bull's child into this world and raise it as if their own - even if they think they are. For them, this is just a powerful fantasy whose consequences they dont fully comprehend. The bulls are even less prepared to participate as a parent. I dont care what they say beforehand - there is too much risk involved - all of which would have a direct impact on the child. What if the couple splits? or changes their lifestyle/perspective? what if the bull changes his mind later and wants custody? what if the child is born with special needs that the couple cannot accommodate? And in the case of a child being born of a different do you explain this to your other kids...your family...your co-workers....the child itself? Is this when the lying begins?

                  And from the perspective of the bull - what kind of man (assuming he is not prepared to be a parent) would willingly risk impregnating another mans wife? Is not the thrill of fucking another mans wife enough? Furthermore, in case he does get her pregnant, what kind of man would be ok with walking away from any involvement with respect to raising a child that is his own?

                  Not me. Not unless I was 100% comfortable with the risk I was taking, with the fact that the couple would make great parents, and with the fact that I if if a pregnancy does result, that my reasons for participating went beyond the realization of a single fantasy.

                  There are too many other fantasies that are waiting to be realized.
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.

                    your post shows an uncanning amount of maturity, and i would like to commend you on it.

                    I have seen a lot of people on this website that seem to be here for the thrill of the fantasy alone, and it is refreshing to see a mature adult amongst children.

                    A lot of people jumped on the opportunity of trashing a "race compatibility" comment. It was merely an honest question of how do you explain a black child in an all white couple, esp. if your friends had seen your wife pregnant for 9 months.

                    If I was black married to a white wife, or white married to a black wife, then such an issue would not exist, however, living a real life, with real friends, in the real everyday world, where cuckoldry is about as understood as extraterrestrials i think before i get wed and make a choice on an "appropriate" bride that i get some realistic advice from people who have been there and had to deal with such issues first hand.

                    i would be very curious to hear Tina's comments on the matter, or anyone else.

                    Thank you all again
                    • Here's Tina's response. I totally agree that a child should not be brought into this world strictly out of a fantasy. I was impregnanted because I did not use birth control and me and my husbsand knew it would happen eventually. We were very prepared to have children and love them more than the world.

                      If I had goten pregnant by a black man, which could very well have happened, but didn't, in our situation it would have been a little easier because we are openly a cuck couple. But in most other cases that would be a tough one ,not only for the child, but for everyone involved int the parents or the childs life.

                      Responsibility is the key word here, and maturity. Anyone can get pregnant or get someone pregnant. But to raise a child is another thing. The points such as "what about special needs?" that is a tough life and requires a lot from the parents. You can play the cuck life, if it is a fantasy, but keep in mind it can become reality very quickly.

                      I agree a child is a special gift, but a child is not a toy or something you just have. A child requires much, especially when they are young. My husband worked from home most of the time when our children were very young and was willing to be a full time dad. There was no other way. and you have to be willing to give a lot up when you have a child, unless your husband is like mine, then he has to give up more than he already has.

                      This is a much more serious subject than many people realize. A child has to have parents or a parent, a ful time parent or parents. If it happens that you get pregnant and it was just play, well, it just got very real. It is no longer play.

                      We knew I was going to get pregnant, and my husband said from the beginning, "if you give birth to a child, that child is mine (ours) no matter who the father is." and we were willing to take that resposibility that comes with having and raising children.

                      Sure you can abort or adopt, but neither is a very good form of birth control. As a matter of fact both appal me.

                      To me being impregnanted by my lovers was just something that was going to happen eventually. Me and my husband both knew it would eventually happen. We were prepared for it. We were excited when it did happen. Not because a lover had impregnanted me, but because we were going to have a child.

                      The excitement of being pregnant should not be because of who impregnanted you, but that you are having a child together, going to have a family. That is what having a child is about, not the way it was conceived or the fantasy associated with it.

                      People who have children out of fantasy scare me. They are irresponsible. What else will they do without regard for others?

                      I am very much against bringing a child into this world for the sheer pleasure of it being from another man. The child has to live with the effects their whole life. And as far as a man wanting custody later . . .that is another really really big thing, and a lot of money.

                      The men who fathered my children didn't want kids, nor did they care if I got pregnant. And it was agreed if I did get pregnant the child was mine and my husbands. There are too many ramifications to having a lover get you pregnant or wanting custody or any other legality, let alone the hardships the child may someday face or for a life time to let this be a game or just a fantasy.

                      This is real life with real problems, why create more? For anyone?

      • The cuckold would expect to take full responsibility for any children born by his wife regardless of biological father. I can see your point though I expect most couples would consider the child 'theirs'. The obvious humiliation factor looms large if the wife has a mixed race child and the couple is white. It would be very obvious that some sort of cuckoldry had taken place.
        • As far as mixed race children . . .yes they are more accepted today, but what will the child's life be like, what will he / she have to constantly explain? It happens, I know, but the less you put your child through, the happier they are going to be.

          Can you imagine your child having to tell others they were conceived out of some fantasy play of their parents?

          • I do see your point though I don't know if it's any different than an adoption of a mixed race child. I expect the main thing is to make sure the children know that both parents love them regardless of racial mix or appearance. The cuckold taking the time to make sure that the child is loved and wanted is the main thing.
          • That is a valid point. If a cuckold pregnancy is planned, with husband and wife in full support and committment to raise the child as their own, having a family and loving each other as a family. One could argue this is a much more genuine and loving way to start a family than the countless "accidents" that occur between other traditional couples.

            IF the child is the byproduct of a sexual fantasy then I agree with you. However, if the pregnancy is merely part of the beliefs and lifestyle of the couple then I disagree. It can be likened to one's religious beliefs that we all are supposed to respect.

            I major theme in a cuckold pregnancy is whether or not it is a 24/7 lifestyle choice and belief or an extension of a sexual fetish that is rooted in fantasy.
        • Unsu...
          All good from the fantasy point of view, but reality is often very different. The cuckold might be “expected” to take full responsibility for the child but when reality hits at 3 am before a long day of work and the child is sick I wonder if fantasy is still going to work.

          Any thoughts of bringing a child into the world should be accompanied by serious thought and consideration by the couple. I am a cuckold and have found it hard enough to raise my own two kids under very favorable conditions: good income, good home environment, loving parents, and so forth. My wife and I were already parents and had decided we did not want additional children before we got into this lifestyle so we did not even consider it. I hope because of my overpowering love for my wife that I could have taken another man’s child and raised it as my own, especially since it would be HER child. But I wonder if I could have shown the same degree of commitment that I have given to our two children.

          Now with them at 19 and 21 and the huge financial drain of both in college I have to advise most people that fantasy will fade after a while and reality can be harsh. Be sure that you are fully committed to care for your precious child for the next 20+ years before considering making your fantasy a reality.
      • Here in California, a married couple, give birth to a child conceived the during the course of the marriage, then that child is considered to be the biological child of the married parties, so long as two years go by and no court action has been initiated for a determination of paternity.
        If a male partner signs the voluntary declaration of paternity at the hospital, then parentage is also established.
        Even after two years, it is established that the child does not contain the DNA of the male married partner, the child is still considered the defacto child of the male partner and child support can be awarded against (or for) him.
      • I have signed a contract with my wife, to be fully responsible for any child born to her during the course of our marriage, even if DNA testing indicates the child could not be related to me.

        I asked her to be involved in the lifestyle...I've encouraged her involvement being with other men (and or women)...and I take full responsibility for any action(s) that arise from that involvement.

        After all, any child born to her does have her DNA, and that's good enough for me.
  • Wow. I just stumbled upon this tribe.

    I didn't think anyone would be into something like this.

    The most erotic sex act for me is impragnating a woman. I have often fantasized about impregnating a woman I wan't involved with and not being involved in raisiing the child.

    Don't get me wrong. I love to raise children. I'm a single parent. But, if a situation like this were possible and we were all open, in agreement, etc. it would be really cool, and not just in a sexual way. I make good babies (or so I'm told) and would like to make more. I fantasize about making one or more that I don't raise too.

    How would one search out couples like this though? I have considered offering myself to lesbian couples, but this cuckold kink sounds cool too. I would just love being a "bull" but wonder how you ask a couple about this?

  • I have no children of my own. I dropped too much LSD as a kid and am afraid I may have damaged my chromosones which would result in a weird child of some sort. Actually, if my genes were past on with no problems, my kid would probably be weird anyway. I have a step daughter I raised since she was 3 and she's now 18. Good kid. I raised another man's child to be good and I can do it again. If I ever met a woman that wanted kids, I'd want he to find another man to inseminate her the old fashioned way: By fucking. I'd like to watch, but hey, I'm not that picky!
  • I have indeed considered a cuckold pregnancy as something that I would desire. There is one particular reason. A woman should consider the best genes for her child. Since that would not be me, I would expect that she would welcome such a situation. In fact, it happens even without people in the lifestyle ( ). Also, legally, in common law, children born into a marriage are presumed the children of the husband, irrespective of the circumstances of insemination. This of course was a rule developed before DNA testing. In fact, that is still the rule within many juridictions, though states are now making it a rebuttable presumption, usually within two years. After that, you are the responsible father no matter what. I think as a wannabe cuckold, that all men desiring women who are sexually promiscuous, should expect, and even desire that a pregnancy happen outside the marriage, for the best genes, and that they take the responsibility for all children born in the marriage and conceived outside the marriage.

    Maybe it is only a fantasy. But it is my fantasy.
    • This is a great thread!
      So much information.
      I have not read all the way through yet so forgive me if these have already been asked:

      If your child were obviously mixed race, and you knew who the father was (say if I were the only black guy at the party), would you allow me to raise the child along with you and your husband or wife as my own child? I guess it would be a kind of poly relationship at that point.
      Would you allow any men of the same race to help raise your child as their own too?
      What if they wanted to know if the child was theres, would you oblige them?
  • I am involved with a married woman and her husband was the one who got us together. over a year and a half ago, we began having sex and very often, she had a baby last year, and then got a tubal ligation in order to prevent any more pregnancy. her and I are very compatible intellectually, and physically. we love each other deeply, her husband is my best friend, he has watched us have sex many times but mostly we see each other without him. he has come home from work a few times and found us together, not doing anything, but, he never questions it at all. he just smiles and seems happy about his discovery. he doesn't have sex with her as often as i, i make love to her 3-4 times a week, he does once every week or 2, he is only one way, doggy style for 10 minutes. me i do it every way we can for as long as we have time... and i always fulfill her too. especially after her baby we had sex much more freely knowing she had her tubal, she told me how she had yearned to have a baby with me, and i have told her i wished the same, as we do love each other very much, this is natural. well, last week she was worried as her period hadn't come, she was worried, and so the afternoon time when we were making love, she mentioned it again to me, so i took her to the store and i bought the test... she urinated on it, and we watched as her test became positive. we both know it must be mine... and she was a little panicked, but i told her to take a test home from work and test at home for him, so he wont notice her mood... she did... now in the past he told me alone without her, that he would let her get an abortion if she was impregnated with my baby, that was said when they were trying to conceive the last baby, they were trying hard for 4 months before she was impregnated... he would always let me have her as he would watch us ...but then he always waited till i was gone to have sex with her himself, he is more private about that... i don't mind that cause i am a little expressionistic myself, but , the point is, what he said always stuck in my head as what would happen... so i was a little worried about how he would react knowing that i had inseminated her with his knowledge at about the right timing for this to be mine ... she and i know i have inseminated her a lot more than him and we both feel it is mine. so the night i went to their house, she told me he said to her... he will raise the baby as his, and he don't want to know who's it is. she and i were both surprised... it was interesting to note that in the last year there are several times she had been upset to me for certain things that woman and men deal with ... and it seems it upset him more than it did me, she told me later that he was telling her she needs to make up, or make peace about the situation. it was clear and empowering to me, being the odd man out i thought, to see how he needed me and her to be in peace and harmony, she still cant understand why he would have the situation as it is, i have read and explained to her best as i can understand the reasons some men need or desire to be cucks but the reasons seem as varied as the individuals. so we have a few possible reasons, but it is till now deep inside him, and he only smiles when we talk to him about it... I am glad to know though that i can make love with her knowing he probably wont get his colt 45 and shoot me if he catches us... i still relish the words she said he told her when the pregnancy was revealed, and she told him her concern about th fact of her 2 man life, he smiled and said to her, well, i guess its forever. yesterday she and i sat outside together and talked, recalling our love talk during love making, yearning to have shared a baby together, and now... it seems a lesson in the power of wishing, we are all happy, i share a few hours every day with their family, our families are close all the kids are close... so it is a surprise but life and environment is good... and it is good knowing our bond of love is grown deeper than ever.
    i am glad i can let it out here... hope someone enjoys the read of my real life situation, that used to be a dream...
    racially it is Asian woman Caucasian men so there is not a 3rd race factor... they did think about the possibility of recognition of another father in the baby but the love of life won over .

    good luck , peace and Love to all.
    • Thanks so much for that Robert. That is a beautiful story.
      If I may ask, do you see other women sexually or romantically? Do you ever feel like you want ''more'' from the woman you mentioned in your story? Wanting more from her and her husband in fact, as far as being included in both their lives?
      • well actually we are very involved every day. i spend at least 2 hours a day with them.... the more i could have would be to stay with her all night... that part i yearn for of course .... but her and i talk many times a day, she phones me at work, several times a day and i like that connectiveness... as far as other women... i am married, my wife accepts my lifestyle and she said its ok but dont tell her about it... and so... i really dont have more in me for more, cause i Love both women very very much... it is interesting to note, my wife is not jealous, but my lover is , and very jealous... she has had to learn to handle it because she knows i am fact my wife is one of her best friends.
        One other note is that my lover and I are both physically and emotionally more passionate than our spouses, I am a very touchy feely guy kiss a lot cant get enough.... she is the same...and we both feel we dont get that from our spouses... so we do satisfy that need we have in eachother whereas our spouses dont need or miss that, and dont have it in them to give naturally... when i am at their house we are careful but when the kids are asleep i am free to kiss and grope her if you will, he has no objections to that... she feels a little conservative about it, but i know as far as he is concerned, i am free to do as i wish, so long as she permits. as far as being included, i dont even knock on the door when i go into the house.... well, i could go on, but ...

        does that touch on your question?
  • I think it would be the ultimate submission. I may be sterile, we have not been able to make a second child, and it would be one good way of fulfilling my wife's desire to have a second baby.
    Oh no, wife just came home. Got to post this and go.
    • Just a few days ago, i received a call from a gal i used to correspond with we were very close friends ... she and my lover and my wife are from the same overseas country in southeast asia. this lady married an older gentleman who has been quite good to her, he gives her everything she wants... and need except one thing... a Baby. his children from his first marriage have grown, he had a vasectomy many years before he met her... She and I had some hot discussions before we settled with our current relationships, and when she met him she had told me of his vasectomy, as also did he... she had introduced us when they started serious courting... that has been almost 5 years ago. during the time prior to her marriage i mentioned to her... if she needed help getting pregnant later, to let me know.... and guess what! that is why she called and left a message to call her. i did, we are in different time zones, i woke her up, but she began telling me how she wants to have in-vetro (spelling i am not sure of) fertilization but he isn't producing enough sperm to produce... and as she was explaining to me, my heart jumped through my chest when she said, "can you give me sperm?" of course her cell phone and our long distance connection and her soft sweet accented voice made things a little unclear... so i spoke up and clarified it... "did you just ask me for my sperm?" she shyly said yes... hahah I told her i would have to ask my wife if we can vacation in her island... hahah but let me tell you, my head has been in a stir ever since. this is a situation many people face in their second marriage, i think, using sterilization cause they are done with theiir procreation phase of their life... what a blessing to be able to help... of course i would prefer to impregnate her properly, but maybe they are thinking i will wank it in a dish. i dont know what the outcome will be, but it is pleasing to know she remembered my offer... she asked me to call her again... i will feed idea and discussion, i am taking it seriously.

      I really think my wife will agree, but my lover , she is the one who gets so jealous... but i love it.

      just my little note from the peanut gallery....

      regards to all
  • If I were to become pregnant, it would be a 75% chance if it not being Stephen's. Withinin the 75%, it would be a 50-50 chance of the child being black. This is not a fantasy, but a philosophical and political reality of our relationship. everyone has their way of living or dreaming about this lifestyle. This is ours.
  • this is a must for all couples i think. We have decided upon a black man or men ti imprgenate my wife.
    She has always loved black men and I love to see her with them. Our life has just taken a twist as I have to work away, a month on then off. We are now looking for a guy to keep her when iam away.
  • my wife and i started swinging before we got married or what i thought was swinging after reading some of the post i am strating to think we are in to this cuckolding but that is beside the point we started with one of my best friends being the other partner and i have lost of stories to tell about him but the one i want to tell hear happend after we had decided to get married and happend the november before we found out that i was not able to father a child so we called my friend and all had a talk we all agreed that we would plan a all night fuck fest they fucked for a total 3 hours that night and i watched and i have to say that it was the hottest thing i ever watched they also fucked for 2 hours that next moring and we went back to our once a week thing and when she missed her pirod we got excited we found out she was preg and the fucking incesed and keep up untill she delevard they where fucking when her water broke she gave birth to my daughter and we still play with him but she dose not know he is her father and befor every one gets up set we do not let on while she is around it is all on the up and up but do some problems she has had since her prg shehas had to get her tubs tied so i will never again exparence her being preg by a nother man again but since then i have found i love eating her after she has fucked her boy friends and they dumped there loads in her it still is the hotest thing i have ever done
  • rb
    offline 27
    shortly after my wife and i married - i was in the military - i was assigned to a latin american country. She was several years older than me, european, and had been very sexually active when we met. She, in particular, wanted a baby as soon as possible - she said she felt her biological clock ticking away. Shortly after arrival in-country my boss there, a senior officer and quite handsome, made it known that he thought very highly of my bride. After a few weeks my wife told me she intended to have an affair with him - she said he excited her, he had already told her it would benefit my career AND, the Big One - he wanted a child by her! He was already married with 3 kids, and had a mistress and another 2 by her ... so he was definitely virile! What I did will probably be viewed as being a total wuss by many - I did nothing. NOTHING!

    I took some special assignments to other parts of the country so was out of the city I was assigned to a lot. But I couldn't miss the whispers. My bosses drivers had spread the word .... I just pretended I didnt know anything.Within a couple of months my wife missed her periods and morning sickness set in. The US military decided it would be better if we were sent back to the States, and we were. The baby was a perfectly healthy boy - and has grown to be a very handsome young man. He has a somewhat darker skin complexion, similar to his mom but not my lily white one. We have seen his bio dad several times, when he's visited the USA ... we decided not to conceal his parentage from our son, and he now knows the full story. Since learning as a teen he has treated me with disdain, which I deserve.

    We also have a second child, another boy. My wife wanted to try for a second baby and got it with my best friend. Again, I knew what was happening and just went along. My friend has been married and divorced and visits us often. We have freely acknowledged his parentage of our boy, but I am the "legal' dad .....

    We have a good marriage, I think, and although my wife is much more sexually active than I am, it is ok with me so long as shes happy with it . I think I could physically have fathered the kids, but that i didnt is maybe just, as they say, the roll of the dice. I dont know if this fits into exactly the intent of this discussion, but I do see myself as a cuckold.