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topic posted Mon, October 11, 2010 - 12:18 PM by  naughty28
This is my wife 4 months with a bulls baby! This is he third child, but this one will be black! The father was so excited to get to breed her in our marital bed! He said he would like to continue fucking my wife from now on! He loves to show her off as his babies momma!
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North Carolina
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    That is incredible... But I would like to see some kind of pics of the wife with the black baby after it is born... It seems like there is a lot of tall tales on this site. She does look beautiful, and it would make me want to have sex with her every time I saw her if she were my wife. How lucky you are to have a woman who went the whole way and did it.... mine went one time and let a real black stud leave his load in her, but she didn't get pregnant. And we were never able to hook up with him again.
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    congraz! that is a beautiful thing! all married white women deserve a black lover... and the husbands need to be ready for this. good luck to you all.
  • My brother in law is cucked. He has one child by my sister in law. She has that one and four by her bull lover. My brother in law has raised them all. They are grown have left home and they are the sweatest, cleaverist, kids I ever saw. I was sure they would grow up bad kids. They are all married and have a load of kids.

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