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topic posted Tue, April 22, 2008 - 2:42 PM by  Bart
Anyone in New England interested in holding a breeding party? I think it could be a good time!
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  • I think a breeding party sounds like a lot of fun. Too bad I live quite a ways away from New England. I would enjoy hearing about it or seeing pictures if you can make it happen.
  • Bart,
    If I had a wife I would love to have her breed at the party. That will be the only way my future wife and I can have children, since I'm unable to provide any seed.
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    I got pregnant when I was separated from my husband. When we got back together we had sex more often but that was just because my libido was off the charts and I was the one that wanted it, especially in my second and third trimester. I don't think he was turned on more because I was carrying someone elses baby. Why would you find it more of a turn on if your wife was pregnant by another man?
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      For me its a humiliation thing. Procreating is one of the basic functions in a regular marriage. To know that your wife has given that to someone else is her telling you what your place is in her life.
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        Although I am the father of our two daughters, I would love them as much as I do now even if they were my wife's bull daughters.
  • I think a ‘breeding party’ is an excellent idea. So many women are in a marriage where their partner cannot help produce an offspring or the wife wants a better ‘gene pool’ selection for her baby. A party helps eliminate the bond that can form between the male sperm donor and the wife and it would strengthen the bond between the husband and wife.

    I know in my case, I didn’t not participate in a ‘party’ but I made sure that I alternated between my selected guys frequently so I would never be sure who the father actually was.
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    I would love to find a woman that is of childbearing age move in with me to share my home if things worked out she could possibly own it. Have all of the breeding party she wants.
    I was in an open marriage throughout our entire marriage I miss the lifestyle quite a lot. My nympho maniac wife passed away in February of 08.

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