Does Black Bulls make better humiliating Cucks for White Men?

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Most of the cucks I know love their wives to be ravaged into to submission by Black Bulls. Is it more humiliating and satisfying for a husband to see his wife being dominated by a Black Bull opposed to a White Bull?
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  • Depends on the Bull. Im a verbal person,and I really like to know Im connecting with the couple Im with. So reaction is everything. I also feel that contrast of color plays a visual effect on the role of cuck.Mix with some sothern ethnical slurs,and some dirty eye contact that brothas make. Im sure that I can humiliate while some hot wife submit in front of her cuckcold sissy.
  • Hello R
    I know for myself it is what drdick said "contrast of color plays a visual effect" and what joe said "Myself don't see as a humiliation for my wife, more of her being treated like a goddess" Then lastly size, It doesn't matter what the color as long as it is nice and big, not like my two and half pathetic little pecker.
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    I dont think that the skin color is what makes things more or less humiliating. I think that for some, the Taboo or interracial sex is hot, and I think that when you are talking about pregnancy, there is an extra twist in that it will be quite obvious that the father is not the husband. This is an interesting kink, but I do worry a little about the real life effects on the kid. I dont know that it is wrong, but I do wonder what to tell the son/daughter about their father. The truth, perhaps, in an edited version. I think that for others, the idea of a different race, black or whatever the case may be, helps to differentiate them as the 'Other' and makes the relationship less threatening. There is also the idea of submitting to the hypermasculine male, which might also be humiliating. I guess thats up to the individual. On the other side, do you think that a black man gets an extra kick out of being with a white couple?
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      I agree with your comments Jerry. As for a Black Bull getting a kink out of being with a White Couple I think there is something to that. In this society White men have been in positions of power for a very long time while exploiting others. I think there is a bit of satifiaction of having a White man watch as I ravage his wife satifying her most freaky needs in ways that he can not. In this situation I am in control and I have the power to make her cum. I think this taboo is deeply rooted in the cuck lifestyle. I think Black Bulls are used to purely satify sexually which is the point of this lifestyle not to break of the couple to help bring the couple closer in some situations. A White male may actually be more of a treat to the relationship if the wife feels drawn to the white bull in more than just a sexual way. I know people sometime have a hard time talking about the past but this taboo Black Male and White female has been a fantacy built since the days of slavery. It is a deep sexual tension that many people wont publicly acknowledge.
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        Do you feel that this stereo type is insulting, or sexual? I wonder how many people are concerned with giving voice to their thoughts on this for fear of insulting somone, either inadvertently or not. I can see how the idea can be objectifying, on the other hand, most men dont seem to think that deeply if they are getting laid. ;)
        • Ok I have to agree with you and R for the last two post on this subject. I think that it is very sexual also and people are just too afraid to admit it for fear of what others will think. I for one would get alot of shit for even thinking positively on this. We all have fantasies and aggressions that need to be met and what better way than sharing something that can be so fullfilling for everyone. thats just me though
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          I find stereotypes interesting as well as sexy (being it thats sex is a very intimate act) most of them come from cultural norms. Learning new cultures and sharing mine is a great way to build relationships. Without different culture this world would be a very boring place. I do have a problem with people who use these differences to demonize others. I believe we have a lot to learn from eachother. The truth is no matter what race or what culture we are all part of the human family even if we don't always agree. What about you Jerry? How do you feel about stereotypes?
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            Hmmmmm. This seems like such a sensitive subject, but I will do my best. Stereotypes are really just shortcuts, Schemas for us to interpret our world. They exist for a reason. The stereotypes actually exist; the only problem is when we start to judge people based on these stereotypes, failing to see the trees for the forest as it were. I know most of us grow up trying to fit into a certain niche. I was no different when I was younger. I was a part of a culture that had norms, and I had to follow them. If you look around you will see this played out in other cultures. I recall guys in the military making sure they smoked the right brand of cigarettes, dressed a certain way, etc. My nerd friends encouraged me to grow a ponytail and trade in my truck so I would fit in with their crowd, conforming to their ‘stereotype’. Of course this was mostly in jest, and I wouldn’t grow a ponytail for anyone, but the point is that the Stereo type is something real and tangible, it exists. Look at the Rap “Gangsta” culture. There are norms and behaviors that go with being a part of that. That stereotype exists; the negative only comes when you assume that the individual who looks to fit that type is in fact a criminal, thug, whatever. People make judgments, that’s part of life. I don’t look like I have a Psych Degree, or that I am anything but a strait conservative hick. This is not true, but I do look the stereo type. The sexy part comes in when we can use the stereotype to have some Taboo sex and push our boundaries. I can understand the power play involved. My ex was not attracted to black men, had she been, we probably would have played with this, too. What is interesting to me is how we can play with the taboo, but still has to be some political correctness to it. You just don’t see sites where there is a white man cuckolding a black couple. Why? Too Taboo? Maybe it’s just not sexy. Maybe there is too much reality and not enough fantasy. Curious as to your thoughts.
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              Okay I hope people don't get offended with what I'm about to say. Here goes....
              I have been reading the works of two leading Black Psychologist Neely Fuller Jr. and Dr. Frances Cress Welsing. Interestingly a White Male with a Black Couple is really not Taboo because during slavery this was a norm centered around White Supremacy. The White master raping Black slaves who were already in relations with Black men. But in the same White Supremacy environment White men protect their women against the black man. Many people say that Cucking is natural Dominant male vs. Submissive male. The law of dominance as seen in animals by the alpha male. There is another law at play with the taboo of a black man with a white woman. The law of genetic survival. The first law is only partially right in that human have some animal characteristics. But what separates humans from animals....Reason!

              So with cuckolding 2 Taboos are being broken 1)having sex with a Black male and in some cases 2) being impregnated by a black man

              Thats why I think that the stigma sorrounding the Black man with the White female makes for a more liberating Cuck and culturally more daring. Now Dr. Welsing goes further to say that this also is an inferiority complex of the White man who wishes to be reunited with his Black ancestry. She says that White people although outwardly profess hatred of the Black race but subconsciously wanting to be Black for example white women getting colligen injections for bigger lips and tanning to get darker skin. Normally I wouldnt put this out there because this might be too much for some but you asked.

              • you should ve never traded your truck Jerry!!!!! lol
                A couple that enjoy humiliation in the cuckold lifestyle has it hard... There are many Black men who will humiliate the hell out of these couples without thoughts of the couples security. Hate plays a big part.!! They say that roleplay is only good if it seems real. So how do we go about this in a caring matter?
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                R, I think your post may be over the top for some of us, but I didnt get any message nor any feelings of hate in your posts or your profile. I dont know that all of us who tan are trying to be black, but I will say that is it possible that it is true for some. I think that more of the strange behavior regarding collagen injections etc is brought out by the media ideas of what or who is beautiful. I must say that I have read some of Welsings writings, and I think she is not very credible. Such things as her claims such as that black male homosexuality is consciously imposed on the Black man by the white man for the purpose of destroying the Black family, that black homosexuality is a sign of weakness and that homosexual patterns of behavior are simply expressions of black male self-submission to other males in the area of sex are a bit off. Also,claims such as that the prevalence of high blood pressure among African Americans is due to the fact that melanin exchanges "black photons" with other electrons and, therefore, picks up the negative energy vibrations from white people. The darker the skin, the more melanin, and thus the more vibrations would supposedly be picked up. This is simply not possible, and while it does make intersting reading, it undermines her credibility. Howerver, There is no doubt that White Supremecists and homophobes are often hiding something, and that may be an attraction or repressed need that can be expressed in some way, such as cuckolding.I think that while you are correct in your statement that people are separated from animals by reason, we are still bound by some laws of nature, and this is part of what exites us. I had a friend who felt a measure of that white guilt, and wanted to pay back by giving her body to black men in exchange for past transgressions. I think it was a huge turn on for her both because of the Taboo of giving her body to men for their pleasure and not hers, and because her morals were excused, her behavior totally justified by her reasoning. Does it matter? NO, she had fun, and was, is, really happy. I think we can analyze things to the point that they are not fun anymore. I beleive that you may have some people who fall into your hypothesis. I think what is more important, is why do you enjoy it, and can you find those who will jive with your desires as you jive with theirs. How to do that in a loving way, as Dr. Dangler asks, is an interesting question. Afterplay, or merely finding that woman who wants a good grudge fuck on occasion might be the simple solution.
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                  Great response Jerry. Im glad to know that although you disagree with Dr. Welsing analysis you took the time to read it before replying. What really intrigues me about her material is that European doctors psychoanalyze others but not many people has psychoanalyzed European behavior. For me I don't believe in race but I have to come to terms with the fact that so many other people do. I don't think people do things for the sake of doing them there is some logic behind it. Like your friend who like to be with brothers; Im sure she would get enjoyment of having sex with a white guys or guys but the logic is she feels she is making an effort to personality challenge the Taboo. There is nothing wrong with that. But it makes me wonder what happened in her past that makes her feel that way. Guilt of slavery? Or a personal guilt of some kind?
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                    You do have an interesting point, although to be fair, freud is for the most part not taken seriously anymore, with a few exception. I think for her, it was an excuse to be as promiscuous as she wanted to be and not feel guilty about that. Either way, I think that over analyzing it can take the fun out. I like what I like, and by definition of the DSM IV, if it dosnt interfere with my life, no harm. I can see how you would get a thrill out of beiing with another mans wife, on alot of different levels. I think most of us have a type, some physical atributes that make us attracted to others. If you like the exotic looks of other enthicities, or the familiar beauty of your own race, are a craving for variety, it make you unique. I think that is what makes the world so interesting, and enables us with different kinks to find someone to share them with./
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                      I definitely understand. I'm probably losing people and the essence of this post when we go too deep as evident to our responses between eachother. What is the standard of morality? Do you think if it feels good and not physically hurting anyone then its okay to do? The reason I ask is because I got into a debate with a friend about this subject. What are the social implications of our actions? Example teenage pregnacy.
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                        RE Deep Deep Deep

                        Mon, December 3, 2007 - 1:05 PM
                        HHmmmmm. Thats like the what is real question. Teenage pregnancy wouldnt count, in my opinion, as it does harm someone. Probably many someones, if a young woman is not mature enough to make the decision responsibly, he harms her, her baby, probably the teenagers parents, society as a whole, etc etc. If my wife gets off on sleeping with a black man, and a black man gets off on banging my wife, and I like it, well, that is a different story all together. Are we breaking some moral boundaries? Doubtless, for some, who are more conderned that we might be doing something that they cant. What I wondered about, and have tried to find an answer to, is the deliberate pregnancy in such situations. If you have a baby by another man, most of the time, no one knows, but if you deliberatly have a mixed race baby in an unmixed marriage, what do you say to the child? I have no issues raising such a child, I truly enjoy beind a dad, and I dont think that is a biological thing, but a mental/spiritual one. My question is, really does it harm the child, is it irresponsible, or is it a plus for society to put one more enlightened, productive member into our society who can contribute to breaking down these goofy boundaries. Of course, this dosnt take into account the 'accidents' that may occur. I did have a good friend whos real father was a russian diplomat, and he seemed comfortable and well adjusted, raised by two parents who loved him.
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                          Re: RE Deep Deep Deep

                          Wed, December 5, 2007 - 2:39 PM
                          Thanks for being open and honest Jer. These are just question that I think about about the whole cucking experience. I wonder sometimes while Im in a mans wife if it is immoral to be having so much enjoyment or is it technically cheating even though both have approved. In some instances the husband has more enjoyment than me and his wife. Its difficult to keep all these feelings and emotions bottled up when it comes to morality. Do you think morality is just societal norms? Do you believe in heaven or hell? Maybe we don't make up the rules maybe the Supreme Being does? Maybe Im taking a cruise on the guilt express but I really do enjoy pleasing the women in a cuck situation.
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                            Re: RE Deep Deep Deep

                            Wed, December 5, 2007 - 3:13 PM
                            Yes, I think morality is societal norms. Let me give you an example. I was in alaska, and visiting an eskimo family. The mother was talking about her children, and blatantly told me, in front of them, who was her favorite, and which one she didnt really care for. For most of us, certainly for me, this was unconsionable. I was shocked that she would talk about her daughter like that, and her daughter didnt seem to be the least bit effected. This was their norm, lying, even what we would call a white lie, is taboo. Sharing their wife with a visitor was and is their custom, just being hospitable. So, is it wrong for you to feel the power trip, or pleasure, whatever? I dont think so. Consenting adults doing consenting things, in my book, is nothing to feel guilty about. Religion is something that would surely cloud the issue, and in my experience has cause alot of divorce and lies over things like this. Heaven and Hell, I dont want to get into my religious beliefs, too much for this forum. We can chat if you want, i am on yahoo messenger, wild_goose42.
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    I doubt it but I haven't been with any black men (yet.) I don't see why skin color would make one a better bull.

    It's attitude more than anything else. And, of course, size.

    ~ T
    • I agree with you T. Everybody's different.
      For the record, I've seen some pretty big white dicks too!
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        This question was more for the husband watching than the wife enjoying. Im sure for the woman good dick is good dick. But because cuckin is dom versus simission......Is the husband more stimulated/humiliated seeing a black bull satifying his mistress? So T do you think it would matter to your husband? And if it didn't really matter then why havent you had a black bull yet? Is good dick color blind?
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          Follow up- Are we really uninhibited sexually? Or does our sexual behaviors include our prejudice and bias. It seems morality is the true standard of keeping ourselves in check and immorality under the banner of self expression and freedom is degrading morality. Some people believe true freedom comes from doing anything you want to do which to me is just a quick fix like getting high. But real freedom is my mind controlling the animal in me (my body) and knowing that I can be content with me.

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