Castrated husbands

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How many bulls tolerate the husband not being neuterd? One of my females husbands had a vasectomy to make sure the babies were mine. My new female and I are talking about chemically castrating her husband or having surgery. His little dick gets so hard when we tell him we are going to cut them off.
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  • my wife wants to castrate me to engender babies black and what i educate them i good nanny once castrated.I AM AFRAID of it,of consequence but i recognize of the black cock is better on mine and the merits of his desire
    • castration is generally not allowed unless done eg thailand , so black bulls should get a white sissy hubbies - wife to take
      him for a vasectomy so her hubby is unable to breed her . maybe all black bulls should request this of white wives to have there
      white sissy hubbies done.
      • Jim
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        It's not necessary to go to Thailand for castration. There's a doctor near Detroit who does voluntary castrations, and I believe someone took over for a doctor near Philadelphia who retired. So if a wife and her Black bull want her husband castrated, it can be done. It's not up to the husband in this situation to decide. The decision is his wife's and her Black bull's, and if they want him castrated, he gets castrated. All that's left is finding someone to do it. Black bulls should insist on white hubbies' castration, instead of a vasctomy. Being neutered makes the husband's role in the household much clearer and helps him understand he's not the man of the house now. How can he be? He doesn't have balls. White hubbies shouldn't look at this as something bad. They should view it as a privilege--to be able to give up their balls to make their wives happy and please the black bull.
        • Jim, that's an interesting view, one i share by the way. And i DID NOT KNOW that about the docs in Detroit and Philadelphia. i may have to check them out if i really get interested in this, but i'd rather have a Dominant Wife and Her Bull make that decision for me. Down below in another posting, i made the following statement:

          "The amputated testicles should be put on display in the cuckold home, either as jewelry or an accessory
          the Wife can display (dried earrings, on a necklace, or the sac made into a tiny little date-night purse She
          can carry Her lipstick and keys in....the skin can be tanned and made into any number of useful objects
          like that.... OR put into a jar of formaldehyde and placed in a prominent place where guests can see them,
          along with a proper brass plate or printed card saying "These are my husband's testicles; I had them
          removed on September 15, 2008 to make him my eunuch slave" or words to that effect. Imagine the
          conversations THAT would start. If anyone ever demanded proof, hubby would be required to drop his pants
          (or raise his skirt) and show them the scar where his missing balls used to be."

          Do you (or anyone else in this conversation) have any other ideas what should be done with the severed testicles? Maybe present them to the Bull as a gift of submission, preserved in a jar? What other ideas do you all have?
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    Well, I am a sissy cuckold husband and still live with my wife who is dating a very handsome bull named Thomas who is 10 years younger than she is. Anyhow, because Tom is very dominant he has been making all the decisions around our house and for our lives and I love having a strong man around the house so much I"m getting castrated as punishment for being a faggot and to prove my submissiveness and obedience. What the hey, I've been impotent from taking female hormones for years anyway. I'll be glad when they're gone and so will Tom and Lizzy. He's already the only real man in our lives but this will make it permanent and final!
    Love Ash. xoxo
    • think of it not as punishment but something necessary as u dont use them any more
      • No, not "punishment" at all...another way to think of it is "correcting a mistake". Just like some males find that they were really females mistakenly born into a male's body, a cuck is mistakenly born with testicles, and once he and his Wife have discovered the cuckold lifestyle, the final act to consummate that life is the removal of hubby's testicles. Chemical castration is temporary and a half-hearted surrender of masculinity, the only TRUE way to establish a couple as a devoted cuckold couple is for the hubby to be emasculated physically, surgical removal of his testicles to (1) take him out of the gene pool and prevent any reproductive abilities, and (2) to make him more docile and obedient as a cuck hubby, and (3) as a test of his submissiveness...for if he balks at doing this final test, then he fails as a cuckold and should be kicked to the curb and a new cuck hubby found who WILL submit to his final fate.

        Further, the amputated testicles should be put on display in the cuckold home, either as jewelry or an accessory the Wife can display (dried earrings, on a necklace, or the sac made into a tiny little date-night purse She can carry Her lipstick and keys in....the skin can be tanned and made into any number of useful objects like that.... OR put into a jar of formaldehyde and placed in a prominent place where guests can see them, along with a proper brass plate or printed card saying "These are my husband's testicles; I had them removed on September 15, 2008 to make him my eunuch slave" or words to that effect. Imagine the conversations THAT would start. If anyone ever demanded proof, hubby would be required to drop his pants (or raise his skirt) and show them the scar where his missing balls used to be.
        • I agree totally, john. Twenty-five years ago the wife and her bull had me accompany them for a vacation in Mexico so that a doctor there could correct a mistake of nature. i had been mistakenly born with testicles. At the time the Wife and i had been married for almost three years. But our marriage proved that i could never be a real man. Though the wife cuckolded me on our honeymoon, i didn't completely accept the cuckold lifestyle at first. The wife and her bull said my testicles were holding me back from complete acceptance. Also there was prejudice on my part, as the wife and i are white and her lovers were Black. Still i saw how her Black lovers satisfied her in ways i never could.

          So while the wife and her lover enjoyed Mexico's beautiful beaches, the doctor removed my testicles. i spent a week at the clinic recovering as the wife and lover swam, danced, and made love. In fact he impregnated her while i was recovering from the operation. One of the nurses placed my severed testicles in a fancy jar of formaldehyde and gave them to the wife. Today they are displayed in our living room. No brass plate, but she did put a label on the jar saying in large print "A Gift From Mexico." In small print it says: "frankie's testicles, placed in this jar on October 16, 1988." And yes it is a conversation piece. The wife's women friends always giggle when they see it. She also tells them she had me castrated because eunuchs are better at caring for children than intact males. When the friends see her and her lover's brood of mixed race kids, they understand.

          As a white eunuch, i hold no prejudice toward Blacks, and accept the wife's lovers as superior to me. It's also brought out the faggot in me who loves to be dominated and used by strong Black gay men.
        • John, I really admire the way you think, and agree with just about everything you say, I can see myself becoming one of your followers. I, indeed feel, that as a young horny stud, I should have been taken under a mentor's wing, such as yourself to have been trained properly as a future Cuck, when I read your view my little white Peter tries to salute you by rising to the occasion, however, I have learned that the minuscule size of my white penis should in fact be subjugated to the far superior Black Bull Cock, for worship and adoration for the purpose of breeding with white women.
          Though I was sterilized at eighteen, at the age that I would have become dangerous as a white propgater of lesser size, it is something I now wish to confirm by have my "nuts" removed and possibly even have my groin smoothed out, to the delight of females. THANK YOU SIR, for expressing the beliefs that I hold sagride .
    • Wow, this is a very large step to take, I didn't even know there were men who are this extrem with cuckolding! I am not jusdging really, just curious, I hope it goes well if this is what makes you happy!
      • i understand your point, and i was there at one time too, but now have finally come to the place where if i could find a Dominant Woman who would take me as Her cuckold hubby, i would gladly marry her and submit to being castrated if that would make Her happy. i welcome it, in fact.
  • many men dont mind or even want to be castrated eg testicles removed. it isnt that eays to arrange but is possible. not recommnded for guys under 35 or having doubts about it.
    have only ever found one couple who had this done and it was wifes suggestion to avoid a cock cage etc. all three are happy with result but be aware many men who seek thsi will often regret it later as its almost certain no more erctiosn occur within 24 hours of there removal.
    sadly my wife isnt happy about this so I have 2 keep mine.
    • My lady's husband made him get a vasectomy. She hardly has any sex with him any more. I allow it on his birthday and Christmas but he has to wear a rubber. My cum is the only cum that gets into her pussy. Since they were married I let her make the choice of which way he was neutered. good thing it wasn't left up to me!
      • Sounds like you have been fucking my wife! Pretty much the same with me in terms of no sex but on special occasions for me. She has threatened to have my balls removed, but I'm not sure that her bull cares either way, so she probably won't act on it.
    • As a castrated man I can tell you that erections do not cease 24-hours after your testicles are removed. It can take a few weeks, or not happen at all. In almost all cases there will be diminished sex drive, lowered ability to perform the sex act, and in ALL cases sterility.
  • This will be unpopular but ... this almost never happens. It's as rare as a unicorn. This fantasy is one of the ones people pretend is real but it just isn't. And that's OK. Some things are better left as a fantasy.
    • I would tend to agree with that. I'd say for every 100 who wish to be cucked and castrated, probably only 1 of them actually gets there.
      • I think castrating is a bit too far for me, but my husband had a vastemony the moment we entered a cuckold relationship and it's something we have not regretted.
        • Wow very interesting to read all these, I don't think I could ask my partner to do such a thing like that or that I would enjoy knowing that he had done that for me. I think vastemony is acceptable but something more than that would be cruel.
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      Hi to all

      I do not care if its rare or not ! My hubby is going to be castrated and I am going to do it myself !!!
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        LOL.. OK. I will say this, I have gotten more males into cuckolding and women to cuckold them through erotic control, keeping the cucks nuts, but, having them 'waste their sperm' every time their wife has sex. I am currently single, but, would get a vasectomey and gladly shoot blanks in tribute to my mates orgasms and raise the children she has with other men. I also find that ass F#$%in sissy cucks is a two fold win, wife gets to humilate and have the pleasure of ordering her cuck to take it and someone like me still gets to waste his sperm up the ass, in a condom, safety first you know.. Have fun. :)
  • So far my wife has not asked. She really doesn't have one dominant man but fucks several. I kind of like my balls hanging in there..And I usually fuck my wife when she comes home full of cum. Which is at least once or twice a week.
  • Well... I do not see the need for such a violent action.
    In the case of a cuckold relationship, a vasectomy/chemical castration seem to be great solutions. They end the possibility of pregnancy OR destroy the hubby's sexual drive.

    Now... actually cutting his balls or his white cock seems a little too much for me.

    I feel the essence of cuckolding is not that the hubby does not have balls/cock. It is that the balls/cock he has are clearly inferior to the bull's balls/cock. And I feel the small balls/cock should be left there as an always present visual reminder of such truth.

    In fact, I'd say, white cucks should always parade their small/silly cocks as a warning to all women of what they're getting (and what they COULD be getting IF they went looking for another, bigger cock).

    So I do not see a real need to actually do a full physical castration.
    But of course others may disagree.
    Whatever gets you through the night is alright!
    • @Linda. You said "Now... actually cutting his balls or his white cock seems a little too much for me". What is with you and has to be a "white" cock? You seem to think that all white cocks are small. I'm here to tell you that is BS. I would put mine up any day against some of these other BBCs you seem to think are so well hung. I have cucked a black couple and his was small indeed. But I don't ax poetic about it.
      • I have no problem with white cocks, Jonathan.
        In fact, I'm trying to spare them from the knife! (laughs)

        I have my preferences and you have yours.
        I have my reasons to have them and you have yours.

        If you are a happy bull with a huge white cock, fine. It's great!
        Be happy about it.

        I prefer BLACK cock. I love it.
        But that's me. You can be something else.
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      Yes, I feel the same way. It is highly erotic and much more enslaving to a white cuckold like myself to have my relatively healthy cock hanging useless and even ridiculed. When the righteous seeding is over to be masturbated or encouraged to masturbate into the toilet, having the white wife and possibly the Black male piss on the sperm before it is flushed. This should happen every time and the rest of the time the cuckold kept in chastity or even masturbated every day to keep his balls empty. Of course, vasectomy is an option, castration sounds dangerous. Eventually, if I found a lady like yourself, I would gladly destroy my ability to have children and a vasectomy, if that's what she and Bull wanted, I would hope she would be content to just destroy my sperm in ritual ways. It is up to Lady like yourself and there are many options.
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      I just had a vasectomy as my wife has three children from another relationship and doesn't want anymore. I gladly took on her surname and am a happy sterilsed.
      • See this is more exceptable to me, she originaly took my name, but once we started the cuckold life style she thought it would be an added touch to have me switch to her surname, I admit it is hard explaining, but we have found it feels right, as for vasectomy, she has only mentionedit, I would do it if it was that important, bat as far as taking them off goes, I think it is to extreme.
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      As Belinda's hubby, I had a vasectomy some eleven years ago shortly after the birth of our daughter. This was before we both began to come to the conclusion of superior black cock. The years since then have allowed us to enjoy some swinging episodes together with couples. Now I am so excited hoping that Belinda will become pregnant as a result of unprotected sex with a black partner. Since our daughter is of mixed Asian and Caucasian heritage, it will be even better when Belinda eventually becomes pregnant with a black baby. We live in a nice neighborhood but we are blessed that several families are black or of married or single white women who have been black bred. Our situation will blend in nicely.
  • I've been cuckolded by an admittedly much better equipped Black Man for the past few years. The three of us are quite contented with the situation. The idea of castration is not even remotely on anyone's radar screen. IMO, there is aboslutely no connection between cuckolding and castration. Knowing the bull, and given his level of self-assurance, I am certain such an idea would never cross his mind - in fact, I'm quite sure he would be repulsed by it. What self-respecting bull is worried about the cuck's equipment?
    • I tend to agree... the bull is the bull... it is obvious who will be fucking the wife.
      • In our case the Bull (Barry) was keen to sire a Child from a white Anglos Saxon woman. He was half-asiam with a Scottish father and Singaporean mother, and the prospect of impregnating my wife Ann, who was born in Scotland, and then having the child born in Scotland would ensure the Clan connection would continue with a strong possiblity of Asiam genetics being included. Ann was now fourty, and hadn't given birth for ten years. She hadn't used contraception, but was quite adament in me not having sex with her when she predicted she was fertile. This method failed once, however she had an early miscarriage, hence the pregnancy didn't come to fruition.

        Althougg they were yet to have their first proper date, Ann and Barry phoned each other quite regularly and he often called in at the supermarket she worked at for a chat with her. He was a contolling infulence on our marriage and as Ann was atracted to his charm and confidence, I had to accept my new submissive role in the marriage.

        The subject of them having sex on their first date was brought up, and Ann assured me it wouldn't happen. However her vunerability in such a situation was beyond doubt and arrangements were made for her to have a diaphragm handy 'just in case!' Although I was still having infrequent sex with her, it was normally with Barry's permission and Ann made sure I wore a condom from start to finish.
        I started becoming very jealous of Barry's control on our life and he told Ann that I should have a drug to reduce my sexual interest in her.

        This stopped me getting a full erection, although I still wanted to do her, it wouldnt quite get hard enough for penetration. The result was that she hadn't had decent sex for about three months before her first date with Barry In this case castration proved effective in preventing any chance of impregnating Ann, while making her receptive for the Bull on her first date.
  • I agree it is mostly a fantasy, my husband does not really want to lose his little nuts, but it does turn him on to no end when I talk to him about giving them up for the black bull. It would be the ultimate gilf to the black bull.
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      My wife Kate had proposed to have my balls removed since she doesn't use them anymore. After more than one year of thinking, discussing and collecting as much information as I could find, I finally took the decision to proceed. The operation took no more than 15 minutes and now my scrotum sac is totally empty and my balls are into a jar full of formalin placed in the basement of bull's house.
      • Why at the Bull's house? It would seem to me that since you gave them up and they are her trophies, she would keep them on display to remind you of your place. Are you going to posts pictures of them in the jat and yout empty scrotum?
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          My wife Kate kept the jar with my balls for a few days on a self in our bedroom, so she can show them to me every night when we are going to bed. Then she gave them to her bull to keep them in the basement of his house where he and his friends fuck my wife Kate.
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    Sorry folks, I came into this world with my nuts and i'm going to leave with them. Call me nuts if you like!
    • Nothing to be sorry about, you just havent met that special woman that will be able to convince you to do anything for her pleasure.
      • Unsu...
        Yes I totally agree with you Amanda. A few years ago I could never imagine myself having my balls removed. But having all those years a special wife like Kate makes me wanting to go a step further. As she proposed me to have my balls removed and I realized how much she wanted this to happen I finally took the decision to proceed. And I didn't regret it.
        • I respect each and every one of the husbands who sacrificed the balls to their wives. There is nothing mor intimate that what you did. I myself have always thought that the Bull has no vote, this is between husband and wife, (of course there have been times where I wished for a vote) that is a family decision.
        • Well atleast you talked about it and made the choice your self, I think it is to extreme to just do what the wife says in this case, I guess if it was important enough to my wife and it was something she seriously wanted I would think abou it because I love her, but I can't say I would do it, but granted i am not as far in to cuckold life style as most these men who want to or most others at that so who know? lol
      • I am an inadequately sized white cuckold who has been prescribed a testosterone treatment because my small testicles are not producing it on their own so their only function now is to produce sperm. Since my sperm normally ends up being flushed down the toilet anyway I will gladly allow that special woman to make the decision to have my balls removed for her enjoyment/pleasure.
    • Joe
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      I agree fully,if a woman wants my balls then I want her clit.
      What is good for the gander is good for the goose.
      When the shoe is on the other foot it is not so comfortable, huh!
      I'm not into hurting women but I've always stood up for myself and won't change now.
      • Well Joe, i respect your opinion, but i think most of the males (i won't say "men" because most males here have given up that label, but as males cannot deny the XY chromosome difference).... most MALES here, me included, won't identify with the goose-gander analogy. We tend to put our Women in an exalted place, on a pedestal if you will, as superior beings. We "ganders" are subject to the whims of our Geese Women bosses, and their Bulls if they choose to take one...or several. i don't WANT my balls gone, but if a Dominant Woman (or Goose in our analogy) wants them gone, then this gander will acquiesce and submit to Her decision.
        • My wife has started to play around with the gender superiority role and I admit it she has some valid points, but to remove a males testicals to prove that point seems hardcore at best? I guess man kind has done worse, but either way it's pretty extrem.
        • My wife has started to play around with the gender superiority role and I admit it she has some valid points, but to remove a males testicals to prove that point seems hardcore at best? I guess man kind has done worse, but either way it's pretty extrem.
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    Castration or vasecotomy should not be done to white men. They should learn to keep their cock in their pants while black man are taking care of females in his family. The only obligation a white husband or father has is to keep reproducing white females for black man to enjoy.

    If every white man was castrated or had a vasectomy. They would be no white females for the black male population to enjoy, this is only my opinion. Having had a wife who loved the black male population I did not have relations with my wife for a long time because I knew my place in our home.
  • What chemical is used?
    • I thought I would post a reply because I have some medical background and can answer this question. A class of medications called anti-androgen are used in males for chemical castration this class of drugs include such medicines as cyproterone acetate or the birth-control drug Depo-Provera, which is given as an injection every three months. The antipsychotic agent Benperidol is also indicated for this purpose, and can also be given in injection form. When used on men, these drugs can reduce sex drive, compulsive sexual fantasies, and capacity for sexual arousal. Life-threatening side effects are rare, but some users show increases in body fat and reduced bone density, which increase long-term risk of cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis. They may also experience gynecomastia (development of larger than normal mammary glands in males) reduced body hair and loss of muscle mass. The stark reality is this may be a great fantasy to employee but the realities of it is much different and a physician/psychologist should be consult prior to starting any of the above indicated medications. In addition it would be difficult to find a physician in the US that would be willing to do this due to ethical & legal concerns.
      • Good advice, Ms. Karen, but a cuckolding couple who are determined and wealthy enough COULD go to a foreign country (Mexico, Thailand, etc.) and simply have it done there. i still think, as You said, that a doctor's advice should be sought first.
  • My wife loosely cuckolds me. I haven't been allowed sex with her for many years but we have a son who was conceived by having me masturbate and squirt my seed into her vagina which was held open with a speculum. She had both of us sterilized after his birth. She wanted to avoid any hassles with birth control with her partners and wanted me done as well. Insurance covered it as well. She eventually became more dominant and controlling over my sexual needs and releases. One of her favorite partners suggested that she should just have me neutered to avoid sexual needs like one would do with a pet dog. It wasn't easy for her to convince me to surrender the family jewels but a lengthy trial of chemical castration showed me life without testosterone was possible and not intolerable. I found doing without sexual needs was preferable to being controlled and frustrated continually. She was very pleased when I told her I was ready to be permanently desexed. Castration wasn't simple to arrange but it was done safely as a medical procedure. She frequently introduces me to her kinky friends as her eunuch husband.
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    I'm not a husband to a woman, but my girlfriend & my own sister sissified & feminized me long ago. Then a couple of years ago with our mother's help they castrated me. Since then I have become a very passible, passive & submissive sissy/transexual for my ladies to watch as I service numberous black men that they get to come over our house for me to service.
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    I am a sissy girl cuckold husband and would like to be controlled and made to cross dress by a dominant Master who arranges for my castration and then fucks my wife and breeds her.
  • I don't think the cuckold husband should be casterated, because if he is handsome enough (good looking) looking,, he will be used as a sperm donner, to make more daughthers( toys) for the bull to fuck, the cuck can also be used to cross breed his daugthers
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    I am a castrated cuckold husband. After two years of sex denial my wife Kate proposed to have my balls removed. I did it and I didn't regret it.
    I think that every cuckold husband should be castrated after a few years. It's much better like this.
    • My husband would definitely agree with you. He was chemically castrated first, and then after it was beyond the point of no return, he agreed it would just be better if they were gone entirely. He told me the other night, he has no regrets and much prefers how he feels and lives now to how he felt before. But, it may not be for everyone.
      • Unsu...
        I was not chemicaly castrated first. My wife kept me in denial of sex for two years and then she proposed to have my balls removed. After a lot of thinking I did proceed. I didn't regret it. I love my current state of being her castrated servant.
  • Unsu...
    One of my breeding partners has suggested we chemically castrate hubby. At this point I am fine with it, as I will not sexually interact with him again. His suggestion was injections of grain alcohol right in the testes.
    This particular breeding partner suggested we read to him the scenario he wished to fulfill with my hubby in order to dominate and humiliate. Before we read the story, my partner asked him to remove all his clothes, and stand with his hands on his head, and his legs spread.
    He began to read the story, and told hubby that any erections, will be an immediate acceptance of the proposition. My partner didn’t make it past, shaving his body, and strapping him down before he had a full erection. He then made him jack off, and put the chastity device on, and we are waiting for the special night within a week.
  • i will state here for the record, should any Domme Female and Her Bull(s) take me on as a full-time cuckold oral slave, and if being castrated and submitting to being their eunuch slave was a condition of being their oral slave, i would readily accept and submit to it. i would HOPE She would do it in a safe, hygienic way, painless and by a doctor...but if She chose to do it in the most humiliating and painful way possible, i would accept that too.
  • Im cool with vasectomy. I dont know if you need to cut them off. but if hubby would go along with it might aswell
    • Well, You know, Ms. Crystal, that some subs on this tribe actively WANT to be castrated to make their lower cuckold submissive status complete. i'm not one who seeks it, but if my Mistress or Her Bull insisted, i would definitely submit to it.
    • Makes sense in a way lol.
      • Jared, just accept that some cuckold hubbies (or BFs) actually DESIRE to be castrated to further humiliate them, so their Wives and Bulls can taunt and tease them about it.... it makes them more accepting of a feminized, less-than-man submissive male. It may not be for you, but that's OK too. I understand both points of view.... if i had a Wife and Her Bull both demanded i be castrated....hmmm, i'd probably submit, but i'm not actively seeking it.
  • Unsu...
    OK, what's the point? Once the husband is castrated or rendered infertile, the couple becomes one of thousands of other couples where there is a problem of infertility. The wife seeks other ways of becoming pregnant while the husband knows he can't fertilize his wife's eggs. No real fun in that.

    IMHO, it's better to leave the husband intact with his balls and fertile sperm, knowing he will NEVER impregnate his wife. He can sit there while she's taking her Bull and maybe even jerk off into a condom while watching. After his wife is bred, he should lick the balls and cock of the Bull and thank him for his service. Then he should lick the excess sperm from his wife.

    Only AFTER the wife's confirmed pregnancy should he be allowed to have sexual contact with his wife, after all many women do love the feel and taste of sperm. During such times, he should be made to worship his wife's belly and the baby within. He should be made to acknowledge that while he and her Bull share the same cunt, all her eggs belong to her Bull.

    Once again, this is my opinion and things like castration fall into the category of "S&M". If that is what you consider "Cuckold" then head for (not for the faint of heart) to see what you can do to male genitalia.
    • In my case all power rests with my wife, not with me or any bull she may be seeing -- but - castration of the cuck would really remove him from the list of "MEN" she knows and result in his no longer feeling any excitement, any torment of knowing he was running a poor third to real men. Being allowed to masterbate while knowing your wife is mounting bigger and better men is exquisite torture you will want to experience over and over.
  • Since his little dick gets "so hard" when You talk about it, maybe You should just continue talking about it in front of him as a constant tease. There ARE advantages to a sub having balls, after all... the chastity device cock cages are designed to fit a ring behind the balls to make them stay in place, and without balls they just slip off; and a sub with balls is a sub that has a VERY sensitive place to inflict pain, punishment, and correction when he needs it. You could even make him impotent with his balls on him, by (1) kicking or whacking his balls with a rod everytime he gets hard, or (2) applying electrical shocks to his balls and the tip of his cock for Your amusement...depending on how long you shock him (minutes up to an hour) You can make him temporarily impotent for a few days or weeks, up to PERMANENTLY impotent from nerve damage caused by the electrical shocks. If that's what you really want (him being impotent) you could avoid the possible complications of bleeding and infection from a castration by just whacking his balls or electro-shocking them until he no longer gets hard. On the other hand, maybe You like seeing his little dick hard, knowing that his wife's pussy belongs to You, and that she will never let him fuck her with it again. Make him jack off for both of you as a side show, half-time entertainment while You take a break from fucking her... make him jack off into the toilet and then You reach over and flush his semen, or let his wife do it....say, "There, cuckie, that's how much your semen is worth, flushed down with the rest of the shit in this house." Give him a list of things he has to read out loud while You are fucking his wife, like, "My little dicklet is useless to my wife. She fucks real men, BLACK men, because i'm a useless little-dick white boy." ...and so on, You can be as creative as You want.... and his little dick will continue to get hard, but he will not be allowed to fuck his wife....ever! Maybe You could find another white boy cuck type and bring him over and make them suck each other off so his wife can see him as a pathetic cocksucker, willing to do anything just to have his little dick pleasured. Find a gay twink and let him fuck his ass while his wife watches and tells him, "That's the only 'pussy' you will get from now on, boy." The possibilities are endless...sir.
  • I am kept in chasity all time my gf wants me casturated do u have any info how we can get this done
    • Unsu...
      This nigger gonna fuck ya in the asshole
      • Unsu...
        My Wife is having a castration party for me on my birthday next week. I will be done on the kitchen table by her sister who castrates her own lambs. About 20 women from the village are coming to help and watch as I loose my balls which will be sliced up on toast and washed down with Champaign by the guests. She plans to get a bull and so I need to be done for her.
  • i had a surgery and nw im very happy watching my wife get fucked by her bbc bf and letting me clean them and serve them
    • Unsu...
      My castration is happening tonight. Wifey has shaved my balls and tied a cord tight round them to numb them. They have turned blue now and no feeling in the balls at all but painful round the cord knot. Guests arrive at 7, castration at 8, just hope I can go through with it all and not chicken out at the last min. Once the lady guests get their hands on me I will have no choice. No camera's allowed so no photo's
  • After reading and contributing to this conversation thread in the past, i just had a new thought on it.... in reality, once a hubby or BF has reached the status of cuckold (and has willingly or unwillingly accepted that role), he's pretty much already emotionally castrated as it is. It might be sufficient to just lock him in chastity and you'll never hear from him again. His purpose after his wife / GF takes a Black lover(s) is to hold down a job, support his wife / GF and her lover(s) financially, do chores around the house, serve as oral slave if required, and otherwise just shut up and follow orders. That sounds a lot like being castrated to me! But if You prefer actual, physical castration, Sir Zulu, then so it should be.
  • The cucks wives I have been with just were not having sex with their husbands at all. One women did ask me to castrate her husband, but I am not into doing that.
    • BURT, if you were fucking my wife, I'd give up my nuts so that you would be sure you were impregnating her, I don't know if you would be comfortable letting me "lubricate" her before you PLANTED YOUR SUPER SEED? but I'd sure like eating your asshole while you fuck her!
      • Jason, You could lubricate her if you wished as long as you did not use your cock to do it! You would be welcome to suck on my cock or balls before/during/after having sex with her and you would be welcome to clean up afterwards. The wife of one of my previous cucks used to ask me to fuck her husband while she watched. Some times she would squat over him and let him eat her out while I fucked him.
  • I knew before I got married I didn't want to pass my little dick gene on to my wife's children. so I was sterilized when I was in my teens, and so my wife has never had to worry about me getting her preg. She has always said I'm only good enough to lubricate her for her Bull to impregnate her, I am her oral slave, her Bull's oral anal slave and my ejaculate is steril which he uses to jack off with, usually in my face after he releases inside my wife's cunt. then I have to clean that up, orally. :-)
    • Unsu...
      My castration was completely successful. SIL is an expert lamb castrator and had mine off in about 5 mins total. First shaved, then balls tied off tight, then she opened the sac and my wife did the final snip. Bit sore for a while but now I get to watch my wife get a good seeing to by her bull and a nice cock to suck afterwards
  • Sir Zulu, this conversation thread has been going strong since You first posted it in July. That tells me there is a LOT of interest in this subject, nicely done, sir. Some here may think this is fantasy only, but i submit that there are some here (bulls, wives, AND cuck hubbies) who WOULD be interested in making this a reality in their own lives. i would certainly submit to castration if i found a hot wife who was so in love with BBC and cuckolding me that if either She or Her bull ordered it, yes i would submit to being emasculated for them. i would HOPE to extract one or two "concessions" for my sacrifice... such as being allowed much less time in chastity, or perhaps none at all now that i am safely unmanned, or being Wife's SOLE oral slave, Her having no others for the exclusive cleanup duties, etc. ...or perhaps Wife and bull would allow me to masturbate my pathetic limp dick more often now that i'm their eunuch, unable to achieve much of an erection and CERTAINLY unable to impregnate the Wife. So i, along with lots of others here, have found this conversation most informative and intriguing.
    • White wives and Black Bulls castrating white husbands is a real turn on. Like to hear more on this subject. What to do with hubbies testicles ?
      • i understand your interest in this, it's the cuck's ultimate fetish / dream / nightmare. To be emasculated by his Wife and/or Her bull. This is an active conversation and it's been going on awhile...Sir Zulu really started something when He posted this thread. i think He tapped into an unknown fetish among cucks here and even some Wives. What i find interesting is the number of females who think this is a good idea... hmmm, if i could find a Wife like that i'd rush to Her and embrace the idea of castrated cuckold if She ordered it.

        As to "what to do with hubbies testicles".... there is a whole new topic, i think. Everything from "flush them down the toilet" to "let the dogs eat them" to "make hubby fry and eat them"... or even "turn the testes into earrings and the sac into a little purse" or "drop them in a jar in formaldehyde to put on the mantle" so that all visitors can see where hubby's balls are NOW, and know that the Wife is in charge.
        • Great responses. For me the wife has to be a white athletic blonde and extremely attractive and the bull black. The cuckold is of course white and maybe the wife finds out he is a racist and sexist pig. His punishment is emasculation. Maybe the black bull ties him up so he is helpless and lets the white wife castrate him.
          Also great responses for what to do with hubbies worthless white testicles. Maybe have hubby wear his own testicles as earrings when they feminize him. How humiliating this would be. Any white wives/black bulls have other ideas ?
          • Any human or animal tissue can be freeze-dried and made into hard little things that won't rot...the same holds true for testicles. Yes, making the eunuch cuck hubby wear his own dried testicles either as earrings or as a necklace would be suitable humiliation for him, and he would have to wear them everywhere. The necklace idea would be ideal if he has to continue working and living in the "normal" world, but he would still have to wear them. Can't you just imagine some secretary at the cuck's office asking "What are those odd stones on your necklace?" He would turn red and by order of his Wife have to tell the secretary the truth... "My wife had my balls cut off, and these are the dried testicles i have to wear." Imagine HER reaction, hehehehe.... And of course women do talk in a company, so the word would get around about the eunuch cuckold in the office.
            • Great humiliation ideas. Keep them coming. Would love to hear from white women on this subject. Would you enjoy wearing a pair of white testicles as earrings ? Do you enjoy hearing about cuckolds that are castrated by white wives and black lovers ?
  • Let me assure the readers of this thread about the reality of it... yes, for some it IS a fantasy, a thought merely to hold during sexual pleasuring of one's self, a masturbation fantasy of being castrated by his Female Domme / Wife / GF or Her bulls. But to some others (and you all know who you are) it's a very real desire... YES, there are some males here who WOULD, either willingly or EAGERLY or who would accept FORCED involuntary castration, especially if it were in a ritual scene with the aforementioned Wife / Domme / GF and/or Her bulls officiating and actually wielding the knife...or scalpel... or rusty spoon, whatever the fantasy dictates (or is it "dick-tates"? hehehe). So before the skeptics here think they've won, no, for some it's very, very real, and some do actually seek it. I'm almost to that point myself and by the time i find a Domme Female to make me Her cuck, i will have made up my mind one way or the other, but as it stands right now, i"M ALMOST ready to lose them if it would please Her.
  • I have had several relationships with cuckold couples. In both cases the man was cuckolded because he could not have sex for various reasons or was sterile. I have met a few others where the wife was totally dominant and personally I found them distasteful and did not get involved. Yes, it was great to have sex with the wife and sometimes to fuck the husband, but I always find it hard to take when the women is nasty to her man. You wonder why they ever married in the first place. You might flame me for this but should be get off the fantasy and deal with the real cuckold couples?
  • As a Dom I expect at a minimum that all cucks have there usless apendages locked into a tiny cock cagen I keep the keys which after 2 or 3 years of servicing their wives I grin the keys up in front of them lettin them know that they will be slaves to me. I dont tolerate the notion of them submitting to their wife I own her... therefor I own them
  • Unsu...
    Castration is an unneeded extreme. Simply milk it out of him with a regular schedule of directed masturbation and handjobs. Eventually he will only respond to creampie and BBC nothing else will stimulate him.
    • Unsu...
      I tend to agree with Gina. Castration should be reserved for white men who resist giving their wives over to blacks. Men like my husband who submit to this should be allowed to keep their balls. I give my husband footjobs and let him eat my creampies and that is enough for him. He now finds it hard to get an erection unless he is watching me get fucked by black men, hearing about it afterwards, or watching IR porn. And when he does get hard it is less hard and smaller and smaller as time goes on, and he cums fairly quickly and in smaller amounts. So easier and easier for me to deal with and get on to what really gives me satisfaction.
      • Unsu...
        Yes, I feel the same way. It is highly erotic and much more enslaving to a white cuckold like myself to have my relatively healthy cock hanging useless and milked. When the righteous seeding is over to be masturbated or encouraged to masturbate into the toilet, having the white wife and possibly the Black male piss on the sperm before it is flushed. This should happen every time and the rest of the time the cuckold kept in chastity or even masturbated every day to keep his balls empty. Of course, vasectomy is an option, castration sounds dangerous. Eventually, if I found a lady like yourself, I would gladly destroy my ability to have children and a vasectomy, if that's what she and Bull wanted, I would hope she would be content to just destroy my sperm in ritual ways. It is up to Ladies like yourself and there are many options.
    • Gina, i see Your point and agree...castration should be reserved for the cucks who really desire it or for those males who are pedophiles or rapists. i don't know if i would volunteer for neutering...yet, anyway, could under the right circumstances... but as You say, behavior modification of frequent milking and extreme masturbation (forced many times over several hours) could indeed redirect a male's sexual drive using classical conditioning techniques...alternating pleasure (for good servitude) with pain (CBT for disobedience and failure to comply with orders, etc.). A good squeeze to the balls is usually enough to get any man to pay attention and get in line...and if those balls were removed, there's very little leverage over a sub male. i'm quite sure i too would eventually respond only to BBC and creampies if conditioned properly like You suggest.
    • Unsu...
      That's true. With the proper training you can make your white boi respond only to what you want. I can't get hard to vanilla porn anymore, it has to be interracial.
  • I think it depends on the husband. I have been with a cuckold couple where the man lost his balls in an accident. He just took no interest while I was having sex with his wife but they both wanted to have children and I helped out with 2 kids. Another couple were quite different, she was somewhat abusive of her husband and as time went on she kept asking me to castrate him. I would not do it and after I while I ended the relationship. I am sorry I provided them with 1 kid and I now wonder how he will grow up.
  • There is certainly a glory (for the woman and her Bull) when the cuck jerks into the toilet... or when his sperm is simply thrown away... or when he is eating another man's sperm fresh from his wife's pussy... and he KNOWS his own sperm will never be anything but pointless ejections. He COULD have, SHOULD have, WOULD have... but that's simply not gonna happen.

    Why end these wonderful power games with a castration?
    • Unsu...
      Yes, Linda, my sperm is worthless and jerking every time after my cock and balls hang useless while a real cock fucks a woman makes me cum even without jerking off now, I am totally immersed in the life. The post you and the ladies write also help us cucks stay in line as we look for lady to cuckold us. Now, to empty my balls in tribute. :)
      • I agree,the women on this site are amazing.Thier lifestyle choices and how they defend and promote them is awesome, hot!They all deserve the best...BLACK!
    • chastity serves much the same function, too. Why would my wife and black bull castrate me, when they can keep me in chastity, constantly horny and humiliated?
      • Not only that, but if your balls are gone, they've lost the best way to punish you...balls are the most sensitive part of the male anatomy, and without them they have less means of controlling or punishing you. But still, i guess some Women and some Bulls prefer the cuck hubbies to be out of the picture, sexually, completely.
    • Spot on Linda! im 26 and i am getting a vasectomy this month! I know my small dick white sperm should NEVER be allowed to enter a woman. Im ending my family line as im the last male of my family. I'm just trying to do my part by not spreading my bad genes on to anyone. Im so happy that this is happening. this way any relationship i end up in will require the sperm of someone else, I will do everything i can to make sure it comes from a BBC. I've also started cumming into the toilet and pissing all over it before i flush it. i enjoy the symbolism of my worthless shit sperm resting in the sewer with shit where it belongs.
  • My wife discussed my castration with her Black bull and the many advantages of having a white cuck husband without balls. They planned on having several children together that I would raise for them. They had learned that Eunuch cucks were better at raising a bull's children than a cuck who had all his parts. Eunuchs are gentle and make excellent nannies. Plus without their baby makers attached, eunuchs don't think about sex and can concentrate on domestic tasks. Moreover, without balls eunuchs are very submissive. Once they both agreed that it was best that I be castrated, they informed me that I was soon to submit to the operation, as i had no choice in the matter.

    However, they weren't able to find any doctor locally who would do the procedure. They looked a foreign options and these were too expensive. So they dropped the matter and i still have my balls. But if the husband accepts the cuckold lifestyle as i have, then the decision to have him castrated is not his, and he must accept whatever the wife and her bull decide.

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