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topic posted Sat, August 6, 2011 - 9:11 PM by  Tamara
Hi, my name in Tamara and I am a college student studying Sexual Therapy. I am interested in writing an assignment on Cuckolding. I've read basically all I can in terms of books and websites and am just wondering if I could get the opinions of some actual Cucks, Bulls and Hotwives on some certain issues:

Do you think that the Cuckold subculture is getting bigger?

What percentage (or rough estimate) of married couples would you say participate in the Cuckold lifestyle in your opinion?

What are the main factors which drew you to Cuckolding?

Are Black Bulls preferred over Asian, White and Hispanic Bulls?

Is pregnancy something a lot of Cuckold couples desire?

I will be writing a paper about this however I will not use your names, age or addresses or anything like that. It will remain confidential. However, I will require you to state if you are a Hotwife, Bull or Cuck and how many years you have been practicing the lifestyle.

Thanks so much :-)
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    Sat, August 6, 2011 - 9:32 PM
    Hi Tamara, I am 27, a Hotwife and have been in the cuckolding lifestyle officially for around 5 years.

    1. Do you think that the Cuckold subculture is getting bigger? - In terms of people practicing it, not really. Maybe a slight increase but nothing huge. It's definatley not for everybody, some people may have cuckold like fantasies but never actually live them out. However I think though pornography people are becoming a bit more aware of what it actually is. There seems to be quite a thriving Porn culture associated with it.

    2. What percentage (or rough estimate) of married couples would you say participate in the Cuckold lifestyle in your opinion? - Hard to say, I would estimate probably around 1% or less.

    3. What are the main factors which drew you to Cuckolding? - My husband drew me to the lifestyle, both he and I share fantasies of me being with White men and he is quite submissive. We initially started out as a swinging couple and as time progressed, my husband and I began to look into cuckolding. After trying it casually a few times we decided to make it a permanent part of our lifestyle.

    4. Are Black Bulls preferred over Asian, White and Hispanic Bulls? - Being a Black hotwife, I prefer White men as do most Black hotwives. You will tend to find a lot of White couples prefer Black men however it's not universal. I know of several White cuckold couples who stick within their race. I guess it depends on the couple and their fantasies.

    5. Is pregnancy something a lot of Cuckold couples desire? - Not really. I am currently pregnant to my bull, however for most it is merely a fantasy and it stays that way. I would say only a small proportion of hotwives actually get pregnant to their bull.
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    Re: Questions for Cucks, Bulls and Hotwives

    Sun, August 7, 2011 - 9:05 AM

    I'm a 37 year old hot wife who has been in the lifestyle 15+ years.

    As for the first two questions, I don't have anything to add to Nubi's answers. My impressions ot the lifestyle are very similar to hers. As she said, it's hard to say what percentage of couples participate in cuckolding, but I can't imagine it being very high.

    As fior the third question, "What are the main factors which drew you to cuckolding?" Well, in my case, I was promiscuous as a teen and later. I tried to be monogamous, but it just didn't work. I admitted this to my fiance who asked me to marry him anyway (I did, and we've been married 15 years). I kenw nothing about cukolding, and it took me awhile to underderstand that he was not only ok with my promiscuity, he enjoyed it. He's a great guy, very loving and stable, who's submissive by nature. Over the years our marriage has developed into one where I'm the dominant partner for all practical purposes. It works for us, and we don't want to change.

    Are black bulls preferred...? As Nubi said, many couples prefer black bulls, at least in fantasy. Others do not. I've been lucky enough to be able to sample a variety of guys (I live near a large university with a lot of international students, and over the years I've gotten most of my dates from there), and I can only say it depends on the guy. I've had unbelievable sex with some black men (I'm white and so is my husband), but I've been disappointed in others. Same goes for every race. My husband doesn't seem to have a strong preference for black bulls.

    Is pregnancy something a lot of cuckolds desire? Again, I agree that few desire it. In my case, it happened the first time accidentally, while I was still engaged to my husband. I told him that the father was black ( a student from Senegal), and he married me anyway. Later on, as our marriage evolved and I knew I could have what I wanted, I decided I wanted one more child. I became pregnant intentionally by a Sicilian man I was hung up on for awhile, and I had twin girls. My husband has been a loving, responsible father to the kids, and as I said, it works for us.
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      Re: Questions for Cucks, Bulls and Hotwives

      Sun, August 7, 2011 - 7:54 PM
      I am a 29 year old Bull from the UK and have been involved in Cuckolding for 6 years.

      In terms of the lifestyle getting bigger, I dont think so but I agree there is a lot more awareness of Cuckolding as a lifestyle. As Nubian Princess said, I believe most of the people who are involved in the scene are initially drawn to it through Porn websites. I would estimate it at around 1% but that's just a rough estimate.

      What drew me to Cuckolding was a work buddy of mine who was interested in breeding his wife with another man in a gangbang. Myself along with a few other guys participated. I've been active in the lifestyle on and off ever since.

      I dont think race of the bull plays a big part in it. Porn websites will have you believe that it is a mostly a Black Men/White Couple thing. I can tell you it is most definatley not. I know several White and Asian cuckold couples who would not touch Black men with a 10 foot pole. Granted, some couples do have fantasies of having sex with a Black bull but in my opinion the whole interracial fetish is not as big as people would make you believe. I am White and most of the hot wives whom I am involved with are also White, however I have done Black and Asian women as well but only one or two. You tend to find Black men are most wanted with White couples whilst Black, Hispanic and Asian couples desire White men more. So it is a mixed bag. Some only care about the bulls penis size, others require that the bull be a certain body type and others like men who have a domineering and confident nature. It depends alot on the couple's fantasies.

      I have impregnated two women since being in the lifestyle, A young son born to a White couple and a daughter born to an Indian couple but I have had over a dozen lovers who had no desire for impregnation, so overall I would say no, there is no real desire to get pregnant within Cuckold couples. It remains mostly a role playing fantasy scenario between the Cuck and the Hotwife.
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        Wed, May 2, 2012 - 5:21 PM
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    Fri, September 2, 2011 - 9:58 PM
    No doubt that the Cuckold life style is getting bigger now that women are calling more of the shots and want what they want and men are willing to give it to them hell yea. I would say at least 60 to 80% of married couples are in this lifestyle. What drew me in is the no BS this is the what my wife wants can you deliver and thats how I ended up being a Bull. I don't know who is preferred but I have no shortage of women so I'd have to say its all up to the couple. In my opinion the pregnancy thing is split down the middle half do and half don't.
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    Sat, September 10, 2011 - 11:32 AM
    I am a 24 year old hot wife, married for only 4 years, but have been cuckolding my husband the entire time. Really, I was cuckolding him from even before we were dating since penetrative sex with him is disappointing at best. He knew that I was seeing other men primarily for the sex, while we shared an apartment, and when we became closer than just roommates it just continued. I guess like Nubi, I was very promiscuous and despite how much I love my husband as a partner, sex with him just isn't enough for me.

    Do you think that the Cuckold subculture is getting bigger? I have no idea how to judge this. My mother cucked my father, as did my mother-in-law her husband and we are friends with several other couples that have similar arrangements. I think that as part of being open enough to participate and enjoy this lifestyle, a couple naturally tends to find like minded people. It happens in all parts of society: tea partiers hang out with tea partiers, avid rock climbers hang with other climbers, sexually adventurous couples tend to find other like minded couples. With the rise in porn via the internet and it becoming almost mainstream in a way, I do agree that there is more awareness of cuckolding. I think it stands to reason that more people will be inclined to experiment since more people are being exposed to the very idea. How many, I couldn't begin to guess. It's probably considerably less than one poster indicated but I bet it's higher than 1%. Think about it, if the wife cheats on the husband, and they don't split up, he has basically accepted it, whether she chooses to do it again or not. That's certainly a loose definition of cuckoldry.

    What percentage (or rough estimate) of married couples would you say participate in the Cuckold lifestyle in your opinion? See above answer.

    What are the main factors which drew you to Cuckolding? As i stated above, it apparently runs in my family, though I was not aware that my mother had numerous sex partners other than my father for many years, until I was almost 17 in fact. My father was a CD all my life, and definitely took subservient, feminine role in their marriage. I guess I could have used her/him as a role model as easily as my mother who was very strong willed, confident and as it turns out, quite the dominatrix. It seems like one of many possible natural ways for couples to interact and helps scratch my quite substantial itch for lots of sex. As you may imagine, my husband is also a CD and quite subservient and feminine. I do want to emphasize that I don't see subservience and femininity as equivalent as I see myself as very feminine as well. But, when the feminine is emphasized in a genetic male, it does seem to go hand in hand with subservience.

    Are Black Bulls preferred over Asian? Is pregnancy something a lot of Cuckold couples desire? I think among white couples it tends to be the dominant fetish/taboo partly playing into the husbands ultimate submission fantasy. In my case, I just like a big cock on a man and want him to really take charge. Before I married my husband, I saw all races of men and didn't have a strong preference. As another posted said, in any race some will fantastic, others will be disappointing.

    It was maybe luck, or divine providence, but we honeymooned in Jamaica, and as they say, the rest is history. I did wind up pregnant from that two week stay but it wasn't originally a goal of ours. At this point, my husband isn't able to father children, so the point is moot in a sense, since if I want a bigger family, children will have to come from my bull or another man. My current bull and the father of my second son and the baby I am carrying now is also black, but I wasn't specifically looking for a black man, it just kind of happened that way. Of the cuckold couples we know, the white women do seem to prefer black or hispanic men, but then we only know a few couples into this, so it's hardly a representative sample.

    Hope that helps.
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    Sat, May 5, 2012 - 6:03 AM
    Gotta be less than 1%. I'm a white Dom male (hate the term Bull/prefer Lover or Stud) and have experience over 20 years that includes 6 couples. 4 wives were white, one was black and one was Filipina. In EVERY case, the wife wanted to get pregnant. Only one cuckold was what I would call "sissy."
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    Mon, May 7, 2012 - 8:01 AM
    1) do you think the cuckold subculture is getting bigger?
    no i dont believe it has, people are more aware that it exists of that i am certain

    2)percentage participating in the lifestyle?
    very very small, its estimated that maybe 75% of men fantasize about the lifestyle but for say 73% out of 75% they'll take it no further than that. out of that remaining 2% half will leave the lifestyle at some point. so perhaps only 0.5-1% will be successful

    3)what are the main factors that drew you to cuckolding?
    the love of my wife and the desire to please her would be the main ones, plus i find it incredibly beautiful seeing her with her lovers

    4)what bulls are preffered?
    its different for each couple, some prefer white others black. but i find it laughable that the myth of all blacks having big dicks is so prevalent, same with all asians having small ones. its just so stupid its funny.

    5)is pregnancy something alot of cuckold couples desire?
    again i would say it depends on the couple, i'd say most just prefer the lust of sleeping with another man but would not be willing to bring a baby into the issue which is understandable. so i'd probably say no, its only a small number out the very small number who are active in the lifestyle.

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