Breeding daughter

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I have a black bull for over 10 years. I'm 53y and he's 39y.
He wants to breed but i'm too old to give birth anymore.
Now my bull has suggested that we offer our youngest (19y) daughter for breeding.
She knows about our lifestyle!

I love my bull very much and i'm willing to do everhing for him.
Must i give my daughter to my bull for breeding?

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    Does your daughter want children? does she have a boyfriend/husband? What does she think of your lifestyle. I'm sure your bull can persuade her into bed if he really wants too. How does your cuckold feel about it?
    • Well, you said you were willing to do anything for your Bull and that you love him. If he is your Bull and your Boss, and you submit to him I would say yes.

      However, your daughter must CONSENT to sexual relations with him. I think it's great that she knows about your lifestyle, so if she approves also -- then your Bull should be inside of her. James is right about a real man and a real cock -- that is something we cuckolds cannot provide, although we are hardly sissies.

      - Jim
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      I think she isn't ready for children she's only 19y, but my bull says that it good for a young girl to get a baby. She support me in our lifestyle and she also things that black men are better then white men. Lol, that what i learned her. I'm not interested in the opinion of my cuck. He's not the biological father of my children. My bull told him that me and my hubby must undress Stephanie before his eyes and then hand her over to him and we have to watch the breeding sessions.
      • It sounds perfect...........but don't you think it might be good for her to have a year or two on birth practice the breeding cycle with your(her) Bull before she has her first baby with him. Would her father, who I assume isn't your dickless cuck, like to watch too?
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          my bull wants to breed her asap.
          after her first breeding she will be black owned for life and she will be shared with his black friends.
          • This was wonderful to read:

            >> I'm not interested in the opinion of my cuck.

            It's like magic to my eyes and to my brain. I love seeing that statement from a superior Cuckoldress. To me that means she is the decision-maker or follows the Bull's demands.

            While I am not fortunate currently to be a cuckold, I think it is still very important to learn and to read the words... & pick up on new things that will improve and define me as a good future cuck.

            Thank you, Patricia Cuckoldress. This has more meaning than you may have realized!

            Respecfully yours,

            - Jim
          • Of course......sharing is good........hopefully she will give them many black babies, who will grow up to be Bulls for white women as well.
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              cuckolding is great, but if "she's not ready to have a baby", then don't encourage your daughter. 19 is very young these days. use the money you'd spend on a kid to help her get an education so she can take care of herself in this increasing tough world, and then choose her own bulls, or not. Sometimes you have to say no, even to your bull.
          • Just to reiterate my private message to you earlier, I must applaud you for being so devoted to this culture and lifestyle and for taking it so seriously in how you govern your life and family. It is a beautiful and sincere thing you are doing in offering her to your bull and in turn you are giving your daughter the most precious gift of learning how wonderful and fulfilling it will be to service and be shared with different black bulls, as she will also achieve a superior level of sexual satisfaction that she may not even be able to imagine at this point. You are a role model for a future generation of families to come, as IR sex grows in popularity and acceptance, as more of us girls realize what Nature in her infinite plan wants and expects of us in the world today. Cheers to you!!!
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    Quite frankly your bull is a dirtbag for wanting to take away her youth.
    She needs to go to college and have a career before having childern.
    • Actually I was wondering if you will get her a tattoo that say "black owned".
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        James, similiar in a way to having a tattoo is for Carol, when heavy, maybe 8 months, to go out with me, her in a loose T-shirt, on the front saying, 'Married to an Indian', but at the back, written, 'but bred by a blond stud!'
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      I'm a cuckold and i'm all for doing what my wife and her bull decide, but to bring your daughter into it and persuade her in anyway is getting a little psyco. Leave her alone and let her make good life choices. You chose your path let her chose hers..
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        Dont worry my daughter is well educated and was the best of her class. She have a good job so dont worry about that guys.
        Ofcourse she will make het own decisions and i can tell you all that she dicided to serve black cock
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          Wow ! Thats great! If she is now onboard with it thats wonderful. I think it is a very beautiful thing your family is about to embark on. I do beleive all white women should conceive with black men. I'm very excited for you all and wish you the best of luck.
  • Wow! I can see the attraction to this. Your bull wants a baby of your genes, your daughter can provide that. There is also the attraction of having your daughter and bull together. This could create a lot of closeness. Like others that have posted, though, I am concerned about her age and her consent. If she consents to being with your bull, that would certainly be a wonderful thing. I'm not sure she should have a child yet. Would you raise the child as yours? Or would she be raising it?
  • Hello Patricia , my opinion is that if you love and obey your black bull that you should offer your daughter to
    him to be black bred by him. Of course if she willing to be black owned . Of course you and your cuck should
    be withness of her breeding , the ulimate gift you can give him.
    Go for it, love Frederik
  • For those of you that know me, I have been there and so has my daughter and some of her friends. This is a great experience for any woman. I say do it.
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      Thanks Tina for the support.
      After two breeding sessions with my bull we took a pregnancy test and with the result that she is pregnant.
      • That is really nice.......I'm sure that the big black cock that we see in you mouth gave her incredible pleasure as well......will she continue to get his cock for pleasure?
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          Yes James,

          She is now also his property and he can do with her whatever he wants.
          She will be shared after giving birth.
          • that is a wonderful gift for you think she may take a cuckold husband with your masters approval? He would have to be vasectomized like your own cuckold I assume.
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              yes an wonderful gift. Yes i think my master will find her a white cuck husband and of course he must have a vasectomy and must be in a chastity device like my own husband. Master Ben said no white cock in my property.
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                Wow thats wonderful news!!!! congradulation!!!!!!!
                • I would like to hear what the daughter has to say about all this. Her side of the story.
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    By all means you have my 100% support in this, not that you need it really from me or anyone else for that matter. You are following your own path in life - the one which feels good and true and complete to you - and that is wonderful as I believe that is why we are all here, to discover who we truly are inside, and then behave accordingly. Our goal is NOT to just be another copy of everyone else around us, but become real individuals, by being true and honest with ourselves, regardless of how others may feel about our choices or path in life. Whether it is the job we do, who we marry or associate with, or how we have sex.

                    I think what you are doing is not for others to judge harshly simply because they are either to closed minded to accept it or maybe even fear it, as it may be something that strikes a cord within themselves, and are afraid to admit or acknowledge it. So they must deflect and therefore attack those who make them face these inner truths, be they angels or demons. lol

                    You have a very commited series of relationships in your life and the fact they are all coming together as one close and intimate family is absolutely beautiful - intoxicating even. I find it an unusal mixture, both very sweet & endearing and also wickedly erotic, at the same time. And it is nourishing for all of you to be in it together, so where is the harm in any of that.

                    Just because it does not fit "other" peoples rules or paradigms of what is considered normal or acceptable in general society. That is ridiculous, though all great men and women who have led and dared to be different, have also faced opposition while striving to change the rules of society. I am so happy to know that you have the inner strength and seemingly unlimited compassion to indulge yourself and those around you who are closest to you, in this wonderful way of life.

                    Congratulations on your daughters pregnancy, may she have a beautiful, healthy baby who will one day grow up to be very proud of his or her trendsetting mother and family! And may she know a lifetime of serving black men, having found her place in this world, who will help her be complete and will see to it that she is not only very satisified sexually, but no doubt, also the envy of others who would secretly love to trade places with her.
                    • What an excellent post, JoJo!

                      That is why I am here on Tribe. Women are my Teachers, and my Leaders, so I very much want to learn from them. I know that I have found something wonderful (like your posts) since I have to read them several times. It's like an electronic scrapbook of wisdom and intelligence.

                      You have given me a new motivation: I would love to be part of a "family", serving intelligent and bold women. If it is decided that I be a cuckold that is fine, or if I am allowed to have sex that is fine too. I just don't want to make those decisions myself. One thing I am capable of deciding is that I know my true role is that of being an assistant to a woman, or several women. That is what I've always wanted and in the past I have thrived in such a role. The only “need” that I have is the one to serve others.

                      Anybody have any ideas on how a community could be set up like this? I am like Patricia's husband, a very submissive & demure male.

                      Thank you.

                      - Jim
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                      I don’t need the support, but it’s nice when people tell you you’re doing the right thing.
                      My life is following my Master, not that I don’t think about my actions, but I don’t care for the reactions from other people, like my husband, family and relatives.
                      In the past things where difficult for me, but after Master Ben took over, I’m feeling fine and happy that I took that decision.
                      Don’t misunderstand me, following Master Ben isn’t easy. I had to adjust my life.
                      Master Ben has the key of our home and wants me to be ready when ever he wants (day and night).
                      That means that I must be dressed accordingly Master Ben’s wishes as soon as I come home. Regardless who’s coming to visit us, family or relatives. I had to learn to change clothing’s immediately when I come home and prepare the bedroom. In the beginning I was ashamed when there was family and I dressed sexy according Master Ben wishes, but I got used to it. The first time Master Ben entered our home when I had my sister at visit, was so embarrassing for me. Master walked into the living room straight to me and said go to the bedroom I’m going to fuck my property. My head turned red (because my sister didn’t know). Of course I did what Master told me, but I had a lot to explain later to my sister.

                      I think that 99% of the men just see me as a white wife enjoying large black cock, but I reality, it’s the other way around and it’s my Master who’s enjoying the sex. I’m just a tool for him to have fun with.
                      Not that I don’t have an orgasm, but the main purpose of my existing is serving my Master.

                      In don’t tell people a lot about the feeling of my husband, because I don’t care about his feelings.
                      I love Peter, but our relation is not based on normal standards.
                      I’m owned by Master Ben, I’m his property and only he (and his friends) can use me for sex.

                      I didn’t raise my two daughters to become whores for black men, but I raised them as normal kids.
                      They both have a good education and both are happy girls with many friends.
                      Hiding Master Ben isn’t possible and to avoid question I told them everything about my lifestyle.
                      I told them the many disadvantages of the lifestyle and of course the good things about it.
                      The oldest is married with a white man, but black owned by a young friend of Master Ben and the youngest choose the same life as me and her sister and is also black owned but not married yet.

                      Thanks for all the support

                      • "it’s the other way around and it’s my Master who’s enjoying the sex. I’m just a tool for him to have fun with. " I fully agree with you on that - it is not about the woman having better sex (although that can be a happy by-product) - it is more about her making sure her bull and his friends have fun with her and her daughters if that is the bull's wish.
                        I am curious about your sister's reaction tho - what was her response when she found out?
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                        I think Patricia says it all very well. We should be honest with our daughters about our lifestyle and lety them make their own choices. But I think if we tell our daughters the turth about black men they will choose the right way. I think just seeing how happy we are with black men and how miserable most marriages are where the woman has not gone black will do all the persuading that is needed..

                        I am curious about the older one marrying a white man. My own sense is that being in a cuckold marriage is great for women like me who went black after already being married to a white man, but that its not that great an idea for women who go black from the start. But maybe thats wrong.
                      • @patricia
                        i simply loveee your life style and thinking way. as a full submissive cuckold husbant, you are living in my heaven in the world. it seems you all family devoted your all lifes to a great black master. he is perfectly owning and using whole family for his personal satisfaction. just keep walking on that way and explore unlimited extreme fetish fun. and thats great that you dont care other people reaction, you are just an organic plesure toy of your master and he will use you in every extreme way, he will make fetish experiments on you in front of your family and relatives. you dont need to think, your master will think and decide and design your all life........
                        .......we are married for 15 years with a daughter. my wifey is sleeping with other guys more than 5 years. some of her relations are like one night stands but some of them are long term deeper relations. i especially support her long term relations because this type is much more clean, safer and family friendy. we are very careful not to harm our daughter growing but she realizes her mom is very attractive lady with lots of make up, revealing dresses and dating with other guys and daddy supports all these things. she should get used to this life style with baby steps and accept this as a family normal. if we can find the right bull of our lifes with fully trustable, for very long term relation, we would like to take him in a family as a permanent member. with that full trust, he might move some of his belongings to our house to stay regulary and take control the family. he might own us after he locked my cock in chastity for 7/24 and holding my key. after that point, i will totally obey him for any little relief. after that point there wont be turn back. the bull will manage the family. he will sleep in our bed with wifey, while i m smelling their feet to sleep at the bottom of the bed. we will listen wifeys orgasm screams while watching tv with daughter. and he will guide my daughters growing as he wishes.
                    • Do you have aspirations of your daughter being nothing but trailer trash for black men, living on welfare and food stamps - using her like a piece of meat, worthless and to be tied up and abused? Perhaps you need a physcological examination before haing any baby girls. Flowers In The Attic ring a bell?
                    • You are a gifted speech writer, Jojo. Still: The poor daughter of this fashist racialist wh., who judge the Black people not due to their really beautiful soul, but due to the length of their cocks, is no good example for the future- if You want to see their a better human!
                      ".Our goal is NOT to just be another copy of everyone else around us, but become real individual". Could her daughter become a individual, if someone commands her: "Get pregnant by my lover, regardless whenever if you love him or not!"
                      Is this an individual, who would submit it? no, it's a slave! and a mother is no individual in any case...
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                    you can ask her that question at
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                      Did your daughter and your bull make love by themselves, or did other members of the family get to watch the breeding sessions?
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                        Me and my husband watched the breeding sessions, now she's pregant and where not allowed to watch anymore
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                          How did you feel seeing your daughter being made love to by your bull, did you masturbate? was the cuckold allowed to masturbate or was he caged?
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                            it felt great watching my daughter getting a real black cock. It's beaitiful to see Masters big cock doing his job. Filling her pussy with his large cock. No, it was just Master and Stephanie having sex, we just watched them.
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                              It was great from the pointy of her getting was she needed in her life.
                              Her sister’s first man was a white boy. I wanted to prevent that disappointment for her, I hooped that her first man would be a real man and not a white sissy.
                              Then seeing her laying on bed and Master Ben on top of her was perfect harmony.
                              I wasn’t sexually excited at all, just proud that my little girl received the best.
                              • I was so stimulated at reading this thread that i actually had an orgasm! It must have been wonderful to witness your bull on top of your daughter, his big cock thrusting his fertile seed into her and inseminating her with child. At this point in time, she must be ready to give birth in a few weeks time. I imagine your bull has been continuing to enjoy copulating and spunking his cum into her all through this time as her belly has become swollen and round. When the time approaches for baby's birth, it would be fitting for your/her bull and her to have a very vigorous fucking session to bring on labour. I did this with a woman l inseminated some years ago - she went into labour four hours after a vigorous application of my cock in her swollen, pregnant belly! She was so horny throughout her pregnancy, l was often obliged to sate her lustful desires with my plunging, spurting cock!
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                          This is great! Next week my daughter will receive as a birthday present a fuck with her mother's bull. He is not black but he is a great lover. I won't be allowed to watch them, but my wife will be present and she will inform me about our daughter's first intercourse.
                          • on second thought, there, I think it really sucks that you allow your own sexual deviancy to spill over to anothers life. As a person, your daughter is not you. Your inability as a nuturing parent to allow her diverse exposure to different lifestyles so she can choose what is best for her is no different from any fundamentalist apporach that views their own opinion as truth without more. Your posts repeatedly show such a narrowminded approach and if you were at all decent you should take a time out, reflect, and beg forgivness from your daughters for being such a pathetic crapy father. Using your daughters to further your own sexual desiresand fulfilment by allowing this? Youre pathetic.
          • how does it feel to you, sharing your bull with your daughter forever since he made her pregnant? Wouldn't it be great to see him and his friends fucking her more and more during her pregnancy?
          • Jo
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            there are 2 ways of looking at this having daughter give birth then share her with others does that mean her black bull can't satisfy her enough he has to get help to do it. or he's bored with her after giving her a baby and wants to distance himself.
  • my beloved
    Queen Liza and Her super bull Derrick have decided to breed. Derrick told my Queen that He wanted children from Her and She said "yes." i am wondering how this will effect Her place as my Empress. i am scared because it is all new to our relationship. i am near done with my feminization and look forward to help my Mistress getting black bred.
  • un-dear, hated crackpot-ricia!
    i wish u & yo fucker to die as soon as possible, if u'll continue your lifestyle and'll try to breed your daughter. . there's no way to avoid this spell. like me, My Goddess, said, MY Majesty hates those who abuse their relatives...
    your every attempt to stop me will lead to the your very painful death. your every attempt to do the same to me will lead.
    death to all your supporters!!!! come to your mind, stop your stupidity and u'll live!!!!
    even you, patricia
  • "Must I give my daughter to my bull for breeding?"... Think about what you said, He wants to breed, but I am too old... You love him, he is your bull.. it is an honor that he wants to breed your daughter. You should be thrilled. Remember, dear, she is an extension of you. That is the ONLY way you can give what he needs and desires.
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      Hi i think it is ok to bread daughter just think if me and you are together and you are fucking a black 7'2" teen and he wants to fuck are 4'9" daughter he will and should are daughter should get sexually pounded with a 18" real cock and suck a big cock so when she fuckes a 6" white cock it will be eazy
    • So your daughter is nothing but meat right? Just a breeding ground for black men, shut up and spread your legs fuck meat so I can breed you? Wow, perhaps your sick twisted pervision has rotted your brain and blackened your soul.
    • @Amanda, it is sad that you would treat your daughter like a whore - it tells me that your daughters isn't an extension of you, but rather cattle to be traded at your sickened minds will. You don't have the first clue of what true happienss means beacuse you have drowned in the sickness of your own lust and have sold your soul. Fantasy is one thing, a certain lifestyle as well - with discretion. However Amanda I fear that your mentality in regards to " the younger you start to breed your daughters the better " off "you " will be, not them. What possible satisfaction could they possible have being degraded, hell I bet you treat the black men better than your own daughter(s), husband and family!

      Whatever happened to self respect? Or perhaps dreams and goals, this isn't about a suppposed Black Supremacy - this is about you being dominated. I would probably guess you have no self eesteem or respect for yourself. I'd be dammned the day any man walks into my home and treats my FAMILY like that!!!!

      Personally if that is your mentality you should live alone and if that's what YOU want then you can be a black baby maker for your bull and his freinds. However it is sad because that is how you will educate your children and what happens if you have a white son? shall you lock him in the closet and tell him he is wothless and shall never be anything more than a white womans cuck? Nothing like breeding a serial killer huh, or a wife beating husband - because that is exactly what you will do. If you think this is normal then you need serious physcological help. You have taken something I use to find erotic and have turned it into something beyond filthy and disugusting, I have 2 young boys and a daughter and yes their all white. I'll be damned if I teach my boys they are nothing but cucks, nor will we teach our daughter that all she will ever amount to is a baby maker for black men.

      Amanda everything you say is for HIM, nothing has to do with the well being and happiness of your daughter. You claim that your daughter is an extension of you, but I can tell by the tone of your words that she isn't - all she is and how you are treating her is like meat, hell I know farmers who treat their cattle better than you would or do treat your daughter! You should be ashamed of yourself, to think, act and encourage such behavior. If this is how you really are in life then you are nothing but trash and I feel so much pity for your daughter if she allows you to manipualte her into believing this is her biggest aspiration in life.
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    You would be in agreement that if a cuckolding wife, mother, cuckold hubby family
    had an older white alpha male deeply and long term involved?
    The daughters in the family should be available for breeding as well as the mother (if she is still of child bearing age)?
    The females in the family will all be sexually submissive to their family bull. Cuckold hubby will be expected to orally clean his wife and daughters. After watching wife and daughters being fucked by their family bull.

    • Assuming that which should be proved, not stated simply. Just saying something doesnt make it true there, sir. You should be old enough to understand that simple logic. Try again, with thought not simply words.
  • W/out a doubt. It would only prove your love to your bull that you're not selfish or insecure. The blessing is in realizing that you're grown daughter is open-minded, receptive & clearly eager to be bred by this fellow Blk bull. Y allow your emotions to hinder something that could bring all three of u closer together? I want to correspond w/ this brother & your daughter. I'm Sir lord/ Von Blaque. Look @ my profile carefully.
  • ? "Giving" a 19y/o daughter? Can't she (and her boyfriend) decide herself? Does she like your bull? Does she want to be pregnant already? And when both applies imagine how your bull breeds her and you, your husband and her friend are watching, and later on you and your husband can tell you have seen your daughter made pregnant.
    And by the way: why didn't he fuck her before?
    Arno, Holland.
    • Since I'm in the cuckold world, I have met and have a lot of cuckold friends. Sooner or later the bulls want to breed the daughters even if mom is fertile. Letting the daughter decide has been pretty successful for all in my observance. Those who are forced, most don't take it very well. That way usually gets ugly. Reason, just because mom loves and obeys her lover, the daughter may be repulsed by him. My gut feeling on these things is let the daughter decide.
      • As a bull who have done this to a mom and daughter....... i say leve the daughter out of this. Let her decide if she wants have the bulls baby or not. In my case after i fucked the daughter i dumped the mother and used the dought for 7 years and her best frind and her BF. The mom was not happy but that is the reality of it. I say leave the daughter out of this.
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    Yes of course, i think our daughters should be trained a t a young age to worship black men and women by only wayching blacktv shows b.e.t all the black sitcoms and just taught that black men are kings and black women are queens! period!!!!r
    • "Yes of course, i think our daughters should be trained a t a young age to worship black men and women by only wayching blacktv shows b.e.t all the black sitcoms and just taught that black men are kings and black women are queens! period!!!!r "

      It is so painfully obvious that you have a 3rd grade education and probably live in a trailer, I would have to also say that the Department of Social Services should come into your home and take all your children. You seem like the redneck type that would allow any man to breed your daughter at the age of 11 years old and get off on it. If permitted, your daughter(s) will never know true happiness, they will be physiclaly and mentally abused their entire lives and don't give me this "Black King" B.S. because that is your sick twisted fantasy your living out, not your daughters!!!
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    Yes. And hopfully not just once but for several breedings. I once knew a woman in your position and the Bull bred both the daughters and both were happy with it. In the end they both had several Black babies by sexing with several Black men. She will love it!
    • Unsu...
      My wife's bull has sex with our older daughter Sophie. In the future he will have sex with our younger daughter too. No breeding for the moment as Sophie takes the pill, but if in the future she changes her mind and wants to have a baby with him, it will be welcome. We are not going to stop her.
      • I think she will be ready to be breed soon from what you say. The youngest will see the pleasure and want the bull to fuck her and breed her as well. Good for you to assist with first penetration and watch to orgasm the let them fuck alone afterwards.
    • Can you say isolated example? Thats from something called statistics. One event does not indicate a universal truth. Your advice sucks, as it shows ZERO respect for someone elses life. Also, you arnt the one who has to live with the consequences.
  • Unsu...
    My opinion...based on what you first said.
    Your youngest daughter know and has learned to be agreeable
    living in the family with cuckolding mother and Dad whose a cuckold
    husband/dad. It seems those in your family and yourself
    have discussed this new relationships within your family.
    Assuming everyone understands and like the idea of your daughter being bred,
    having your bull's baby and raising and caring for child into the future.Your youngest daughter seems
    ok to her being in this relations with her mother's bull whose like a family bull.
    I believe the question could be 'why should your youngest daughter not be bred by her mother's bull?

    • My question to you, there dennis, is why are you giving that type of advice since you arnt personally responsible for living with the consequences? Not that you care, just wreaking havoc in lives of others may get your rocks off. Offer some prof or reason. Simplistic statements dont resonate well.
  • I think, if you are willing to do everything for him, you are not a hotwife. You just drove yourself into an affair and gave up your independence again.
    Although the choice is your daughter's only, I suggest to support her to say no to your bull at least. You should just kick him in the balls before he screws up your daughter's life.
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    yes i think it would be good for you having an interracial gran child
    • I had the special role of being the Bull to both a 37 year old woman and her 17 year old daughter. The daughter has been intersted in me for a year or so and with the Mother and Father's consent they let me introducer his young maid to the world. Mom and Daughter gave me two very good looking boys within one week of each other. Its been 8 months and we are hoping for us to get lucky again.
      • BLACK Bull takes daughter... that's the way it should be.
        • oui elle doit offrir sa fille au coq noir pour l impregner et qu elle donne une descendance au maitre noir si elle meme ne peut plus
          M a femme souhaite rentrer en noir et offir ma fille aussi au maitre noir choisit piur l elevage et que desque ma fille enceinte je soit castré pour le bien de la famille et le confort du maitre noir
          un maitre noir doit procreer
        • Joe
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          Wed, July 6, 2011 - 6:15 PM
          Re: Breeding daughter
          BLACK Bull takes daughter... that's the way it should be.

          How do you figure???
          Many health publications have reported that black males are the hardest hit with HIV and AIDS.
          According to a recent report:
          Blacks with Sickle Cell Anemia are born with the disease. It is inherited when parents pass it on to their children.
          So the question is: Why would a white couple perfer black kids???
  • yes, if that is what he wants. as a divorced cuck. i know that the bull deserves all he desires. i would have gladly given my daughter to him, if that is what he wanted.
  • as a cuck, i know that my opion does not count, but i still would like to say, that the bull should have the final say, after all you do state you love him, and if that will make him happy, then it should be done.
  • Absolutly not. In fact, you have no right to do so. You have all the rights you wish to do to yourself or allow what you wish to have done to yourself but your rights end immediatly where your daughters rights begin. Quite frankly, I think you may be better served by steping into a higher level of female superiority and make a man worship you, not the other way around. While I admit that point is debateable, I will vehemently defend a young ladies rights against parental bad if not moronic decsisions. Also, I would think that any "Bull" worth honouring would have a greater respect for a human soul. the whole concept of love here is totally one sided. There are many variences of cuckholding, and the one that seems to run rampent oft times is exactly what I object to most, where a wonderful lady ends up loosing control over her man because she allows some other man to control her man as well as herself. I happily serve a mistress, as I believe in the feminine superiority. While she does take other lovers, she will not serve them. Appropriatly so. She is feminine and rightfully is in charge. As a mother, your primary responsibility is the nurturing of your daughter. Fact that she knows about your lifestyle does not mean she has to be given up, nor do you have the right to do so.
  • sounds like a bullshit post, some guy that wont subscribe, give any imfo or a pic. plus the question is the stupidist question i have ever heard. get a life jackass. Cindy
    • I agree with Cindy, I like kinky stuff, but I still believe in choice, the daughter should be asked first. Nobody should be forced into what he/she does not want.
  • You should let you're black bull breed you're 19 yr old daughter, she should learn what it is like to be fucked by a real man. If she loves you she will be more than willing to take his massive black cock into her tight white cunt and get bred.
    • wow Shaun, I must bow to the intellecual superiority of your comment. I especially respect the way you so eloquently supported your comment that she should learn whats its like to be fucked by a real man. The comments you left in support of that and the throughal explanation of what you meant were more than compelling. In fact, I'm surprised that more people havnt rushed forward to bow down to such eloquence.
      • As an afterthought, I figured I better add that I was being sarcastic. Yes that should be self evident, but then again your ridiculous post was rather scary so who knows. Lets simply start with one plus one equals? Ok if got that right you might have caught the sarcasim. If not, I;d be happy to offer up a buck 99 calculator that you can buy at the dollar general that I;m sure you frequent regularly.
    • more than that she will have unimaginable pleasure and for the first time and after successful breeding have the pleasure of many black cocks.
  • Unsu...
    Hi,. Im Linda. Im 56, I became pregnant at 46 with on of my black mens babies, Within a month he also got my 19 year old daughter pregnant. I was kind of mad at first but what was I to do. Long story short,.after I gave birth and Susan did, I wound up getting pregnant right away again! Doctors advised me not to carry it to term but I did anyway. We all live in a cramped two bedroom apartment in a shitty part of town, three young black men, my daughter Susan, her biracial child and my two! Think before you allow this. Good Luck, Linda
  • Is anyone, particular a female, willing to come on my talk radio podcast program ("The Erotic Conversationalist") and discuss (under an anonymous pseudonym) the concept of bull breeding and cuckold husbandry?

    Let me know....
  • Ok so we were sort of interested in a possible interaccial 3 way but after reading this post - this is just messed up. I can't see how any of you have a loving relationship, I wasn't going to say anything but wow - some of you are lost big time!!! I mean come on, to serve the Black Master? So either you are weak minded or you have a sick twisted fantasy of a black men controlling your world, including your daughter's life. How messed up is that. Let's not put her through college and get her an education so she can develope her mind as a woman, lets just knock her up so she can be black mens fuck toy and be degraded for the rest of her life!

    I mean come on people, for a black man to walk into your home and say"bitch get in the bedroom so I can fuck my meat" in front of your family? In front of your daughter? You are basically telling your daughter that she is only good for a breeding ground for black men. Do you honestly think she will have a satisfying and fulfilling life? I highly doubt it, this goes well beyond a sexual fantasy and experiencing thus fantasy. This basically say's that you married a white man to be nothing, who means nothing to you - to be humiliated and degraded by your Black Master and for your children to be so as well.

    No offense what ever little bit of interest we had in the interracial fantasy department is all gone, I have no desire to be a cuck - yes the idea of my wife and I having a threesome did turn me on but not anymore. I mean what we gonna do when he decides he wants to breed our daughter? yeah ok, NOT!!!! We have to teach our children to define who they are as individuals through their talents and intelligence - not to be treated like property.

    Yeah the idea of living in a ratty 2 bedroom apartment with all these kids running around because he decided to bring his black buddies over to breed your daughter as well sounds sooo nice. A life living on welfare and food stamps, a total trailer trash with no education and inner happiness - because she won't be a person - she will be a baby maker for black men. How twisted is that? This is just messed up and I pray your daughter comes to her senses and goes to college and finds a happy life, life is also about spiritual happiness too - without that you are an empty shell, souless. Think about it, sad - truly sad to think you would consider this with your daughter. That tells me you have no respect for her true happiness.
    • Unsu...
      Don't worry. This is just a jerk-off story special. Note the original poster is no longer a member. Stupid horny men here (and everywhere) believe that kind of stuff. But I don't believe you are stupid. 95% of the "true stories" online are "truly false."
  • Unsu...
    i don't really care what you do with your family, but this is the life you chose for yourself. just because it's what you want doesn't mean your daughter wants it as well. you could very well tell him yes and then you and him end up in prison because she calls the cops on you both for raping her. you may have given up your right to free will and choice by telling him you'll do everything for him but she is a seperate person and not as one response said " an extension of yourself ". think well about all the repurcusions of what you do are, after all you're 53 and are supposed to be an adult in comparison to your 19 year old daughter.
  • Unsu...
    I´m here to get se xual arousement, not to discuss morals.

    Some yger grls I know told me that they were really astonished. Why did you, your bull, you dau, not try it much earlier.
    I was told in Germany for example it would be allowed to get blck chldren with 14. In the most countries marriage is allowed with 16. Noone needs to wait till 18 or 19 to get blck babees.
    Many people are grateful now, that you dau can finish the whte family line that you couldn´t finish, and that your dau will be the last whte dau of your family.
    My grlfreinds told me, it wouldn´t matter if she wanted or not, if the babees will only be blck.
  • I want to breed her and knock her up. I have a potent load of warm sticky cum for her. I am a black stud. Please let me know if I can assist you.
  • Unsu...
    I agree that this post is probably someones fantasy. but I could see something similiar actually happening. Being a cuckold or a hotwife is a mutually agreed upon lifestyle. If a hotwifes daughter CHOOSES to follow in her mothers footsteps and CHOOSES to be bred, then by all means go for it. The important word is CHOOSES though
  • Yes give your daughter to him get her wet and ready for him guide his cock in to her pussy and hold her hand as she breeds with him,it can be so sweet ,erotic and beautiful.
  • This entire discussion seems disturbing. First of all, you are essentially fetishizing your daughters. Second, how is the child going to be provided for? Does she have a husband/boyfriend? I doubt the bull will stick around, as he is more interested in impregnating and not fathering. Third, the way you talk about a black bull sounds racist. Finally, the bull, whether black or white is not a god! They are just some oversexed boys that you really like in bed.

    I'm going to direct some notes to some of these commentors that I have noticed else where.
    @JoJo, there is such a thing as being too devoted. Especially when it involves kids.

    @Linda, your love of black men is racist in my opinion, especially when combined with your disdain for white men. So here's the definitions of racism:
    1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
    2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
    3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

    A lot of these threads and comments sound delusional and hopefully, they are just fantasies that will never become reality.
    • Dear Melissa:
      You are so full of shit! :-P

      Yes, I love BLACK Men. I adore them! They are the ones who get me off. What's wrong with that? NOTHING! Some men like blondes, others like women with big boobs, others like younger women, others like older women, others like Asian women.

      So women have preferences to, didn't you know? ...And I like it BLACK! Plus, I only speak to those women (like me) who PREFER BLACK men.

      I know what racism is... and contrary to what you say:
      a) I do not preach that any race should rule the other (unless you are confusing a sexual fantasy with real life - in that case, you are the one who should be looking for professional help).
      b) I never said a word about fostering a system of government (Puh-leeease).
      c) Hatred? Intolerance? Gurl... look at all the women here getting fucked by white cock. Do I care?

      About this thread:
      Darling, go get disturbed by things that are actually real!
      Leave our sexual tastes and fantasies alone.

      By the way... you need some SERIOUS BLACK cock!
      • Unsu...
        Please, keep posting Linda, white cucks like me are being helped by your posts. As for Melissa, I don't think she is getting any and is jealous. ;)
  • Nat
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    Yes! you must give your daughter to your bull for breeding. He will breed her till he is tired of her
    or he will hand her over to a pimp for night duty, with his black friends.
  • no you don't
    • of course you MUST allow your bull to breed her. That is her purpose in life. be prepred to have to parent your grandchild. Hopefully yopur daughter has already been with your bull and is well on her way to birthing that wonderful child. good luck always.
      • Hi and a very interesting read all round. I think that if your daughter wants it then this is fine. What a great thought to share your Bull and I bet your husband is really proud too. Will be nice for you to witness the breeding and for you and your Bull to be at the birth.
  • You're daughter is 19 and of age so it should be entirely her decision..
    • Tim
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      I'm surprised by the amount of anger this post has generated. I think as long as the daughter consents, it's ok. It could be a very intimate experience for a mother to be present at the conception as well as the birth. But again, the daughter must want this as well.
  • The decision when to reproduce is entirely the woman's and in this case it is your daughter's decision. However, enjoying black cock and making black babies are not mutually exclusive. She can learn the pleasures of BBC and then decide to breed when she is ready, BUT it is her choice and she needs to be respected, whatever her decision is.
  • I think that if she is old enough to have a period she is old enough to breed. (southerngal, Sun, August 15, 2010 - 8:40 PM)

    I agree from a biological point of view. Your daughter’s first ovulation shows that her eggs are ready for your bull’s sperm, provided she has reached legal age. But your bull has to wait until your girl is willing to have unprotected sex with him and to carry his baby. In other words, his duty is not fulfilled just by opening your daughter’s legs, inserting his boner, releasing his seminal fluid close to her cervix after a few minutes and waiting for the pregnancy test. Since your daughter is most important for him to spread his seed for making babies and proofing his manhood, he has to bring her to orgasm during each intercourse and make the breeding sessions for her as lustful as possible. Furthermore, he has to take over full responsibility for everything what’s happening inside your daughter’s vagina, i.e. escort her to the doctor and support her before, during and after pregnancy as much as possible. Sharing with his black friends is unacceptable for me. He is your daughter’s first black lover, and only he should have the right to inseminate her and seal her vagina with a chastity belt to exclude other mens' sperm.
  • yes yes of coures you must give your daughter up to your black bull Nineteen is just the right age to be bred. You say she knows about your lifestyle then i can only ass ume she is no longer a virgin but dont know if its black or white she has been with. If she has,nt had a black cock yet then i urge you that you get her a black cock straight away...You know its the right thing to do. Remember your first black cock. Let me know how things go xxx Paula
  • I simply don't understand the debate and discussion. It is the decision of the superior black bull - not the wife, mother, husband, daughter. The bull will decide and that is final. Anyone who disagrees does not understand the lifestyle and necessity of this.
    As for those who question the outcome. i would rather be on welfare in a trailer then not be bred by a black bull.
  • I know the OP was in 2010, but I need to give my opinion - at any rate, this question is an ongoing one ...
    ===》For clarity: I am a 36yo white boi. I wish I could help my wife understand, help her believe, help her admit that she is entitled to be fucked daily, to have the guy spend more than 10min from soft-cock to pulling his deflating worm out her, to herself orgasm everytime she has sex. I, and other pathetic white bois, don't have the power for any of this -
    * my poor wife is lucky if I can get my cock hard enough once month to penetrate her
    * 10min sex is about the best I have managed in our 15yr marriage! Yes, i said the best - but by far not the norm. On average 5-8 minutes, and that is from us both fully clothed to me pulling my rapidly wilting cock from her frustrated and dissatisfied pussy
    * i might have been the cause in about 10 luke-warm orgasms in my 15 year marriage (and most of those caused by my tongue or fingers, not my cock). A longer cock, wider cock, bigger mushroom head, far more skilled cock would be able to give her a blissful cum often. When her cum was not blissful, it would be the toe-curling, deep breathing, low moaning, mind-altering cum that porn stars fake. And only black men can do all of the above, EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY FUCK.

    Why i needed to say all the above is to give you an honest, forthright, shameful description of white sex. It lacks frequency, quality or variety. Sex with a white cock is boring!
    》Black men have been bred over thousands of years to be physically stronger & have far more endurance than us white bois
    》The average black male possess's a far more dominating presence than the most dominant white guy
    》 A black guy is forceful and will not be scared to use you to get pleasure, but at the same time, he will make sure that you cum
    》Black men will share you with others and enjoy exposing your body publicly, white boys get jealous at the mere mention
    》Stats prove that in Africa, a black father has on average 4, but often many, many more than 4, healthy children. White fathers State-side and Europe, are fathers to just over 2 kids on average, and heridatry health issues, and we are slowly producing less kids each, but more sickly kids - WHITE MEN ARE THE BIGGEST CAUSE OF A DYING RACE!

    My question to you Patricia is this - you have experienced what a black bull can do, you will never deny that black men are superior to white, and you would surely love to be a granny to a physically, mentally and spiritually strong child, that is healthy rather than a constantly sick pale baby ...
    If that is true, should you not allow your daughter to join mom in her lifestyle? Does your daughter not deserve the best? And being the owned property of your black master, do you even have the right to deny your bull access to your daughter?
  • Let the thing goes naturally. If your daughter likes the idea, let both (your daughter and bull) go ahead. But I guess pregnancy is not necessary. Say her to avoid it.
  • witam jestem tu nowa ale mysle podobanie jak ty to nic zlego ze corka tez bedzie mila byka jak mam tylko ona musi chciec tego i byc w odpowiednim wieku do hodowli i trzeba ja wspierac i pomagac