cuddle buddies

public - created 07/07/05
these days, anyone can get laid if they really wanted to. you can dial up, chat up, or double click a fuck buddy at almost any time of the day.

but how many of you have a cuddle buddy?

someone you spend time with. sleep together. not necessarily have sex together. have dinner with, hold hands in the theater, or cuddling on the couch watching t.v. all the makings of a relationship, but without the commitment, and where sex is not the focus.

this tribe is for those who have cuddle buddies, want cuddle buddies, and everyone in between. let's discuss what makes a cuddle buddy and what differs from your average fuck buddy.

amidst this sexual revolution of fuck buddies, threeways, orgies, polyamory, and just some good old fashioned cruising and fucking... wouldn't it be nice to have a cuddle buddy?

cuddle buddies are the new sexual revolution.

**men and women from all sexual orientations are welcome to join** RSS Feed what is XML?

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