What makes cum sweet? What makes cum bitter?

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We cum eaters all had tasted different tasting cum. Any idea why some cum taste sweet, and others bitter?
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    As a cum eater, yes I have tasted all sorts of cum with a wide variety of taste, sweet, bitter, and so on. I had one friend whose cum was the best I have ever tasted and I would have drank it by the gallon if possible. What makes cum sweet or bitter is hard to determine down to an exact science, however, a persons diet is key. A guy with a healthy diet will have a sweeter tasting cum. Eating fruits and vegetables really help keep a mans cum sweeter, peaches are a superb contributor to this, as well as cinnamon. A man with a diet high in fat content, preservatives etc generally have a more bitter tasting cum.
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    Bitter is okay, like dry wine.

    I've heard lemonade makes it nice.

    I've also heard that asparagus has never been known as the "gay vegetable"
    • So most of you know that cum (liquid portion of the jizz) is produced by the prostate.

      It is a general rule - healthier diets; those filled with fruits, vegetables, low fat proteins (fish and white chicken), nuts, oats, etc are better for the prostate - hence why cum tastes sweet

      unhealthier diets; those filled with chemicals (from highly processed foods), high fats, partially hydrogenated fats, etc are not good for your prostate - hence why cum tastes bitter

      my advice as an amateur body builder and avid healthy eater who seeks out cum from body builders and athletes who eat healthy is gravitate to them (healthy suppliers) by rewarding them (by eating their cum), and alter the behavior of the unhealthier suppliers to be more healthy, unless you like bitter cum (different stroke for different folks)

      but it makes you wonder when the health professionals say eat healthy....your body is happier when it eats better, cause it produces sweet delicious cum!

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