Eating cum

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I freeze my cum and eat it later. I sometimes collect several loads and get a pretty good mouthful. I like to swish it around in my mouth and get a good taste of it. I love my own cum! It's yummy!
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    By chance, are you a vegetarian? Cum from vegetarians are really sweet.
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      I'm not a vegetarian but I don't eat much meat. My cum has a subtle almost musty flavor. I home brew beer and am working on getting a large quantity of my cum to try creating a fermented semen drink. Semen is high in fructose which ferments very nicely. I need about a pint at least. I have about 8 ozs frozen so far. I have experimented with fermenting small amounts and it actually creates a very sweet aroma. Should taste great!
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        Semen beer? How cool. They should add that to a list of semen recipes in the book called "Natural Harvest"
  • Hi Bruce,
    I love eating my own cum too. You're idea of semen beer is excellent. I look forward hearing you about it.
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    eating cum is a must but what is really a turn on is watching a straight guy eat his own cum...hubba hubba
  • I love the cum! As a kid I went to the closet with a friend to watch porn in secret papers ... then we masturbated and cum in 2 glasses. Then I told myself that I would clean later. He went to his house and I took his cum and I ate ... wonderful! I was 13 years old.
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    Can relate to that; love to shoot than eat mine. As a youngster I was fed loads saved in the freezer then warmed in a double boiler. Those guys were nice enough to fill my mouth to overflowing each time !
  • Me and a few friends use to fill these party ice trays with cum and serve them at parties. They were a huge hit! Yes, it would take time to fill them. But it was soooo worth it.
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    I eat my bf's and mine. I like to be covered in it as well... like from several guys at once.

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