Young Men are HOT !!!

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I have been having fun with young guys lately and there is much to be said for their youth as opposed to their lack of experience and panache.

They love my natural breasts and legs mostly, so I make sure that when I see any great looking young men, I give them way more of a show than they could ever dream of.

I love that they will,,, with out fear,,, quickly and easily approach me. I also love that when they do,,,, I see that they always have a look in their eyes of PURE LUST !!! Mmmmmmmm

It is if they are like a animal and their cocks are always hard.
I will stop and talk with them, or have a coffee or a drink, and tease them crazy so I can see they have a hard on.
I tell them I am married, and ask if that matters,,,, as if it would,,, lol.

Then ask if we are swingers,,, and I say well,,, I guess so, if I am allowed to have sex with other men and my husband loves watching me getting laid. LOL.

Silence and some awkwardness and then I break the Ice and ask, why do you ask these things,,,do you like me, and want me?
Big smiles and squirming in chairs with a big yes.

So, now when this happens, I invite them to our home usually in the afternoon any day they can cum bye when my husband is out. THIS WAS Robs idea so they could feel comfortable and not intimidated by him being there 1st time they come by.

I make sure I am wearing as little as possible and ready for them.
Often I will merely tease them to the point of seeing wet spots on their pants, and then let them touch me and play with me and when I am to HOT to tease anymore,,,, I pull out there rock hard cocks and give them a short hand job before I suck them off.

I always end it with a remark about my husband would have loved to see that !!!

I usually will not fuck them 1st time they come by, but I will invite them back again when Rob is there.
Now I have an entire entourage of yummy HOT boys who call me constantly. They are now asking if they can bring friends by.
I can assure all of you girls out there who dream of a gang bang,,,,, make sure there are at least 4 or more and they are between 18 and 25,,,
My husband still loves his Baby getting laid sucking cocks and getting filled with Cum.
I am still a Cum Slut Wife for as long as it lasts.
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