My cat likes to cuddle with me at night

topic posted Thu, September 1, 2005 - 11:52 AM by  ReK2GNULinux
Just wondering if any other cats do this or they have their own space in the house to sleep?
this is the first cat I have that sleeps in my bed but right aside of me not in the feet.. is funny and cute.
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    I've lived with cats since I was old enough to pull a tail. I love sleeping with my cat but I change sides a lot. She ends up down by mY feet so I don't roll over on her. She snuggles up to my toes and purrrrrrrrrs.
    • Solly is a spooner - head on the pillow, sometimes under the blankets if it's cold outside. He prefers to spoon with my hubby, tho. I must move around too much.

      Lily is not a bed sleeper at all - she prefers chairs or wadded up clothing.
      • Amazing.. I love cats so much... cant help it..
        • my cat is sadistic and mean about it!

          she knows when i am getting ready for bed- she sits near me all nite, then i get ready for bed, she runs off, hides.

          after i lie down, she jumps on me, purrs and pushes on me to give her scratchies. sits right on top of me.
          but i cant move, other than to scratch her. every nite, same thing.
          as soon as i so much as shift a little, she runs off.

          about half the time she does the same thing when i wake up
          • Gizzy prances around on the bed while I pet him then he turns in circles and plops down next to me, where he will stay until I get up. He gets up with me and when I go back to bed we have to repeat the process. If I stop petting him or ignoring him he paws at my face and meows at me, usually right in my face with his nasty kitty breath.
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            Sometimes me and me squeeze need to space. I'll go to Mom's and curl up on the couch. Mom's cat will jump on me using all her weight to land "THUD" on me. She'll stomp around 'till she can find a place then she'll lick-lick-lick-lick. Then she'll stomp around some more before she jumps off. I want to throw that cat at a wall to see if she'll stick. But I stole her bed and I'll put up with her. Later I get to cuddle with her which makes all of it worth it. Purrrrrrr. (I wish I could purr, don't you?)
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    It depends on the time of year. It's hot now, so they will sleep on the bed, but not near me. In the winter I have one between my legs and the other next to my chest under my arm and under the covers. My older one used to love to sleep on my hip when I was on my side. He would just fit his butt into my waist and put his forelegs on my hips and be really happy there.
  • my cat cuddles, but usually only after i've gone to sleep. i know she is there though because sometimes i wake up to find that i'm sleeping sideways on my bed because I dont want to disturb crazy janey.
    sometimes she licks my face in the middle of the night before curling up.
    she seems to like to sleep by my feet in the summer and closer to the core of my body in the winter.
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    My cat Akira loves to sleep by my side but his favorite is to sleep on my chest. This is bad because I am small and he is HUGE! I wake up gasping for air occasionally. But, that is the price I pay!! I've heard f cats loving it by the feet and such but my cat is stranger than most!
    • Tipsy loves to stalk around on my pillow till I lift the quilt, then she crawls in and snuggles in where my waist bends, but then she can't breathe properly and after a while she starts to huff and puff, it's really funny. Then when she can't stand it anymore she crawls just to the edge of the quilt and sticks just her nose out... so cute!
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        My ten year old Tom, Mau Mau has been a spooner since the day I brought him home. And if he jumps up in the night he has to Meow Meow loudly until we recognize his presences.

        My husbands cat Alize likes to be under the covers at his feet when its winter time and not to hot.

        Our kitten, Baby Kitty (I know, real original) likes to sleep between us, but then she always gets rolled on by one of us, poor baby and she always cries like a little baby too, real loud and consisten *Wah Wah*.

        My special sweety Binah likes the foot of the bed and her mother Scamper likes to sleep beside one of us, but she always hops up in the middle of the night and has to make sure we wake up and know she's there. She does this by licking and putting her wet nose all over your face and purring and crying really loud.

        The funniest thing tho is that the max capacity for kitty on the bed is three. If there are three and fourth one jumps up one of the other ones will jump off. Its hysterical.
        • I used to have that when I had lots of kitties, and there were some who just would not share a room with certain others... It wa like they had their own little cliques!
  • Jax used to sleep under my bed when I brought him home from the shelter.

    Now he sleeps guard outside my bedroom door (I leave it open at night).

    Then he ususally pounces on my bed (atll 16.5 lbs) in the a.m. with IAMS breath meowing.. time to get up! lol

    He is definitely a lap cat in the winter or he lays on me on the couch but doesn't sleep in bed with me.

    It's odd because he's such a big marshmellow and lovey-dovey.
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    Yeah, I've been with cats since I was a cub. I lived with one that would leap on the bed, landing hard enough to wake me up. Then she would STOMP over me to the other side and sit and lick-lick-lick, STOMP back across poor, lil' ol' me and curl up, just a purrin' This happened about 2:30 - 3 in the morning. Cats!
  • Hi - I'm new to Tribe, found it just perusing the net... I read several posts before posting. I just recently got a kitten, he's probably about 3 months old now, his name is Shakespeare, although my husband has started calling him Blackbeard because well.. he has a little black beard.

    On to the cuddling... The first night we got him, he immediately took to the both of us. He slept right inbetween us, and sometimes he'll sleep on my husband's pillow right above his head. We bought him a little tent kennel when we moved to Kentucky and sometimes he'll sleep in there but if we allow him in our room at night he wants to cuddle with us. He's our spoiled little baby.
  • All three of my cats are on my bed at some point during the night. Two of them like to be right next to my head, while the other likes to be down by my feet. They really are so damn cute that, despite the fact that they really do disrupt my sleep, I can't kick them out of the bedroom during the night.
    • imagine this...
      two under the covers... flanking you
      and four or more!!! ... on top of the covers
      ... and no one can touch anyone else, unless you want a severe cat fight...

      mom's house... every night
      • My 16-year old cat Menander likes to cuddle in the crook of my right arm while I sleep. If it's cold he'll scratch at my head (hair, forehead) until I open up the covers and let him in! If I hide under the covers he'll keep at it (paw, paw, paw) until I finally let him in. If I have a partner in bed and they make the mistake of sleeping on my right side then he'll get right in between us.
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    *groan* every morning at 5am Osaka wants to make biscuts on my back and head. He purrs and purrs and won't just lay down and sleep with me and my boyfriend! Argh! Sometimes I want to just conk him on the head so he'll stop poking me :P
    • LOL.. makes biscuits.. that's cute. I usually say making bread..

      I dozed off on my couch last night for about 2 minutes and Jax was laying out on the balcony in his comatose position.

      Next thing I know.. big fur face in mine meowing. I had to roll over on the couch so he could jump up on my chest.. knead with his big feet, lay on me and purr.

      What a mamma's boy!

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