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topic posted Wed, May 18, 2011 - 12:38 PM by  Alice
Unlike most of you know, my name is in fact Ashley.
So I (and probably other Ashley's out there),
Would like to voice my opinion about something.
When ever people ask what my name is or I introduce my self,
They look at me like I've got it wrong.
Occasionally, I confront them.
"Well, I just expected you to be blonde."
Wtf cracker?
Why I gotta be blonde?
And some of my friends have even told me that I don't "act like an Ashley."
Wtf does that mean?!?
"Well, most Ashley's I know are stuck up and preppy..."
How many of "us" do you know? >:(
"Well.... Ummm... Theres you... And...."
Assumptuous freak faces >:(
And another thing I've noticed.
No body ever writes songs about anyone named Ashley.
There's Jane and Sherri and Alice and even the most random names.
But never Ashley.
Has no one fallen in love with an Ashley?
Are we really that un-loveable? :(
For my question.
Have you noticed a certain "stereo type" that comes along with your name?
If so, what is it?
And do you know a love song about Ashley?
Thank you.
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    For some reason a number of people on Tribe assume that the name Hummingbird means I am female. In terms of stereo types of names I remember when I was growing up all guys named Steve seemed to wear glasses and for years when I heard the name Steve I just assumed they wore glasses.
  • I have yet to meet a Tammy who had a brain in her ( hair-sprayed ) head...
    • My friend Tammy is very smart. She speaks French, German & Flemish and won a Bulwer-Lytton award. However, with her married surname, she has the same name as a porn star and has to have her phone # unlisted.
      • And the one Tammy I know is just plain mean.
        But, then again she only has one ear, so that could be it lol
        • I was best friends with a Tammy, she was tall and good looking but quite cunning...she had taken to stealing large sums of money from her bickering parents , just before they split and she moved away...she would have me help her spend it at school, in the stationary shop or on scholastic book orders. She asked to borrow my large tin or crayons and coloured pencils, surprise surprise, mever got them back and she took them with to wherever she went. I feel bad for her, her mother had a gossiped about affair and left the family , leaving 3 kids who looked just like her and taking the 1 , also named Susie, who looked like the father.

          Another Tammee we knew had been a story book Utah mother with a in home skincare biz in an upmarket neighbourhood who became an Internet tantric " love Godess" ....we were informed in a matter of fact email....not sure where she is/ what she does now...
          • Oh forgot other is a hyperactive tiny thing who never shuts up and excels at bowling, she's on my cousins bowling team , the other was a dog named Tammy, a crazy but sweet Miniature Schnauzer, she used to howl in jubilation alot...
  • Well, Ashley is a name I never heard of until about 20 years ago. Give it another 20 years and there will probably be several songs for all the Ashleys!

    I think of Adele as an old lady name, although the name is becoming popular again.

    Other (stereotypical) old lady names: Edith, Gertrude and Agnes.

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