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Welcome to Theodor Salvador Gallery of Extraordinary Arts, where we take ourselves half seriously!

Currently Showing: St. Prozac's PIratte Art Show and Sale
Please visit these sites to see the wonderful wares of our pirattes!
Pirattes collaboration shop:

Fairytale Spinners, art by Fang the Furious:

Fans of Captain Puppet Untie:

Gilbert’s Martini Lounge:

Queen of the Darned!

Valentines mean different things to different people. To some, they twang the heartstrings and recall their childhood, with colorful scraps of paper with crayon-scrawled sentiments. To others, bounteous bouquets and heart-shaped confections equal love. Many, however, whether bitter over a love gone wrong, or railing against its commercialization, hate Valentine's Day and all its trappings. Here in the gallery, we welcome all Valentines, whether sacred or profane.

Ongoing Exhibit: Shutterbug Project 2008: At the end of each month, pick your favorite photograph of the month and post it. Title and description, please! No particular theme necessary, just whatever captures the month for you. Must be your own photograph. At the end of the year, we'll put everything together somehow for a grand exhibit! You need not post every month to participate.

Past Exhibits:
Sacred Hearts: An Exhibition of Valentines
Art, 007 Art
Art wizards, magical princesses, conjurers of art and craftiness - display your year's handiwork. You came, you saw, ingested, viola' - you created art. Share that art out loud - post it here. Describe your experience. All for art and art for all - hear hear!

Halloween party/exhibit

"Kathleen: Characters, Costumes, Creations"
Fellow triber Kathleen expresses her flowing creative vision in a wide variety of overlapping media. Here in tribe land, she has created and written many a character to life. She gets to do the costuming she so enjoys, often creating the party to go with the outfit. Her visual images of what is happening inside of our computers and the wires which connect us wow us with their humor and vitality.

Emerging Phoenix painter Barbary Barb is an artist and crafter whose self proclaimed favorite color is green. Her whimsical, edgy and bold style salutes and amends pop- and counter- culture imagery of pin-up posters, tattoo art, anime, and the iconic feminine. Juried by Barb’s on-line friends as a surprise party of sorts, showcases the work she has hand-picked to share with the community over the past year or so. Fan art from the past and present will be viewable alongside Barbary paintings, collages and digital art.

This is an exhibit of "Bad Art" - What might we understand from this title? Who decides what is good or bad art? That task usually falls to museum curators and Art critics and many times in history, they've proved to be rather short-sighted. The Impressionists, for example, were so out of sync with what contemporary Art critics deemed acceptable, they had their own exhibit that most critics of the day would have called an exhibit of "Bad Art." Centuries later, their Art is so well-loved as to once again be deemed "tacky." Go figure! We're not saying we're so "Bad" we're "Good." This exhibition's purpose is not to impress anyone with our stylishness, or depth of understanding of techniques. It is not to make a statement about the state of humanity or our place in the cosmos, though some of our work may just do that. Our purpose is but to please and/or amuse our good friend, Fang. It's all made by those who love her and took her as inspiration for some form of visual expression. If that's bad, then we don't want to be good! Happy Birthday, Fang!

Exhibition of visual art, digital art, photography, poetry, prose, short story, video, audio, doodles, coffee stained post-it notes, your thoughts at the moment, all inspired by the art of Dr. Seuss and Salvador Dali.

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