Lilith in synastry - any takers?

topic posted Thu, November 29, 2007 - 10:08 AM by  Nicole
What is the significance of Lilith in conjunction to another person's planets? For example...

In synastry, a woman's Lilith is conjunct the male's Venus, while the male's Lilith is conjunct the woman's Mars.

Any thoughts on this?
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    Sun, December 2, 2007 - 9:34 PM
    synastry with Lilith is a bit deeper than I'm in so far, but in general, I'd say that the instinctual attraction would be pretty high in this case ~ irresistibly magnetic, but the interactions could also lead either party into some torrid love situations, with questionable outcomes & the risk of of it turning REALLY ugly at some point, at least, is rather high ~ arguably unavoidable, tho

    this can't be really figured out without the context of the whole chart(s)

    love all-ways,
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      Sun, December 2, 2007 - 11:41 PM
      I'm starting to see Liliths...(other than the asteriod) of Moon Facets. We have NN-SN. derived from the moons nodes. So is the Liliths.
      As though they speak of a deaper Darker side of the moon energies.
      I have seen a variaty of intersting connections in Synastry and Midpoint (composits) involving the NN. And this seems very important to a relationship for a complimentry NN interaction. I would say logic would dictate Lilith would be as important.
      NN shows a path if you were, of a lesson in this life, as to experience the next step. Maybe Lilith is something to experience to learn of a next step. Not sure yet how to see this yet though.
      But it does seem so show a dark lesson or experience to be learned.
      I would tend to kida agree w/ Mem here. Though I too am not sure if lets say a trine would be a positive aspect of a square.
      Posibly no wide orb aspect might be not good.
      I think also it would have a lot to do w/ both parties also. It may be a positive thing to have a strong aspect for folks that are attarcted to to dark places in each other. And not so nice for those who avoid thier partners dark places...
      just some thoughts...
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        Fri, January 11, 2008 - 2:53 PM
        I would say it would be an exteremely strong connection between these people, in synastry it represents our Anima/Aminus or your true other half, the man/woman of your dreams
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          Sat, January 19, 2008 - 10:01 PM
          My Lilith is in Aries along with my Mercury, 12th house. His Lilith is in Aries along with his Saturn, 7th house. My Venus, Aquarius, 11th house;
          his, Leo, conjunct his Ascendant. My Mars, Capricorn, 8th-9th house; his, Libra, 5th house. Any takers?
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            Mon, January 28, 2008 - 12:16 PM
            very interesting reading on lilith. I am greatly attracted to a man who's venus & mars are conjunct my lilith within 1 degree in our 8th house Cancer. Our ascendants are conjunct with his lilith conjunct my ascendant in scorpio. Would this be a one-sided thing?
            Its an interesting connection, he's very light, social, restless, bantering kind of person. But I feel like I see the side most others don't. Our interactions always start out light, but quickly turn into something deeper & relaxed. We end up saying things & sharing sides of ourselves that we're both surprised with in the end. As a note, my chiron tweaks this in an exact square and we're both in the healing profession...I don't know who's healing who..but the sensation & effect is definitely there.
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    Mon, June 23, 2008 - 9:25 AM
    I had a synastry done that included Lilith and this is what came up.

    Black Moon Lilith in 4th house in composite chart in Aries:

    This relationship has a deep soulful connection to its very foundation. You will
    identify with roles building together your personal lives or business. However you will
    tend to be very individual and creative within those roles. This relationship although
    significant as regards home, family or work, definitely does not follow the status quo
    in those areas. You will experience very profound feelings that can be very
    nourishing for your soul. However you must surrender to the wild flow of feeling
    connection that tends to leak out over the normal edges of what is acceptable. You
    may feel that your relationship stems from or is bound up in family or genes, so that
    it is greater than yourselves personally. Acceptance of your individual feelings is the
    key to happiness here.

    True Lilith Opposition True Node:

    You will feel fatefully drawn together on a soulful level and the relationship will
    trigger deep emotional and sexual feelings. These normally unconscious energies
    will be released and it is part of your destiny together to accept and integrate them.
    Within the context of these unconscious feelings, you will discover the areas that
    need to be developed or worked upon as individuals within this relationship. These
    lessons will tend to be focused on instincts and hidden feelings.

    True Lilith Opposition MC:

    This relationship is rooted in a profound soul foundation and supports you both in
    building your personal or business lives together. You will identify instinctive roles
    that will not be traditional and you will need to be creative in developing them
    together. The normally unconscious aspects of your sexual and emotional lives will
    be a powerful font of nourishment both for yourselves and those around you.

    True Lilith Trine Sun:

    You may take it for granted how easily your deep emotions and sexuality flow with
    the purpose of the relationship. It is easy to accept and integrate these, and as a
    result you are capable of a strong soulful intimacy together. Whichever person
    appears to be the more receptive partner may identify much more with this flow of
    deep feelings and sexuality, when you are together.

    True Lilith Trine Mercury:

    You may take it for granted how easily you can talk to each other about the deep
    emotions and sexuality that surface within the relationship. Your ideas and
    communications flow smoothly with this level that is normally unconscious. It is
    easy to accept and integrate, so that you are capable of communicating on a
    profound, soulful level.

    True Lilith Trine Saturn:

    You may take it for granted how easily your commitment flows with the deep
    emotions and sexuality that surface within the relationship. Your relationship
    foundation integrates easily together with this level that is normally unconscious. It
    is easy to accept and integrate, so that you are capable of committing together on a
    profound, soulful level.

    True Lilith Quincunx Venus:

    You may find it difficult to integrate the deep emotional and sexual feelings you
    share with your desires and attraction for each other. You need to find a creative
    resolution to this paradox and find ways to bring to consciousness these normally
    hidden and unconscious components.

    This is all absolutely correct except the last one which I would suppose is overridden by the others or taken care of by the others. I'd put in the synastry reading for my other significant relationship but it's so similar it's not worth putting it in here. In my own chart I have Lilith in the 8th house in Gemini at 7 25 and he has Lilith in 12 house Aquarius at 17 58.
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    Fri, July 25, 2008 - 8:04 AM
    There are many Liliths hat can answer this. There is English, French and Swiss Lilith. The later hs been observed while the first two re mere points in space. Then there is the asteroid Lilith. There are other more or less obsolete Liliths. Also one that traveled Europe on the back of Riccioli, the observed dark moon, 17 century.
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      Fri, July 25, 2008 - 9:09 AM
      Louse Davies Kimberley ~

      do you have the technical definitions for what you call English, French & Swiss Lilith?

      I am currently using:

      (1) Black Moon Lilith ~ the second focal point of the Lunar orbit, or to the Lunar apogee, which both are on the same axis and at the same position of the zodiac, from a geocentric viewpoint

      (2) Dark Moon Lilith ~ a hypothetical second moon of Earth &

      (3) Asteroid Lilith

      I am also aware of the fixed star Lilith aka Agol & a few possible alternative calculations for the Black Moon Lilith listed above.

      Do any of the Lilith forms you mention match up to the ones I just listed?

      love all-ways,

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