Dark Moon Lilith in Aquarius

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<excerpted from D.G.Jay's Interpreting Lilith>

Lilith in Aquarius gives an exaggerated orientation to the future, resulting in a liberal viewpoint & humanitarian ideas for today. Everything must serve a practical purpose toward a future they relate to more than the time they are in. They are taken up with progressive ideas rather than contemporary ones. If it does not serve that end, it is discarded or it did not attract in the first place. It is the 'promise' of tomorrow that is important! As the distance in time becomes another today & something envisioned becomes part of the present scene, ceasing a future promise, the interest is apt to be lost. The function of DMLilith in Aquarius has been satisfied. There will be a new concept that will take its place on the horizons of this ones vision of the future. These people are never really a part of the contemporary scene, despite appearances, but are always living in a future orientation.

The world of unusual, or progressive ideas of the future, is their playground. Not too involved in contemporary events, material objects merely serve as a means to assist crystallizing their inventive or progressive vision for the world of tomorrow.

If aspected with Uranus, you have the inventor or astrologer par excellance. Aspected to Uranus it implies genius. People with DMLilith in Aquarius are kind & considerate of others, but only insofar as it does not impinge on their freedom to do as they please. If angular, particularly, this Lilith position creates an air of eccentricity that causes them to be either considered special or to be misunderstood.

They can maintain a composure that belies the nervous pull of this unusual future orientation. There exists an underlying anxiety in the makeup, lest progress or the freedom urges, be thwarted or somehow denied, even becoming suspicious of anything that might suggest it. He/She will not tolerate for long, circumstances that would make tomorrow's world but a distant hope he will never reach. Marriage may be delayed for this reason, because they do not give up their personal freedom easily. They believe in it too much for its own sake, except many times only to find themselves carrying the burden of another person or persons anyway, but in a different way. Avoiding marriage for instance, they may find they have inherited the burden of a parent. This is not to say that it is not lovingly accepted but simply that it happens.

The marked freedom urges & from the strictly personal area, unconventional ideas are not made outwardly apparent, having learned to do this during the early conformism of childhood lest he/she be an oddity from their playmates & be denied friendships. Through the early 'denial' of this in the nature, it sinks deeply beneath the surface only to later become exaggerated in importance. Blessed relief is usually found through the vocation, where eccentricities; interest in the sciences of tomorrow; occult or inventive ideas, can be accepted when applied for the public good or in service. Drawing the least attention to it (which is quite automatic in adult life) guards against interference they are not sure they can handle. This accounts for some of the illusiveness or separativeness of these types. The practicing astrologer with this position is particularly gifted.
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    When manifesting negatively at the private level & particularly when in a too strong aspect to Jupiter which feeds the exaggeration even further, it can have to do with situations concerning 'the other woman' or being 'the other woman' in a triangle. In the eleventh house or aspected to its ruler, DMLilith can describe the free love attitude on the one hand or an astrological orientation on the other, or both. The emphasis on unconventional involvements account for a secrecy many are unaware of, reminiscent of Aquarius' ruler, Uranus exalted in Scorpio.

    Preference for detached as opposed to attached relationships stamps one with DMLilith in Aquarius. Anxieties mount if they suspect any little possessive ploys (consciously or not) that indicate the beginnings of any emotional or overly-personal involvements. They may suddenly blurt out the uselessness of it (self-protectively) to the amazement of the other, particularly if they are spotting the trend before, in fact, this is even thought of by the other.

    They are so strong in their determination that their freedom is never in any danger of being hampered, that it is apt to distort their judgment during times of budding personal relationships. This can cause the very losses of friendship they enjoy, need & yes, revere. This is especially so if Lilith is dynamically aspecting Uranus or Uranus is a prime mover in the chart. The intuited suspicion, when suddenly voiced, creates a feeling of total surprise in the other, disbelief & resentment at being suddenly judged as if he were contemplating some criminal act.

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