Lilith in Aries

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Lilith in Aries is found among those who tend to be the frontrunners in their work, or those who are compelled to innovate new frontiers. Self-assertive & forceful in their work, it usually bears the strong stamp of their personality. Staggering energy & competitive power are usually the hallmarks of the career. They are great believers in talent upon demand. Decisiveness & seemingly unlimited resourcefulness, give the executive qualities & powers of offense by which they drive themselves as well as others.

Mohandas Gandhi of India, demonstrated that courage ca become a supreme factor in the proving grounds of the career. Violence may play a role in the lifework if Lilith is seriously stressed, as in the martyring of John Kennedy. (both with Lilith in Aries)

Powerful career thrust & enterprise are distinct characteristics of Lilith exaggerated in inexhaustible Aries. The profession is usually found to have some element of risk; pioneering; or leadership in it, such as opening dynamic new areas of thought if it be a literary pursuit; editorializing; or promoting new talent. It may involve troubleshooting for contemporaries, as they are ideal spokesmen in controversy; opening new areas of their chosen field or leading the fight for personal rights. These are the pathfinders.

Lilith in Aries indicates the overstatement of Self, for which attempt are made to compensate by an outer charm & even humility, if necessary... On close inspection one can hardly mistake the personal signature on everything done. Originality receives reverence.

This is not to imply egotism but, simply an overstated importance put upon Self wherein, naturally, all things must begin for himself & others... It is birthed from early feelings of initiative frustration & fear of denial in personal recognition, bringing anything from intense depression to hyperactive states.

Personal rights are considered inalienable, bringing sharp automatic responses under any challenge.

The not ordinarily obvious 'do it my way' syndrome is definitely there & strong, as those who accidentally run up against it can verify.

Evangeline Adams
Irving Berlin
Salvador Dali
Bette Davis
Albert Einstein
Clark Gable
Mohandas Gandhi
Howard Hughes
Aldous Huxley
John F. Kennedy
Robert Kennedy
Pablo Picasso

from the book, "Interpreting Lilith" by Delphine Gloria Jay (1981)

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    bump to the top ~ just in case you hadn't seen this

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      I've got Lilith in the closet here, conjunct Jupiter, if i'm not mistaken.
      I don't like to admit it, but this overstatement of Self does sound familiar.

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