Lilith in the earth houses

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Lilith in the 6th house

These people are at their best when working under conditions that allow plenty of room for independence, imagination, ingenuity & decisiveness. They are among the most resourceful & conscientious workers you will find. They have an amazing eye for detail within work that challenges the mind or makes use of their strong imagination.

When positive, they can successfully maintain a throughly helpful, but nonetheless impersonal, relationship with those who share their working environment. They prefer to leave emotional types, personal matters & opinions totally aside while 'on the job' because of the impossible distractions it creates for them personally. They feel strangely trapped otherwise, threatened, or overshadowed when personalities, bringing emotional overtones rather than work abstractions, dominate the atmosphere.

They can be any type of personality otherwise, depending on the chart, but while working, are more inspired (inspiring) & gratified when they are mentally or creatively preoccupied to the exclusion of all else. They take the independence & perogatives they need to maintain their sensitivity to what they are doing & not to the atmosphere around them.

Under ordinary working conditions, where simple routines are repeatedly carried out allowing for little or no outlet of the creative intellect or imagination, people with Lilith in the 6th get absolutely no satisfaction from what they do. In fact, quite he opposite is true. They feel frustrated & are apt to develop strong resentment, which eventually is undermining to their health or creates work related problems due to negative or defeatist attitudes.

Lilith creates incredible sensitivity to precision; detail; executive usefulness; and an exaggerated conscientiousness that is all out of proportion for simple or ordinary routine work. That is, unless some outlet is found where where the mental juices or their inventive imagination can flow. There is otherwise too much time for personal preoccupations. The unreleased imagination on their more productive mental level, then turns the strong critical powers inward to give rise to illness; imagined slights from co-workers; and in some cases an unreasonable preoccupation with health-care measures that border on hypochondria, if in fact they do not become hypochondriacs.

In the 6th, Lilith creates tension concerning technicalities, due tot the magnification of the perfectionistic drive. Unless this one works in a position where there is sufficient outlet for the mental precision & remarkable creative ingenuity, they find it impossible to become sufficiently detached in order to rise above the personal (or petty) things.

They are natural executives, given the chance. Otherwise, these people can become the hermits, trouble-makers, sirens or the Don Juans of the office, with something distinctly uncomfortable about their personalities, as those around them can tell you.

The magnified work consciousness, when unsatisfied, seeds a nagging sense of uselessness they feel, or a carefully guarded resentment. They sense that an important innovative part of themselves is missing in what they do. It accounts for sudden irrational behavior, rudeness, coldness or in the more timid types it may take the form of a health upset. This one may be unreasonably sensitive, or so strongly distant, that others around him or her cannot escape being affected.

When negative, job insecurity is exaggerated no matter the position held. They secretly face being replaced by those around them, because egoism, negative attitudes orwork simply for routine gain magnifies a feeling of being expendable. They will not trust or confide in anyone.

It is the factor of detachment that makes the difference. There can be many job changes until this one learns to depersonalize, in which case he discovers in himself the abandon to ambitiously seek or begin working toward a position he knows he can qualify for. This one will gravitate then quite naturally to work that takes advantage of his precision, the management or creative talents he has to offer. Lilith is extreme, either way.

There is a talent for unusual services, depending on the chart, for work in the psychic fields, parapsychology or any of the offbeat occupations. They thrive on the challenge & do not particularly care about its acceptability if they feel it has useful substance or satisfies an appetite for the bizarre.

When early work attitudes are superficial, they can for instance, be happy & successful in their college work, but put off graduation one way or another in order to stay in the mental climate. They would rather not face the prospect of routine work & be entirely unconscious they are doing it. There are those among them who may find themselves attracting easy romantic involvements on the job, as Lilith creates a disarming magnetism in the house it occupies It overcomes a sickening sense of facelessness for a time, but it will only end up in further frustration.

In positive charts these people are highly intelligent, usually executive workers capable of the kind of detachment or 'cool' that makes for excellent critical powers & efficiency.

For employers with Lilith in the 6th it is wise to remember that employees are at their best in their jobs when personal resourcefulness is stimulated & allows for the independent spirit.

In a male chart, female employees are the 'liberated' types (career oriented) & ambitious. Never underestimate this. They can become undermining & quite negative to you if they are subjected to a secondary role because of gender, either actually or by attitude. Recognize this or you will probably wish you had.

<from Interpreting Lilith by DG Jay (1981) & specifically about the dark Moon Lilith, but I think can be applied to all the Lilith forms ~ mem>
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    Sat, October 13, 2007 - 1:20 AM
    Lilith in the 2nd house ~
    <taken from the same book>

    In the 2nd house, Lilith demands desire for things that enrich the mind & spirit. There are usually strong security needs from childhood on. It is not as much for material gain, as it is for emotional security that this one always eels a haunting lack of in ordinary relationships. For this reason, early in life, he or she tends to attach the self too much to one particular person for that security. Many times it is a sibling. There are frustrations & eventual denial through such a dependency. It only serves to block what he really needs ~ a sense of self-worth ~ until he looks for more than to merely gain superficial emotional security through another. He must build it for himself through higher aesthetic desires that finally satisfy from within. When the 'crutch' relationship is finally lost to him he realizes how alone he or she is. It accounts for an early instability in the personality.

    For the mental, artistic, mystical or philosophical type, self-worth & personal sustainment through the (emotionally) impersonal values to be found this way are developed earlier. The creative type would more naturally consider his talents & his knowledge as the riches in life that give it meaning & himself worth. He wold put great store on their development & to accomplishments, rather than on aquiring things. He wuld more readily value artistic things that inspire; music; literature; education; or his faith in God. Here lie his real values. Nothing less will ever be enough to mature & thereby stabilize the personality, by which he can live through himself instead of through another.
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      Sat, October 13, 2007 - 12:34 PM
      2nd house cont.

      For the materialistic or selfishly emotional type, or one who for the wrong reasons is still clinging to sentimental or childhood values; sexual prowess; or things that insure or secure love due to societal programming, it remains for a longer time as the psychological basis of a deeply rooted insecurity anxiety & a painful inferiority complex.

      No matter how much this one may eventually own, or the devotion in emotional relationships he as built for himself, it is never quite enough to make him happy. He always feels somehow 'poor', or anticipates rejection before it in fact occurs, creating the kind of negative sensitivity that is self-limiting. This leads him often to wrongly do the rejecting first, rather than chance it happening to him. Guarded insecurities are absorbed until one day they are desperately voiced to the surprise of the other who was completely unaware that they existed. The undiscovered higher values that seek to rise in this one's consciousness, are what is behind the inner unrest or outer problems that continually make him feel insecure. It makes this one unhealthily dependent on either what is owned or the emotional security from outside the self that he must compromise with in order to keep. More so in the early life do these people feel trapped, because the ordinary things are not giving them the freedom, or the feeling of freedom, that security would ordinarily symbolize. They are often accused of hiding their light under a bushel.

      They certainly will not lack for material necessities, if not more, because the exaggerated security instinct creates enough conservatism (or fear) to guide them toward it, personal feelings aside. In what then are they poor? What is lacking? When negative, (selfishly oriented), it is the satisfaction that they never feel when they finally get what they wnt, going on & on down this empty corridor of superficial desire that never quiets them, thus the insecurity complex. The psychological unrest simply comes from a value system too shallow for them & so he feels shallow. There are sudden cries for affection & devotion to make him feel that he counts in life. Lilith frustrates these naive (for him) expectancies.
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        Sat, October 13, 2007 - 2:52 PM
        2nd house cont.

        The type of security one instinctively seeks is based on the things or matters to which one relates. When ordinary things prove empty, as they surely will when Lilith is in the 2nd, then logically there is something wrong with his whole set of values. Obviously he is relating to the wrong things for the wrong reasons. He will not find gold in a coal mine, just as surely as he will not find mental or spiritual enrichment through materialistic attitudes. The objective & impersonal values of the intellect & creative levels that are rich in him are from where his particular maturity & freedom must come. These are his real needs, rather than the material ones that only keep him enslaves to an inconstant security from outside himself rather than from within. The victory is in the letting go. Stop the chase for subjecting things or relationships & begin the search for spiritual understanding, for intellectual interests or artistic outlets. From this, his woefully lacking emotional perspectives are to be gained & is what in essence this one really hungers for, consciously or not. When this one finally begins to equate his personal worth with achievement, spiritual development, or growth in a literary or creative field, the deep feeling of insecurity seem to melt away.

        Lilith directs the desire nature to guidance by the mind or the inner spirit, to awaken mental/creative desire & focus & through it his emotional adulthood. Deep appreciation for fine music, opera, the arts & all things beautiful can be cultivated, through which feeling is then channeled into higher outlet. Music studies are very good, as it guides the emotional factor into non-personal applications of feeling. There lies in this person a strong sense of the beautiful & the worth of the individual. It is crying for development once the channels have been cleared of emotional static.
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          Sat, October 13, 2007 - 4:13 PM
          2nd house cont.

          Selflessness releases him to a greater feeling of personal worth, gained absolutely no other way when Lilith is in the 2nd house. Certainly there will be times when this one falls back into nagging insecurity anxieties during times of materialistic orientation due to pressures or selfish ambition. Nevertheless, he can regain himself through renewed efforts along creative lines, selflessness or prayerful meditation. Only selfishness, ego trips or foolish ideals, create Lilithian denials.

          There is nothing subjective about Lilith energy that can be long tolerated. For this it is denial with a capital D. It is Luna that is the ruler of the emotional soul. Lilith rules the intellectual soul & magnifies the talents of the mind & creative imagination to translate feeling into inspiration.

          Lilith exaggerates to this one's awareness an inner beauty from faith in a universal wisdom, otherwise a feeling of futility remains. The command is clearly made for the higher approach to worldly things.

          When thus positive, Lilith brings to this individual am impressive confidence that literally shines from him & inspires, resulting in support, respect, appreciation from others & an earning power that will sustain his material needs. It will come automatically by ratio to his higher interests, spiritual growth & impersonally helpful efforts where others are concerned. The mistake is to expect rather than aesthetic satisfactions, outer laurels, that in the end only deter him from his goals & cause him to fall back into the old denials. Without such motivation, these people are among the most emotionally dependent & insecure souls you will ever meet, as those close to to them can verify.

          Suffice it to say that where Lilith is found by house position it is one's own immaturity or shallow expectations (naivete) that weakens judgment & where sophistication strengthens it.

          The 2nd house represents a great deal more than just the individual's worldly riches. It represents from what comes his particular enrichment. In this case it is books; music; art; education; writing; research; occult knowledge; selflessness; or through a professional dedication in service.

          He must come to the realization that material gain is to a purpose yes, but it is not the purpose itself. You may find one with a 2nd house Lilith putting great store on his library, students, creations, art objects or his faith. Indeed, he may have a wall filled with his framed credits, honors, pictures of accomplished people he has met & admires, first editions, autographed books, or framed letters. If the truth be known, he identifies more at times to these than to his home & family.

          More often than not, these people have natural musical ability or speaking talent. The singers or lecturers among them have an ususually fascinating quality to their voice.

          Those who investigate metaphysics soon learn that thoughts & the spoken word are indeed concretely real things in their particular reality, the world of the mind. They learn that virtues are very real possessions, contrary to materialistic thought, that act as a refinement & enrichment of the soul; and that music & art are concrete products of the spirit.

          As Lilith magnifies the negative, it magnifies the positive, exaggerating talents & faith through concentration on beauty & knowledge. It brings to them a powerful quality of self-sustainment that is amazing & inspiring to others. Though some of these people may appear less rich in the goods of the world, they have the sense of fullness that may mystify others who do not understand but judge only by material wealth.
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    Re: Lilith in the earth houses

    Tue, November 6, 2007 - 11:04 AM
    isn't there a website where I can find this description for Lilith in the 1st house?
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      Tue, November 6, 2007 - 12:19 PM
      sandra ~

      I've posted links to all the websites I can find (like 2 or 3 with minimal information) in the "Brief Descriptions" thread ~ the information I'm posting here is from a book that I like & from what I can tell, hasn't been available online before

      love all-ways,
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        Wed, November 28, 2007 - 11:26 AM
        Lilith in the 10th house
        <from the same book as above>

        In the 10th house, Lilith is harmoniously supportive to a career in one of the literary fields; the arts; for inspirational work as in a ministry or related to it; and the occult. It is supportive in a profession where this one can express through the intellect, the creative imagination or as a healer. It has been found that many with a 10th house Lilith have strong psychic or mediumistic leanings, because when elevated & angular Lilith spreads the mantle of the unusual or the 'different' over the chart.

        The mundane or non-creative element in a lifework has no concrete existance for one with Lilith in the 10th, as there is nothing ordinary about Lilith that can long be tolerated. The position of Lilith in the 10th needs a vocational release that is somehow meaningful for more than simply material or superficial gratification. Nothing else will do. There ar, otherwise, frustrating denials or, at best, a continual nagging fear of never having a secure enough position or finding a vocation that is what they want or can hold onto. Within the ordinary, or when materialistically motivated, this one feels his position strangely threatened or never enough. On this level being denied, Lilith denies.

        The governing urge is strong, though they may deny it even to themselves. When selfishly motivated, justifiably or not, there are hidden feelings of career inadequacy, as if they are always in the wrong place. It sets up a tension others notice. Over-personalization of themselves in their work stifles recognition for it, which may be good work, but is nevertheless felt by superiors to crowd their authority. This crates in the superior, a subtle feeling or threat of being undermined by this one at some future date. This is not their intention, but in work where they have no creative outlet, this is the distinct impression they give & accounts for many problems with their employer.

        This one senses the wall of distrust or the growing hostility of the superior, that leaves him always needing proof of job security, his acceptance or recognition. It is a vicious cycle. It is one which is liable to erupt in incredible personality clashes, forcing them many times to settle for second best or be miserable in their work.
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          Wed, November 28, 2007 - 11:43 AM
          Lilith in the 10th house cont.

          Public or career orientation is strong ~ appearances to the contrary. Family duties are taken care of insofar as necessary, but one with Lilith in the 10th will use any excuse to 'get back to the office' so to speak.

          Even though the administrative talents may be superior, when personalities enter into it this one can suddenly project what strikes others as incredible immaturity, through becoming blinded to the situation as a result of allowing himself to become personally involved. This leaves the question open as to his or her competence. Until, or unless, this one can successfully depersonalize in the professional life; in other words, take an impersonal, intellectual or strictly creative approach which he critically needs, he cannot get nor can he give concrete satisfaction. His own personality insecurity with superiors, or as a superior, creates or draws impossibly strained atmosphere under which to work.

          Lilith frustrations are for positive effect, to move one into a work that is better suited to the talents & greater growth. Negative Lilithian energy moves the native out of what he is doing, onto a level he is much better working through ~ comfortable or not.

          Lilith's denials operate only along lines that are now outgrown, indicating that impersonalization is essential before the greater talents he most certainly has, can come forward. Many times this is through an unbelievably problem filled first career or job. Suffice to say that as impersonally demanding as Saturn is for material objectivity, so in like manner is Lilith impersonal & demanding of emotional objectivity. In this instance it is within vocational matters & professional relationships. This may sound cold & indifferent, but Lilith is indifferent & matures regardless of sentiment. Otherwise it destroys, distorts, cancels out or frustrates.
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            Wed, November 28, 2007 - 12:02 PM
            more Lilith in the 10th house cont.

            When goals are intended in vocation for something with more meaning than simply making a living or a prestigious self serving mark in the world, something where the higher self can express, as through the literary; the arts; social-service fields; entertainment or invention, Lilith represents a dynamic success syndrome that brings the individual incredible satisfaction. The impersonality of Lilith in the 10th inspires those who think in terms of a creative or social contribution in what they do. It may be a teacher, writer, actor, school or stage director, minister, astrologer or as a sponsor of creative expression in others. It can take in the psychic, occult or parapsychology, as these are expressed from the sensitivity level rather than the personal. Be assured that these people have something meaningful to give, as Lilith is particularly strong in the 10th where it is accidentally dignified.

            For vocational rewards a career for the sake of more & more material gain, prestige or power alone will never satisfy you, no matter how outwardly successful you may appear. There is a restlessness, or always that nagging suspicion that you are being overlooked, or in danger of it. A lifework that challenges your mind; lets your creative juices flow; or uses your fertile imagination, is where you will find the particular benefits you desire.

            If a business oriented chart, motivation must be toward bettering a service given; delegating duties that bring out the mind or the creative force or initiative in your people; developing greater excellence if there is a product, keeping it honestly priced & conscientiously living up to claims made for the quality of what you offer. This is as opposed to quantity or profit. You must have come to terms with yourself as to compromises you may see around you or feel you must make for greater profits. Although acceptable business-wise, they are nevertheless improper in the ethical sense.

            Such businesses as book stores, art supply houses, or anything that supports the arty or creative demand or tastes, can be unusually successful. Service or artistic motivation, intellectual or imaginative release, or dealing with the unusual, makes the difference between success & failure in what you do.
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              Wed, November 28, 2007 - 12:11 PM
              and more Lilith in the 10th house cont.

              The parent of the same sex whose unusually strong personality (subtle or direct, depending on other factors in the chart); or the loss of or neglect from this parent; had powerful influence toward motivating you as a child toward later ambition to live up to an expectancy you felt to be more than you are.

              One with Lilith in the 10th must be more dedicated to the 'spirit' of his or her profession ~ its goals & ideals, or the intellectual, creative or spiritual growth from it he can express or bring out in others, rather than for selfish gain. Then he will find Lilith to be a dependable guide to success, both as a professional in what he does & as a socially contributing human being. Then he is often considered as an authority, unique or special in his field.

              Grant Lewi, astrologer
              Elbert Benjamine, astrologer
              Llewellyn George, astrologer
              Marion Davies, early film star
              Pat O'Brien, actor
              Carol Burnett, comedienne
              Albert Einstein, physicist
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                Wed, November 28, 2007 - 12:54 PM
                wow! is this an online book? cause if you're typing this out, you're amazing.
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                  Wed, November 28, 2007 - 1:05 PM
                  I'm typing it ~ sometimes copying text is a nice, meditation practice, but I have to be in the mood ~ thus the slow addition of new posts ~ but I do think that the book is worth it

                  I've even attempted to contact the author online ~ I think she is a serious genius, but no luck, so far...

                  love all-ways,
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                    Re: Lilith in the earth houses

                    Mon, January 21, 2008 - 8:24 PM
                    What book is it? And do you (I really really hope so) have some time/motivation to type out the 7th house description?

                    ....because that would be really really grand... :)
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                      Tue, January 22, 2008 - 7:53 AM
                      Interpreting Lilith by DG Jay (1981) ~ specifically about the Dark Moon Lilith, but I think can be applied to all the Lilith forms

                      I will get to all the chapters, but I just moved into a new house & am unpacking, so don't hold your breath ~ if you are very impatient you could go buy the book! I am not reciting it verbatim here, but picking & choosing key phrases.

                      love all-ways,
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                Re: Lilith in the earth houses

                Sun, May 9, 2010 - 3:08 AM
                thank you so much, is funny coz for a while now i started to have this deep questions about my career path, i still dont know what to do with my life, and im almost 30...i have lilith in scorpion on my 10th, trining my mercury mars in piscesc on the 2th, and i thought that i wiuld love to open an esoteric book store and start to study psychology and mix it with astrology as well, to help ppl...the onl problem is that i dont have money to do all that, but is very interesting to find that i was thinking about the same things described above
                • Re: Lilith in the earth houses

                  Sun, May 9, 2010 - 9:22 AM
                  nemessis ~

                  with that combination, I'd advise using your innate power of 'being fascinating' to line up investors for your esoteric book store/community psychic center ~ just don't be discouraged if you 'ruffle a few feathers' on the way ~ you have the power to 'convince' the right person & piss off a few others

                  love all-ways,
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                    Re: Lilith in the earth houses

                    Sun, May 9, 2010 - 12:38 PM
                    hi, thanks so much for replying, i was looking at my transits, right now lilith is close to my sun trining my pluto mc, and pluto is trining my natal lilith, no wonder i have this deep deep trips about the meaning of my purpose...this is what a friend adviced me, but i am very shy when it comes to ask people for money, plus i never did that in my life...
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                      Re: Lilith in the earth houses

                      Sun, May 9, 2010 - 12:45 PM
                      I had the very same dream as you have - neptune is on my MC - and when transiting neptune was exactly trine my natal neptune, I ended up as an employee in a chrystal & gem shop. For me that was the next best thing and I really felt i was at the right place there. Just like you, I'm not good at asking others for money. By being asked to work for someobe else, i could avoid that issue in typical neptunian fashion ;-)
                      Anyway, I wish you lots of luck with your plans.
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                        Re: Lilith in the earth houses

                        Sun, May 9, 2010 - 12:54 PM
                        neptune is right on my asc, sextile pluto mc and sun mercury, now is trasiting my natal sun trining and sextiling all that i've said, i want to find a my dream job...actually, i dont want to have my own book store, but to manage it , there goes my pluto on mc lol
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                          Re: Lilith in the earth houses

                          Sun, May 9, 2010 - 1:04 PM
                          Well, when transiting neptune trined my moon (while transiting saturn & jupiter were on my IC simultaneously) I found my dream house, so with a little help from other (more active) transiting planets, this might just be what you need to make that dream come true...
                          If it's just & only a neptune transit, I would be very careful to sign any contract though...
                          If neptune is transiting your 2nd house, you might do best by not being attached to anything materialistic.
                          But we're getting a bit off topic here I'm afraid,
                          (sorry mem).
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    Re: Lilith in the earth houses

    Tue, November 6, 2007 - 11:43 AM
    >>>They are natural executives, given the chance. Otherwise, these people can become the hermits, trouble-makers, sirens or the Don Juans of the office, with something distinctly uncomfortable about their personalities, as those around them can tell you.
    The magnified work consciousness, when unsatisfied, seeds a nagging sense of uselessness they feel, or a carefully guarded resentment. They sense that an important innovative part of themselves is missing in what they do.

    yep... that description nails it (except for the hypochondriac bit, altho i did grow up with one)
    lilith sits on my dc, but i feel it in the 6th and 7th houses alike.

    thanks mem!
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    Tue, March 25, 2008 - 4:54 AM
    I have Lilith in the 10th in Taurus, where my Mars sits. I'm very much into writing my songs to bring comfort to others. After reading the posts here, I think it gives me the push I needed, so thanks!
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      Re: Lilith in the earth houses

      Thu, May 8, 2008 - 9:32 PM
      Mary Ellen,

      I've been looking for info on 10th house Lilith for awhile now. Thanks for posting the info. I have Virgo Lilith in 10th, Virgo Pluto in 10th, and Libra Uranus in 10th. I've struggled most of my life to take what has always been important in my life and share it with the world. Since becoming a teacher, I have found a certain sense of purpose and meaning to my life. I may get irritable and depressed about being out there in the world so much (Scorpio moon in 12th house, and 29/11 numerology numbers), but at the end of the day (no pun intended) I feel good that I am doing something that makes me feel I am serving the betterment of the world. (At least, I hope so.)
      • Re: Lilith in the earth houses

        Sun, May 9, 2010 - 1:48 PM
        Lilith in the 2nd really sounds a lot like me. What I need most in life is emotional security..but doesn't everybody need that the most?
        • Re: Lilith in the earth houses

          Mon, May 10, 2010 - 1:08 AM
          This is spot-on

          > The mundane or non-creative element in a lifework has no concrete existance for one with Lilith in the 10th, as there is nothing ordinary about Lilith that can long be tolerated. The position of Lilith in the 10th needs a vocational release that is somehow meaningful for more than simply material or superficial gratification. Nothing else will do. <

          Much of the negative side has shown also. I have had major clashes with previous 'bosses'. At one point, I pushed every single punishable offense in the workplace to the limit. Often in spite and also to give me something to fight for in a boring atmosphere.
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    Sun, July 22, 2012 - 9:44 PM
    i have lilith in the 6th house and out of all the descriptions i have read concerning the aspects in my chart this is the most accurate analysis of an aspect ...i can so totally relate to it!! i have lilith conjunct N.N....not sure if that puts even more emphasis on it in my chart ,perhaps why i can identify with it very strongly.
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    Fri, February 22, 2013 - 7:58 PM
    Wow, 2nd house Lilith is a lot like me,
    It was only through surrender to spiritual knowing and musical loving did I ever even begin to feel any sorts of 'solid,' x)

    I am wondering, does anybody know the significance or challenges that a conjunction with Venus/Chiron and an Opposition with Saturn in the 8th would bring to Lilith Gemini 2nd, ?

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