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<from Interpreting Lilith by DG Jay (1981) & specifically about the dark Moon Lilith, but I think can be applied to all the Lilith forms ~ mem>

With Lilith in Virgo there is an exaggerated anxiety concerning detail, de to the magnification of the abstract qualities of the mind. The intensity to apply technique is obvious in the sometimes irrational irritability those close to him encounter, when he is concentrating. Acute sensitivity to detail causes him at times literally to feel beaten before he begins a project. The exaggerated conscientiousness that Lilith creates in Virgo gives rise to unreasonable fears, thus emotional anxiety about the ability to handle it.

This may be screened (even to himself) by much time given to elaborate preparations that are out of proportion to the task. Therapeutic relaxation is found in hobbies that call for intricate application of small parts or pieces.

Amplified concern about the minute details involved in a matter that he fears may be beyond him, underlies a carefully hidden defeatist attitude. This may be outwardly compensated for by an air of complacency or proclaimed disinterest. He finds apparent security in rationalization whenever he fears being inadequate to the precision or details involved. Reverence for a job or work perfectly done by others stamps his own exaggerated desire of such expression.

Though he may inwardly feel overwhelmed by the myriad details necessary to run daily life smoothly to his satisfaction, if such an abstract as trigonometry for instance were necessary for a health, creative or social work that he performs professionally, he is apt to breeze right through it. This is not at all the contradiction it sounds like, because it is the vocational factor of detachment that makes the difference. The exaggerated perfectionism is more likely to be negative in the subjective personal areas of his life because of the emotional considerations that distract & in this case, negate his concentration.

Lilith gives more positive result when expressing detail through the vocation, because of the detachment possible for him under these circumstances from personalities. There is only the job at hand to be considered then, in which case the precision drive is remarkably well released.

To alliviate emotional tension or simply to relax, he may often find himself carefully counting things, ANY thing, just to satisfy the need for orientation to detail that has an emotionally calming effect. Otherwise he is known to overstate detail upon detail for repetition, repetition, repetition, during the times when he is either in fear of being distracted, or the conversation is upsetting to his concentration. It then tends to become a one-sided conversation, a monologue, allowing for no interruptions as he orients himself to the detail considerations he deeply needs in order to become detached ~ relaxed.

For the intellectual type or extrovert, this sign placement of Lilith forces forward or creates precision skills of note. For the emotional type or introvert, the anxiety it creates about inefficiency being exposed can become detrimental to the health due to nerves, unless a sufficient outlet through the vocation is found. It may take the form of a compelling medical or health consciousness that finds highly skilled outlet in one of the many health related fields.

The preoccupation with numbers may release a mathematical precision that can blossom into a highly technical vocational skill. Deep respect for technical efficiency is a noticable signature of one who has Lilith in Virgo.

When this character magnification is not compensated fo, through hobbies demanding minute application of detail that relax his anxieties on the subjective personal level, the problems incurred, from the standpoint of others, are chalked up to eccentricities or odd ego trips. Actually, they are this raw perfectionistic urge from deep within that he is unable to release that explains the irritable uneasiness, or as some might say, "his sensitive spots."

Lilith in Virgo usually manifests well in this detached sign, once a profession or an area of the profession is satisfactorily found for the technical-needs release, as exemplified by astrologers Rupert Gleadow, Elbert Benjamine & Donald Bradley. Any of the Virgo rulerships make excellent vocations if the rest of the chart permits.

Adelle Davis, nutritionist
Dwight David Eisenhower
O. Henry
(see astrologers listed above)

I have Black Moon Lilith & asteroid Lilith in Virgo, 6th house ~ I can personally relate to this interpretation VERY well!

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