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Nicknamed the “happy berry” for its ability to restore a person’s vitality, Tibet Authentic’s goji berry is grown in the wild on the pristine Tibetan Plateau, without pesticides or fertilizers, in earth that is free from pollution, fed by pure snowmelt.

There are more than forty different types of berries that are often referred to as goji berries, known in Tibet as pang jia. But Tibet Authentic’s goji berry – the largest and most mature berry grown in the mountains of Tibet – is considered by ancient and modern-day doctors and scientists to be superior to all other goji berries, wolf berries and goji derivatives such as goji juice products.Only Tibet Authentic’s goji berries have passed the Tibetan Medical College’s rigorous quality selection criteria.

Benefits to Your Health

Higher in antioxidants than any other known food.
The goji berry contains 18 amino acids – the building blocks for protein.
The goji berry contains over 12 times more protein than apples, oranges, or strawberries.
The goji berry is a better source of beta-carotene than carrots themselves.
The goji berry has higher levels of vitamin C than oranges.
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    Depression Stories

    I can't even put into words what Goji juice has done for me and my family. In October of 2005, I was diagnosed with Severe Depression, my test results were off the charts. At that time, I began seeing a doctor on a weekly basis and I was put on anti-depression medication. I tried to stop my meds a couple of times but every time I did, my husband noticed immediately when I wasn't taking them.

    In December of 2006, a friend of mine mentioned Goji juice. So I tried it and within a few weeks I was feeling much happier and again, I tried to stop my meds but this time, I felt great and I haven't taken anything it since. I feel alive again and I haven't cried in months. My relationship with my husband is better than ever. I am so thankful that I have my life back! Thank God for Goji juice!

    Kristy N., Sidney, Ohio

    It's been just over a year that my wife, Kris, introduced me to Goji. In fall of '05, I knew that it was time to visit my MD and have him prescribe medication, or some other anti depressant, but after 4 days of goji juice, I was symptom free and euphoric! No ill side effects and a year later, I have been enjoying ideal health and am on no prescription meds! Not bad for a 50 year old with a poor family history of life threatening diseases!

    Goji is not only a life saver, but a life enhancer! Just wait till you hear Kris' story. Thanks, Goji.

    Dean J., Silverdale, WA.

    My 10 year old daughter was very depressed and lonely for months. She was unable to make or keep friends because she was always down.

    I decided to give her Goji Juice. It was giving me so much energy that I thought it wouldn’t hurt her. Within 5 days she was laughing and singing and dancing around. I couldn’t believe the change. It was almost over night.

    Sharleen M. Edmonton, Alberta Canada

    Talk about changing ones life...I don't even recognize myself in the mirror! Just 1 1/2 months ago, I was in one of the worst depressions that I have suffered in years. In fact I've been disabled due to severe clinical depression since 1995. This latest had lasted five months. My psychiatrist wanted to put me in the hospital but I wouldn't go. It was at this point in my life that a friend suggested I try drinking Goji Juice. I was willing to try anything, obviously anti-depressants were not helping at all. Now, just 1 1/2 months later and only drinking 2 ounces of juice a day, I have absolutely no depression.

    The fibromyalgia pain and stiffness is also completely gone! I have energy, stamina, and no fatigue. I sleep like a baby and have no anxiety during the day. I no longer have pre-diabetes. My fasting blood sugars started going down the day after I started drinking the Juice. I have a new lease on life and a new beginning thanks to Goji Juice.

    Yours in Radiant Health, Marcy D., Healdsburg, California

    I’m 25 years old and since the beginning of my teenage years, I’ve been becoming more and more depressed, and honestly didn’t know why. Goji juice was suggested to me, and after drinking it for one week, I felt a vast improvement, which enticed me to continue drinking it. It has now been almost a month, and I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders. I’m sleeping better at night, and don’t feel tired throughout the day. I don’t keep everything bottled up inside anymore, and I’m happy to say, my fiancé and I are better than ever.

    Thank you Goji juice for giving me my life back!

    Tamara, Washington
    For the last 8 years I've suffered from depression, panic attacks and lack of sleep. I would get so severe I wouldn't leave my own house other than going to my job, because being around people made me paranoid and nervous. I was taking every anti-depressant on the market for 8 years! The side effects were awful. I lost countless hours of sleep, hot and cold sweats and lack of energy and motivation to do anything.

    Less than 2 months of drinking 8 ounces of Goji juice everyday, I came off all the anti-depressants. I'm sleeping better, I have more energy, and I speak in public on a regular basis about why people should drink goji juice everyday.

    This is THE most result driven product I have ever seen!! What a LIFE CHANGER! Thank you Goji Juice!

    Ben , Greeneville TN

    I am 27 years old and have suffered from depression, stress, insomnia, and anxiety-aggravated hypertension for most of my life. Since trying goji initially 2 months ago, I have gone from sleeping approximately 3 hours a night to 8-9 hours, I have had more energy and vivacity then I can ever recall, I have been able to stop taking prescriptions for depression, anxiety, and high blood pressure, and I have lost almost 15 pounds!

    I could not be more fired up about this product. My dog has also experienced phenomenal health benefits from goji (see Sofie's pet testimonial) and I have started my grandparents drinking the juice as well. They have never admitted that any product has helped them; even prescription drugs with their chronic arthritis and lack of energy but now my grandmother calls me weekly to make sure I am keeping her stocked with goji. She never wants to run out. They feel years younger! Whatever condition or situation, a person literally cannot afford NOT to try goji!!

    Jennifer, Springdale, Arkansas

    When I was five years old, due to family problems, I created a place in my head to go to and hide. This place grew and as I matured it became Depressionville.

    Over the last few years I’ve noticed my bouts of depression increasing in severity and so that I would stay depressed for weeks at a time, unable to go out of the house, unable to change my attitude, I was a virtual slave.

    After drinking Goj juice for 90 days, I was plunged into a situation that was tailor-made for me to have a long stay in Depressionville, but I couldn’t get there! I went to where I normally caught the train and the station was, much to my surprise, gone. Not only that, but there were no tracks anywhere. I couldn’t get depressed even if I tried.

    I wake up feeling positive and full of energy. It doesn’t mean I don’t experience sadness at times, but I now know just how big the difference is between being sad and being depressed. Thank you for this amazing break-through product it has changed my life forever!

    Houston W., Washington

    For the past two years I’ve been suffering from depression. I had no motivation to do anything. Several months ago I started drinking goji on a regular basis. I am amazed at what has happened with me. It has given me so much motivation to do things I hadn’t done for a long time.

    I worked in the yard, trimming all the bushes in the front and back of our house. I’ve gone through every room in our house, making changes and cleaning out closets, drawers, etc. I’ve become an absolute whirlwind and I love it! I didn’t realize how bad I’d been feeling until I started drinking goji and started feeling so good! Everything has snapped into place for me!

    Cali, Texas

    Before I was introduced to goji, I was taking a prescription drug for depression. I am happy to say that I no longer have to take it and I feel great. What a blessing this wonderful juice is. It truly is the happy berry!

    Mary, Oregon

    I am 27 years old. About this time last year I was in and out of the hospital for several reasons, including severe headaches from a condition called pseudotumor cerebri in which spinal fluid collected around my brain and would not drain off. Three years ago the doctors told me within 3 months to a year, I would go blind because of the pressure from the fluid. I also was diagnosed with clinical depression and social anxiety disorder.

    My pancreas was failing and I was constantly in the hospital for pancreatitis. My medical and prescription bills were through the roof.

    I've been drinking goji for about two months and I am now on only one diuretic; no antidepressants, no prescription pain pills and no more monthly stays at the hospital!

    Danielle, Oregon

    I have been drinking goji for about a month now. I look forward to taking it each morning. It is pleasant to take and I feel revitalized when I take it. I fight depression and I know that it is helping me with that condition. I will continue to take it.

    Marv, Iowa

    I have been very depressed since October 2004. My sister died, my brother told me he had cancer, then my husband of 20 years and I split up. My doctor and other doctors wanted to know if all 5 medications they’d prescribed needed to be increased and did I feel that I might hurt myself? To make a long story, short: My best friend told me about goji and I thought, it can't hurt.

    In two days I was feeling so good I could not believe it. I thought, this has got to be a miracle juice. My doctors don't believe it and I wouldn't either, but the medicine was not working, and the goji is! I will never be without it. I smile most of the time and have energy I can't believe. Thank you for “My Miracle“.

    Donna M., Florida

    For nearly all my life I've suffered from depression partly due to hereditary influence and partly due to a very challenging past.

    Two years ago I started on a prescription anti depressant, but the side affects started kicking in shortly after, and I got off of them immediately. All my old habits and patterns returned along with my depression.

    I guess the higher powers stepped in because shortly thereafter I was introduced to goji.

    It's been a month now and I am consistently working out at the gym, not missing work due to depression, not letting every little thing overwhelm me, forging ahead with my goals and my marriage is blossoming into something I never imagined. My creativity is flourishing, my sense of belonging is there without the fear attached. My anxiety is gone, I deal with stress in the way I never thought imaginable.

    My PMS and painful periods are lessening significantly and I just have a more optimistic outlook on my future. I am very grateful for this product and I can only imagine what I will feel like in 2 more months or a year of being on it. My husband loves it too, obviously!

    Katherine C., California


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