new baby girl

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in need of a mommy and daddy :) please hurry before i cry of neglect.
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    i am sick minded and love to be held down and forced. I love ageplay and may even be called a perv at times. i love to play young. Interests
    Ageplay , Incest , Daddies , young , bdsm , force , medical , mommies , exhibition , sadism , torture , love , kinky , molest , gangbang , child , kidnap , photo op , bimbo , Rape, discipline, torture, etc.

    lets play!! <3 I have many scenes
  • I am a submissive who loves to take care of people I don't know ware your from but I am in LEAD SD if we are close by maby I can take care of you
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    Mommy is waiting for you, princess

    write to Mommy right away and lets get started playing

    Here's Mommy's address

    Mommy will be gentle, darling


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